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  1. This is the pic of the one in a persons eyeball. Maybe that has something to do with ocular pain, these things have hooks they use to hold on while they feed on Blood and mucous, etc. Let's have a concerted look for these things, maybe they are responsible, maybe they aren't...but judging by where these little assholes live, it points in the right direction.
  2. I have some of this fluvic acid, think I might set up a few rails...lol
  3. THis is a pic of what came out of her nose, reports a VERY clear sinus, can't remember it ever being so clear. (Not a CH sufferer).
  4. I've recently been doing some research of healthy living and started taking a purified version of fulvic acid/humic acid. I started my cycle about 7 weeks ago after a nice long break of nearly 3 years with small busted cycin between with D3 regimen and MM...not working this time despite multiple 3 1/2g doses of MM and regular D3 protocol supplementation. sigh. So I started reading on "parasites", because that is a part of my cleanse. I am in a fulvic group on Facebook and came across a lady who had accidentally snorted a line or 2 of fulvic care and out came a critter I have been researching for a few weeks called Linguatula Serrata, a pentasomid parasite. [ You are more likely to get it if you eat wild game or if you have a dog that eats infected Cervidae/Bovidae (deer, cows, sheep and many other ruminants - cud chewers)poop. Eggs are tiny and can get into humans through GI tract and migrate to naso-pharyngeal pathways. (Ears, nose, throat, sinus cavities, etc) ](taken from my post so I don't have to re-type it). I will post a few links for your viewing pleasure/disgust...after some digging I am becoming more and more convinced that these little fokers are the culprits for our condition....there MUST be a cause for all of this useless pain!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linguatula_serrata?fbclid=IwAR3lK3MmlLbhj6QaIIy3-nPON9PmTHEOExMmumtdI9JN_m2r_MRpdWQZAKA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linguatulosis They infect ALL of my typical hotspots, behind the ear, my neck, sinuses (pain and mucous), and have even seen them come out of an eye in a video...horrifying!! This might be the culprit my friends. I am aware of the mass skepticism in this crowd, so either help or stay out of the way, I'm only positing this as a potential ROOT cause for this blasphemous condition we all suffer from. I'll be setting up a CT scan to have a deliberate look for these kinds of invaders, they get quite large and shouldn't be too hard to spot if we are actually looking for them. Let's hope there is some light at the end of this tunnel! <3 Kind regards, Mike
  5. Hi! I'm not 100% sure about this, you'll have to look it up. Magics are perfectly legal in Canada until you dry them out. Mushroom season here on Vancouver Island...rains just started. I'm so happy...lol : + ) = Mike, UPDATE EDIT: I did a little looking around for us all on this issue (In Canada), where psilocybin (etc.) Magic Mushrooms are schedule 3 under the CDSA, meaning you mush have a prescription from your doc. Being that there is significant evidence to correlate a positive outcome in the treatment of CH with LSD/MM, as evidenced in Dr. Sewell's study (which I was an unselected participant). see it here https://clusterbusters.org/treatments-options-choices-and-more/medications-for-cluster-headache/psilocybin-and-lsd-in-the-treatment-of-cluster-headaches/ If you've been diagnosed you should be able to take this to your doc and get "permission" to treat you headaches legitimately. I'm in the process of educating my new PCP on the benefits of the D3 anti-inflammatory regimen, benefits of loading doses (which she is skeptical of 50K/day period, never mind 14 days!) and the use of indol-ring substances (LSD/MM) in the treatment of CH. I never go in to the doc's office unarmed, I always have printed studies and clinical trials, Random Control studies when I go in for appointments. I had to insist just to get a request for the 25(OH)D tests!!(Which I had to pay for! haha) I find the best weapon against "the beast" is to educate those claiming responsibility for the health of the people (Doctors) since we can't even access medical oxygen without their permission, this information needs to be spread around to ALL doctors!! I also believe it's up to us to do it, I appeal to doctors and their Hippocratic oath to do no harm, first and foremost. We suffer the greatest pains known to mankind, LSD/MM help alleviate the condition for, dare I say, MOST CH sufferers. It's ethically, morally and inherently wrong that known treatments are withheld for legal (see: for profit) reasons, nothing less. I empathise and hope you can get some relief.Come to the island, I'll show you where they grow. hehe I got a l'il rebel in me when it comes to disobeying unjust "laws". While I do not have direct "consent" from my PCP to use MM for the treatment of CH, I HAVE made it clear on the medical records that I DO use MM to treat my CH regardless of any (unjust) "laws". PF wishes my lovlies! Mike
  6. I needed a script to get my tank from Airgas, they wouldnt let me have it without one. I'm in Canada though, rules are different everywhere. There seems to be no standardization with O2. I had to search for a doc that even knew about CH in 1996 (diagnosed on 3rd cycle), she gave me an O2 script and the guinea pigging began with the standard scripts, verapamil, Zomig, Migranol, Imitrex, etc. The side effects scared the crap out of me and I quit it all after 4 more cycles with no relief. O2 is my saviour and sillysbins have slain the beast more than once. LSD did not work for me, I got the worst headache for 4 hours and stoned off my stool....nothing worked for that one. Worst Kip10 EVER, but that was just me, many others have had great success with LSD. Hope you get some relief soon. P.S. The D3 regimen is working for me, I haven't turned on the O2 for 2 whole days! That's something!! Mike
  7. I knew CHFather would send the appropriate links to all of this stuff, I'm new on the board so there will always be some awesome board veteran to show you the way. I love you guys, you are all so awesome! <3 Mike
  8. Good morning Clusterheads, Yes, I HAVE had good results!! No HA or shadows last night...at all! YAY!!! Being that I live in Canada and spent most of my summer inside hiding from bright light I'd say below the healthy average. I won't find out until next appt at my PCP, later next week. I waited until I got the 25(OH)D test before starting the regimenn for accurate baseline measurement. I will have another test done a month after starting (first week of Nov will be followup). I have mushies but holding off to test the efficacy of the D3 regimen, I'd rather be doing mushies recreationally than medicinally if ya get my drift...lol I WILL update you all when I get the results from the doc. Peace, love and unicorns. <3 Nanu nanu.
