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  1. Thanks Batch. I have been on those new D3-50 for about 3 weeks now. Yesterday was my 3rd day in a row without a headache....which has not happened since this new cycle began so hopefully I am turning the corner.
  2. OK, so I really need to get it over 81.4 ng/mL! As I said, my labs were 79 ng/mL back in March but dropped to 55.18 ng/mL in June.....probably not a coincidence that the Beast returned within a month. I've been taking the 50,000 iu D3 vitamins for about 2 weeks.....we will see what happens and I'll update next month when I get my labs rechecked.
  3. I first discovered Batch's D3 regimen on this site 4 years ago, back in July 2016. Eager to try anything I began the protocol and after 3-4 weeks with no relief in sight I was beginning to doubt if this treatment would work for me. I remember sometime after the 3rd or 4th week, the headaches stopped and I was in remission for 4 years (still taking the recommended daily doses every single day) I remember I had just (finally) gotten my oxygen prescription filled/delivered like a week before my last headache...only used these new oxygen tanks that I had to move mountains for 2 maybe 3 times. They
  4. Batch,

    I wanted t let you know that I started your D3 regimen back in July 2016. It took about 4 weeks before anything happened and although I was discouraged, because some have reported relief much quicker, I stuck with it. I have not had a CH in nearly 3 years! In the decade prior to starting the regimen, I had never gone more than 15 moths without a cycle. I have had many shadows over the past 3 years but never had a CH materialize.

    I have found that, for me anyway, it really does not matter the brand of vitamin that I use. So long as they are the 5,000 IU D3 and 500mg of Magnesium.

    I just wanted to share on here, to everyone, and thank you. You have changed my life in a way that I can never repay.

    Here's to many more years of relief! Thanks, buddy!

    1. xxx



      Thanks for the update.  I just replied to your post over at CH.com.

      Take care,

      V/R, Batch

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