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  1. Hi guys, looks like my cycle started. I feel horrible. I really don’t wanna go through this again guys. I don’t wanna be in pain. Not suicidal or anything I am just tired of this.
  2. Dr. Burish is my neurologist and he told me that you guys were working in something a long time ago. I wish I could help. Unfortunately or fortunately my headaches are controlled by vitamin d so far and I am too much of a scaredy-cat to leave the vitamins. Hopefully everything comes out well in the study.
  3. Is there any way that I can watch the presentations at a later time or date? I would like to attend but can’t do to work. I am willing to pay the conference fee to see the videos when it’s a little more convenient for me.
  4. Thank y’all for the recommendations. I will talk with my doctor.
  5. Hey guys, so I can’t sleep cause I have so many things to worry about. But I figured that you guys could maybe help me with one thing. I am going to am going to have surgery to take my wisdom teeth out, and I am pretty scared that the surgery will trigger my headaches again. Has any body have any experience with this? Any recommendations? I have had dental work done before and it has never triggered my headaches not even when one dumbass dentist hit my trigeminal nerve while sedating me.
  6. @jon019 I take Benadryl twice a day. Morning and night. @dmlonghorn yeah, man. My head is feeling like shit. No actual pain, yet and I hope it never comes but the other symptoms are killing me. I get dizzy, I feel pressure in my head, so yeah I hate it that we have to go through this! @devonrex this has been the first time that the beast tries to go out during this time of the year, but like I learned here, the beast changes. So idk, just hoping for the best. The good thing is that I am ready with oxygen and pain meds if it gets to that. But for now the Vitamin D protocol is helping. Oh and s
  7. Any pf days are good days!!!! Hang in there!!!!!
  8. Well guys, the beast wants to fight it’s way back. I have been shadowing all weekend and my head feels like it’s on cycle.. so..yeah. I am pretty scared but I am fighting it with everything that I’ve learned here so hopefully I can put the beast in it’s cage.
  9. Hi... stupid suggestion... but have you tried to take sugar out of your diet? I have noticed it that, if my intake of sugar is high, my brain will want to restart my headaches..you know, shadows and what-not. Also, ginger tea helped in my last cycle. Hope this helps. Wishing you PF days!!!
  10. Luis

    Oxygen help

    I GOT THE OXYGEN!!!!! E tank. I already ordered the mask and will order the regulator. Thankfully, the vitamin d is keeping my clusters away. But it’s been some good days guys!!!
  11. Luis

    Oxygen help

    So, I am finally going to get the oxygen this weekend!!!!! I need the tank and what else?? Can somebody help me with the things that I need please.
  12. Luis


    Im am quite scared of it too since I know clusters are triggered by a low serotonin. So I really don’t want to mess with my serotonin levels but I am not sure if it’s going to help me. I got him to prescribe oxygen, but that was more of me saying “hey I need the oxygen.” well I can’t take psychedelics. So that is out of the question. Unfortunately. I may end up switching neurologist.
  13. So I went to my neurologist, and he prescribed nortryptiline as a preventative. Has anyone tried it??? I am still taking d3.
  14. @Brain on fire no, not yet. I will see my neurologist on the 5th and I’m probably going to force him to prescribe it since I don’t have any other choice anymore.
  15. I took my second dose of emgality on Sunday and I developed an allergic reaction. Hives. Honestly guys, I am losing all hope.
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