  9. Hello Brandylynn I have had CH for almost 25 years to the day. I too went through single-parenthood with 2 children and a beast in my head, I sympathise with you. I'm glad you found this page, there are a great many resources here for taming the beast here. I am, for the most part, a holistic/naturopathic patiennt when it comes to medications and pharmaceuticals...I prefer nature, diet and personal health practices over allopathic medicine, but that is only me. We are all different and respond to different treatments in different ways. I didn't suffer any significant side-effects from medications, but none of it worked for me and I got tired of being a guinea pig and stopped it all since 2003. The first and foremost important treatment is O2, try to get medical grade oxygen if you can, although I've heard some have difficulty with that I find the use of welding oxygen questionable at best in my mind, but we gotta do what we gotta do as CH'ers. Highflow non-rebreather works for most people, experimentation and reading on proper O2 usage is essential, there are several links to this topic. I just started the D3 anti-inflammatory regimen 5 days ago and I am here to post a positive result. I paid the $75 for a 25(OH)D test (and some other serum minerals) to establish a baseline. I will have another done in 3 weeks. Shoutout to Batch for this protocol, you da man!! I'm down to a few shadows here and there, day and night, but less and less and less duration. I have an O2 concentrator I use for little ones, while most people report the O2 concentrator ineffective for them, it works for me because I always hit it at onset and use deep breathing techniques that work for me to abort most attacks, I do have an M tank for the bad ones though and an E tank to go with me when I'm away from M. 6LPM is not enough for a Kip5 and up for me. Some people(like me) get lasting relief from the use of indol-ring substances, many of which are hallucinogenic. I got 4 years of remission using magic mushrooms to abort cycles before they started. I have resupplied with pscilocybin but haven't dosed because I wish to determine the efficacy of D3 in treating these infernal headaches, it's working. I encoiurage you to look into the D3 regimen ASAP. Batch has laid it out perfectly, please follow those instructions and consult with your doc so they know what's up. My new doc is getting schooled right now...lol It's my duty to educate these people who claim to understand health. VitaminDwiki is an AMAZING resource page...ASTOUNDING even. I hope you find some relief. PF wishes from ORK Nanu nau.
  10. YES!!! I have had this problem WAYYYY too many times to count...I got so upset about their bullshit "paperwork first" method of care that I leased my tank ($120/yr and I KEEP IT ALL THE TIME, even out of cycle...it costs me $120/yr to keep it in my basement (where it's been unattended for almost 4 years) Lo-and behold! They hit again and I have 02...totally worth the $500 to me...the beast can kiss my butt. I do that to avoid the nonsense you are going thru...however, my O2 supplier has sold the business and now the shit-show starts again with these people and their useless (to me) knowledge base and rafts of scripts and paperwork. It's nice that I still have some O2 in the monster M tank so I have time to deal with these clueless people who don't have a shmick of an idea what I (We) go through. I have no patience for the medical mafia anymore. They're as much use to me as a hat for a headless horseman. I've discovered in my 25 yrs that I must NEVER wait for onset and once I get something in place, NEVER let it lapse. I feel your pain, on several levels unfortunately. It's what we have to do as CH'ers...we can't count on the people that only do the work for the money, they are no use to us. Always be aware of those ones. Never take your car to be fixed by someone that doesn't even know how to change the oil...if you get my drift...lol. PF wishes for you friends! Nanu nanu! <3 Mike from ORK out!
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