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  1. Luis

    Oxygen help

    I GOT THE OXYGEN!!!!! E tank. I already ordered the mask and will order the regulator. Thankfully, the vitamin d is keeping my clusters away. But it’s been some good days guys!!!
  2. Luis

    Oxygen help

    So, I am finally going to get the oxygen this weekend!!!!! I need the tank and what else?? Can somebody help me with the things that I need please.
  3. Luis


    Im am quite scared of it too since I know clusters are triggered by a low serotonin. So I really don’t want to mess with my serotonin levels but I am not sure if it’s going to help me. I got him to prescribe oxygen, but that was more of me saying “hey I need the oxygen.” well I can’t take psychedelics. So that is out of the question. Unfortunately. I may end up switching neurologist.
  4. Luis


    So I went to my neurologist, and he prescribed nortryptiline as a preventative. Has anyone tried it??? I am still taking d3.
  5. Luis

    Emgality allergic reaction

    @Brain on fire no, not yet. I will see my neurologist on the 5th and I’m probably going to force him to prescribe it since I don’t have any other choice anymore.
  6. I took my second dose of emgality on Sunday and I developed an allergic reaction. Hives. Honestly guys, I am losing all hope.
  7. Luis


    My neurologist gave me samples and told me to take 1 injection of 120 mg every 8 hours,I think. The website says that the first dose for clusters is 3 100 mg injections given back to back. From what I know emgality is not a triptan so it doesn’t bind to the same serotonin receptors as triptans and busting methods. Emgality binds to the cgrp pain receptors so that people don’t feel the pain of the headache. That is exactly what happens in my case. I cannot feel the pain of the headache but I can still feel when I’m having a headache. I feel the pressure, light sensitivity and dry mouth. I am still on cycle because I can feel the headaches but again not the pain. My second injection would be this coming Sunday. I hope my cycle ends soon but emgality is working. At least I can go to work and function.
  8. I think all of those are cgrp antagonist. They bind to pain receptors and make you not feel the pain of the headache. Emgality supposed to prevent headaches as well.
  9. Luis

    Stomach pain while on d3 regimen

    @kat_92 I have. Melatonin doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried it before. I am now taking medication for my stomach and will resume d3 once my stomach heals.
  10. Luis

    Stomach pain while on d3 regimen

    I don’t think it was the emgality, and since almost nobody is having this problem. I am inclined to say that I was not eating healthier. I will try the d3 again since it was helping me sleep. Once my stomach feels better, I will give it another try splitting the vitamins in the morning, afternoon and evening. I don’t want to give up on it because emgality is expensive and I still feel the headaches there while on emgality only. I will keep y’all posted.
  11. Hi guys, so I started the d3 regimen and it has helped, but I am unable to see the real extent due to emgality still on my system. Anyway, the reason I wanted to post this is because I’ve been having stomach pain after taking d3 and well other spicy foods as well. I am. It sure if all of the supplements “made” my stomach weaker or something, but now I am unable to take the supplements due to fear I get a stomachache. Has anybody encountered this? If so, how did you deal with it?
  12. So I started the d3 regimen 5 days ago. Ever since the I started feeling pins and needles around my body. Sometimes in my arms or legs. Currently it’s on my arms and legs. I think Batch said it was called parenthesia. Has anybody had this happen to them? I am scared to continue with the treatment but I am also scared to stop it. I am in emgality and continue to take the maxalt as an abortive. I saw that one of the side effects of maxalt was parenthesia but I have not felt this until starting the d3 treatment. Any thoughts?
  13. Hello, it’s hard to live with this illness. Especially when you don’t know when it will end. Be strong. Think about things that you live for and that keep you going. That always helps me when I am having an attack. I also moved in with my family for now. I couldn’t handle being in pain and alone. So if you are alone, reach out to someone that you love. Don’t go through this alone. You might also try ginger tea. It’s helping me firs the past two days. Take care of yourself. Be strong.
  14. Luis

    I screwed up...I think

    Yesterday evening I had pasta for dinner and I didn’t feel any headache or shadow or anything. My family decided to get some gelato or sorbet a few hours later. After I ate the sorbet, I developed a pretty bad, although blunted, attack (emgality or d3 working? Idk). Can anybody tell me if I just restarted my cycle or if any of these things are triggers. My cycle usually doesn’t last this long and I’m tired. I hate to think that I am going chronic. Requiring support, please!!!
  15. Luis

    K Cure for Cluster headache?

    Sold, where can I get it? Lol