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  1. Brian, thank you for the offer of help, if you check the emgality website it says for episodic its 3 100 mg's as the first dose and then 100mg monthly. I didn't think you had to wait months for it to work. best Kevin
  2. I wanted to follow up with everyone on my post on August 25. The week of the 25th we were away on vacation and the attacks gradually got a bit stronger. When we returned home I had another Emgality in the fridge as the pharmacy had given me two injectors when I refilled previously which is why I think the neurologist gave the pharmacy a migraine script so that I could get more. How and ever I had now taken 4 120mg injections in a little over 4 weeks which is about right for an episodic cluster patient. Regrettably the attacks have returned to their full intensity and after a few really bad nig
  3. Thanks you are correct. I saw the 3 100 mg on the Lilly site after I got my prescription thats why I was comfortable taking the third injection even though I have now taken 360mg over the 300mg. I will notify my neurologist.
  4. I am a long time episodic sufferer and normally had the two cycles spring and fall. In the last couple of years I had been using prednisone taper and sumatriptan as needed. In the beginning the prednisone worked quickly stopping the headaches within 48 hrs but now it seems like it takes a week or more for it to stop them . This in turn has increased the amount of Triptans I have been using. I noticed a big change this year as I am now in my 4th cycle and it seems like I only get a month break between cycles. I had a discussion with the researchers at Yale and they said that the prednisone and
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