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  1. @razorPP Thank you for posting about this! I just ordered some B1. I hope it has started becoming effective for you again!
  2. @alikhanI have this too. (I'm female) It's a known type of headache that's responsive to indomethacin. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5586787/
  3. This article is great! Notwithstanding the naysayers in the comment section (my criteria for a treatment is: "Does it work?" If it does, well then.), I'm encouraged, because not only is Vit M busting helping with my HC / clusters (the jury is still a little out on whether I have both), I can rest easier knowing that it's good for something else that runs in my family long term: vascular dementia. I appreciate the posting of this link!
  4. This so well written! Wow. I especially love this part: But the whole thing is really awesome!
  5. This article is excellent!
  6. @MaxHead I love Asheville! Thank you for letting me know - that's only about a 4 1/2 hour drive from me. I was actually hoping, as part of knowing who is near me, to petition South Carolina's legislators to make psilocybin and LSD legal for medical use, as Oregon has done with psilocybin. Anyone who lives in South Carolina could join me to make our cause more effective. That is, if I can get rid of my current cycle!
  7. @Tony Only I'm very glad you found it helpful! I also greatly hope this will be helpful for many. I so want to help anyone (including me!) with HC, clusters, and anything like them. They are so hellish and disabling. One note / update: on another forum it was mentioned that Gliacin is taking an extra long time to arrive due to COVID. These folks (they have HC) said to expect this and if it works for you, to make sure to order your next bottle(s) far ahead of time. They didn't give a time frame but I have the impression from the way they wrote it that it was a matter of extra weeks, not j
  8. I'm curious to know too!
  9. Jessica @Jteira, you are the best! Thank you for this. I have some Zofran so I'm all set on that front. And you've set my mind at ease about slapbacks. SO appreciated!
  10. @JteiraA few last questions for you, if you can stand it! - I'd love to friend you on Facebook but couldn't find you. What's your FB handle? (If you don't mind, that is) - Chris Moore, on this forum, recommended taking an anti-nausea OTC pill before busting with seeds. Does the same thing apply to busting with MM, do you know? - Since you have HC... did you get slapbacks with MM busting or is that something unique to people with cluster headaches? I'm trialing the indo but it's early days, so I can't say anything definitive on that front yet. Thank you for your patien
  11. Hi @Tony Only, Also, I just came across this today: Oral glutamine attenuates indomethacin-induced small intestinal damage https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15128285/ This study was done on rats, not humans, but it still might be worth a try. Here's an L-glutamine supplement from a brand I like (generally less fillers than others) on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Pure-Encapsulations-l-Glutamine-Hypoallergenic-Gastrointestinal/dp/B000VYZG0O
  12. Hi @Jteira! It's great to meet you, Jessica. I wasn't one of the ones to contact you on FB, and I'm so glad you answered me here. I read on another forum that someone else with HC had not responded that well to indo, and also ended her(?) headache with large doses of psilocybin. I would like to do that, but have no access to vitamin M and am too incapacitated right now to be able to grow any. I've been RC busting as a result. If I can get past this headache, then I'll be able to. I'm also trialing indo right now but am only on the second day at a low dose. I also read a medical study whe
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