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  1. Hi everyone! Thanks for your responses. I had to chance up my Oxygen at the doctors. Turns out the doctor I spoke to didn’t put the order through at all and just went on holiday! The GP available had said she has no idea what dosage etc and I have to “find out” surely it’s her job to figure it out! The info from OUCH will be really valuable! I must get that as I have an appointment on Monday! I’m also going to look into the vitamin option. Thanks guys!
  2. *update* Doctor called and was rude from the off! Reluctant to prescribe the Neuro recommendation of oxygen (it’s more expensive) and had to literally argue with her to prescribe preventative and oxygen. She wanted me to just see how I get on with preventative (can’t remember name of it) could take a month so get the right dose! Got what I wanted in the end but she was super rude about it!
  3. Hi All Is anyone (UK) suffering unnecessarily due to difficulties with speed of service. Last cycle was April time. Usual Verapamil treatment failed to work so I survived on Sumitriptan. Managed to get phone appointment with doctor and eventually face to face appointment once additional doses of Verapamil failed to improve headaches. Doctor booked a Neuro appointment but cycle finished before this appointment (August) Saw neuro in August who sorted new treatment plan including oxygen - but couldn’t do anything about it until next cycle began. Shadows started yesterday so I was
  4. Hi - I'm a newbie too. Going through the same 'experiments' with medication. :-/ I hope verapramil works! 8-)
  5. I always assumed that eye watering was just pain related, my eyes are pretty sensitive anyway to wind, sun etc and water easily. I haven't really had eye drooping as much this year...but usually I can barely open my left eye at all. When I had an attack during lunchtime at work the other day I sat and described every moment of the headache to my colleague and good friend who kept saying "you need to go get an MRI - seriously!" I did find it useful to sit and describe it to someone as it was happening and perhaps that's what helped me describe it to the GP. bejeeber: I have watched/read t
  6. Hi Bejeeber Thank you so much for all of your advice and links for me to look at! I am not sure how to do lots of quotes like you have so I hope this reply makes sense. The eye watering and nose blockage does seem to be a major symptom but i didn't really describe it well enough. I probably didn't even mention the eye watering to the doctor - i just assumed that my eye watered because it hurt a lot! :'( I told them many times that it felt like I needed to blow out and clear my nose for the pain to stop and felt pressure in my sinuses. I think the GP who finally figured it out might hav
  7. Thanks for sharing this story, it is interesting. Wonder why you got hit so hard in Japan. I didn't...I was less hit. :-/ Not sure though because as I said, the seasons are even more extreme there. i have noticed heat, especially stuffy heat is a trigger but over there it gets very hot in the summer (like you need to take a shower after walking around the corner to the shops) but still headaches were not as bad. The only thing I can think of is that it's very humid there. Dry heat i think is worse for me.
  8. Thanks! Yes i agree. My GP had a kind of frowny face on like he was thinking really hard. But the important thing was that he was open to getting to the bottom of it. When I read the info he gave me - everything I had been saying was on there. i tried to think of every possible symptom that might have anything to do with it and that seemed to get the right diagnosis. I have been doing some research since this post this morning and based on what i've read I think my dose of Verapramil is quite low, it takes about 10 days to kick in...and before I get my nasal sprays/oxygen I can try Red Bull
  9. Thanks - I registered a few days ago. I am just waiting for my registration to go through before i can post on forums.
  10. I lived in Japan for 3 years. They have 4 distinct seasons there. In the winter it's similar to in the UK (where i am) sprint is slightly warmer, summer is VERY hot and humid, and autumn is probably a little bit warmer than the UK. They also get rainy season and it hammers it down! Despite this, my headaches were not as bad there. Although I did get them - I don't remember being in severe pain or it causing a problem with my day to day life. This is not quite what you asked...but I thought it was relevant.
  11. Hi everyone! I have suffered from cluster headaches for a few years now, but only recently diagnosed after the frequency of attacks per day went from 1 to around 3. I used to get these headaches at the exact same time each day, and typically they would last from May/June until late summer. Last year the cluster period lasted into Oct! :'( I was at the doctors a few weeks ago and as usual, due to the blocked nose and teary eye symptom, was being fobbed off with this being an allergy...probably pollen. After another week of agony I went back and saw a different doctor who, although n
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