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  1. I have used oxygen in the past and found that it worked really well but once again an issue cam up with my health insurance and it was not longer covered. They would also give me tanks that were not portable so I still needed the injections for when I was at work or away from home. I feel like things that have worked in the past are becoming less and less effective, has this happened to anyone else? I'm going to add the benydral and see if my doctor will change my dosage for the verapimil. I appreciate everyones help!
  2. I've had clusterheadaches for about 13 years now, I currently take 240mg of verapimil twice a day. I started the Vitamin D3 regimen about 5 months ago. Use the sumatriptan injections when needed. These injections are now not covered by insurance and I can't afford them any more. The D3 regimen was working great so I thought but within the past month my attacks are coming back to about 4 to 5 times a week. I'm looking for any suggestions? Maybe adding something to the regimen? Or trying something new? What has everyone else found to be useful?
  3. Hello all! I'm 28 a mother of 2 and have been getting CH for 13 years now. I use to be able to have 8 months being pain free. Between cycles now I'm down to 1 maybe 2 months if I'm lucky! I take 240mg a day of verapamil, I use sumatriptan injections if I'm at work when I get a headache but insurance won't cover them anymore so I only use what I have left sparingly (and they make my anxious). All my usually treatments seem to becoming less and less effective and my CH are more and more frequent. I do also use oxygen when I can but the tank they give you isn't portable so it's only an option at home. I've been recently researching other treatments that could help and would love everyone input or findings. I'm looking into the vitamin D3 regieme as well as doing a nerve block? Is there anything else I'm missing? Any success stories? Like many of you know, it's hard to live day to day being in so much pain. I'm worried about how I'm going to be a mom, work 40 hours a week, and maintain relationships. I appreciate any advice you all might have!
  4. Hello, I've had cluster headache for 12 years now, I'm 28 and finally thought I found a routine that worked for me I've been take 480mg of verapimil and then have the zembrace sumatriptan injections for when a headache does happen which is twice a day lately...I just called to refill my zembrace injections and I was told that my regular $25 for 12 injections has gone up to $600 which is completely heartbreaking....I can't live a normal life, take care of my kids and work without these. Does anyone know of a coupon,discount program or possibly similar drug that helps wI think the cost? Any help would be appreciated...I'm feeling pretty hopeless.
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