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  1. Hi all, I apologize that I’ve only had questions and little answers since finding this forum. Y’all have been a wonderful resource. I believe my most recent cycle has ended. I haven’t had a full blown attack for about two weeks. Lately I’ve been dealing with a shadow that seems to linger all throughout the day and sinus pressure and pain. I can’t seem to shake the sinus pain. Has anyone else experienced this? The sinus pressure and pain have gotten marginally better since my doctor prescribed fluticasone and Zyrtec D, but still definitely present. And then the shadows seem to be pretty consistent every day. I’m happy that I haven’t had any more CH attacks, but the shadows and sinus issues are still annoying. Any tips or advice? My cycle started in late September and lasted about 3 weeks. My last major attack was 10/4, with a couple of minor ones since then, but mostly been pain free since 10/17. My cycles in the past have tended to just end abruptly, no shadows or anything, so this one has been a little drawn out and unpredictable. Thanks again, all!
  2. Thank you again, all, for the info! It is really helpful!
  3. Thanks a lot, Jon! You’re saying there is no evidence that CH causes anomalies? I’d be curious to learn what conditions are similar to CH symptoms.
  4. Hi all! I got an MRI on Saturday, and they found two small white matter lesions on the right side of my brain. The results said something along the lines of ‘non specific white matter lesions, roughly 3mm’. The results mentioned that this could be caused by small matter ischemia, migraine disease, vasculitis, demyelination, and Lyme disease. So a wide array of things. I have a follow up appointment with a neurologist so they can analyze the results more and better then my PCP can. Just curious: does anyone have experience with this or more info? Everything I try to research sounds extremely dire and hasn’t been too helpful. Thanks a ton in advance per usual.
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