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    Imigran Injections Discontinued?

    I believe imigran is sumatriptan which is Imitrex in the US. There have been sporadic shortages of the drug (likely created shortages to push newer CGRP meds (me being cynical)). I'd look for generic sumatriptan
  2. Pebblesthecorgi

    Flu Shot?

    I don't believe the shot itself can trigger. If you want to be extra cautious ask for one without Thimerosal (an antibacterial preservative). Flu shots typically are administrated this time of year and for many cluster heads the equinox proved challenging. Then again maybe its my imagination. Do whatever you can to stay safe and flu free. The next wave is a coming and staying away from health care facilities is always a good idea.
  3. I would continue to caution and emphasize nuanced differences. Do not let desperation be your guide. There is much confusion regarding psychedelic treatments and expectations. When it comes to psychiatric conditions like PTSD, treatment resistant anxiety, treatment resistant depression and end of life trauma psychedelics act like a conduit to facilitate active therapy. To achieve maximal benefit the psychedelic therapy should incorporate preparation, a psychedelic experience in proper set and setting with a knowledgeable guide/therapist and meaningful integration. This can take many forms and most societies have appropriate folks to serve these roles. Cluster headaches are a bit different. intervention with the psychedelic may actually be therapeutic without all the other support. Sure being properly prepared and tuned in makes the experience positive and certainly the "afterglow" helps deal with some of the life altering effects clusters cause but psychedelics seem to have robust effects in many to space out or stop cluster cycles. We still need better evidence this really works but it sure seems to have promise. So taking ketamine by itself even if the administrator has skills solely related to safe administration has the potential to be effective for cluster headache relief. If you want it for anxiety or PTSD adjunctive therapy is important. If you do pursue seeing a person qualified to administer ketamine therapy be sure to ask them to include some decadron (steroid) and have the high flow O2 available.
  4. @Snowflake Lots of stuff going on my friend. Stay strong and determined. Life is a gift and even if you have to eat shit a lot the times in between offer you an opportunity to make the world a better place. Regarding suicidal ideation. This is very common for clusterheads. We all know its is true and survey data and personal stories all support the disproportional number of folks who choose to exit this earth and reenter the cosmic stream. The option of suicide can be empowering because you have the control NOT To Do It. Its good to have options and no one can take that away. It is much better to deny the beast the pleasure of self destruction and seek ways to improve the world. That way everyone wins. Ketamine has remarkable potential to help break a cycle of suicidal ideation. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4380583/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5356805/ https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/does-ketamine-hold-promise-mitigating-suicide-risk http://scivisionpub.com/pdfs/titrated-serial-ketamine-infusions-stop-outpatient-suicidality-and-avert-er-visits-and-hospitalizations-918.pdf Now pay attention, this is important: The efficacy of ketamine and other classic psychedelics is in the context of knowledgeable directed therapy. These approaches need to be supervised by someone with familiarity and mental health training. The drugs put one in a state of mind to do the difficult work of therapy and get favorable long term results. Sure there are folks who believe they can do it alone, don't need help, the drug itself will get you what you need. This is patently false and dangerous when done by someone who is in mental distress of has an underlying psychological problem. Psychedelics in a mentally healthy person can be a great tool of self exploration but an unstable soul can get in real trouble with self directed trouble. There is an enormous upside to using psychedelics to treat a variety of recalcitrant mental health conditions but individually guided therapy is a recipe for a bad headline. Be strong, stay strong, figure out how to get what you need. Knowledge is empowering
  5. Suicidal ideation is serious stuff. There is very strong evidence that therapy with ketamine will knock out the harmful thoughts and allow therapy to progress positively. I personally believe it would be a harmful idea to attempt to manage your situation using psychedelics without knowledgeable support. Depending where you live there are an emerging number of practioners who know how to use these medications effectively. Please seek appropriate support. This is a study now enrolling again that you might consider. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03866174 Also there is a multicentered study going on sponsored by MAPS. When conventional treatments fail its is worth looking at some of the sanctioned research. T
  6. Suicidal ideation is serious stuff. There is very strong evidence that therapy with ketamine will knock out the harmful thoughts and allow therapy to progress positively. I personally believe it would be a harmful idea to attempt to manage your situation using psychedelics without knowledgeable support. Depending where you live there are an emerging number of practioners who know how to use these medications effectively. Please seek appropriate support.
  7. Pebblesthecorgi

    Skipping indocin -> not a good idea !

    yup it sucks to be dependent on such harshness to survive. Similar to needing high dose steroids when the equinox's and solstice's come around. Stay strong friend
  8. Pebblesthecorgi

    How do triptans (Relpax) affect magic mushrooms?

    Most of the info you will get here regards Cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are not migraine headaches. There is some treatment overlap with triptans and CGRP meds but the mechanism of attack and treatment response are different. Oxygen therapy does not really help migraines. MM have had disappointing results for migraines as well. The effect of MM on spirituality, coping and managing chronic conditions transcend many conditions. That alone is a benefit many appreciate. D3 protocols seem to have positive effects for migraines according to info Batch has posted.
  9. Pebblesthecorgi

    5-MeO-DALT (2020)

    I do a search every once in a while to locate stock. Never any luck through "research chemical" channels. It is unfortunate since its not much of a psychedelic and I personally though it was very effective in helping with cluster attacks. I know some folks had a large stock, I wonder if they are still using on a scheduled basis
  10. Pebblesthecorgi

    Aftermath effects

    A familiar story. I have tinnitus on the cluster side. In most cases its related to a loss of hearing. I would have an ENT and/or audiologist look you over. It might be something simple like wax or something else treatable. The ringing sucks and learning to calm your inner self (like meditation) can help. I would not automatically attribute it to the clusters. The flat affect, dull senses, shadows and sluggishness are classic post cycle stuff Some is the sleep deprivation but I suspicion nervous system fatigue contributes.
  11. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0269881120940937 I hope this brings you the full text. The file is too large to upload
  12. Pebblesthecorgi

    One more step on a path to legal availability of psychedelics

    I'm not versed personally in that material but from all I have read 50-100 mcg is the most common dosing in the recreational crowd. The material itself is very safe from a phisiological perspective so some use larger doses but I believe there are diminishing returns beyond 200 mcg. The data I have reviewed regarding microdosing reports using 10% of a recreational dose spaced out 4-7 days. So 10 -20 mcg would be the established "microdose". From what I gather folks dilute the material in a dropper style bottle and administer it under the tongue. Obviously a trusted source is required which is the biggest obstacle. The sponsor of the study (Beckley Foundation) is a powerhouse of research funding and support worldwide for sensible psychedelic research and use. They pair closely with MAPS on a lot of things but are independent. A wealthy heiress provides the base funds.
  13. Pebblesthecorgi

    Oxygen question for people in FL!

    Does he/she give a reason why? Makes no sense if your doctor can read. Either ignorant or an insurance company shill. Ask them to look up cluster headache treatment options on Up-To-Date. If he/she is not familiar get another doc. Any physician can do it if they have a license.
  14. Pebblesthecorgi

    D3 Experience

    I am happy you are improving. As regards supplements and the fight against viruses (covid) I urge caution. Most of the info we have on things like vitamin C, zinc quercetin, and other supplements is confusing and incomplete. There is certainly no harm in using these strategies as suggested but please do not treat them as a protective shield and please practice social distancing and masking as appropriate. The pendulum of what works and what does not is swinging fast regarding covid and other viral infections. Knowledge is being transmitted faster than it is being vetted. Do everything possible to avoid getting infection and don't treat anything as though you are immune or impenetrable. Heck even if you have had a virus you can get it again in some instances. I don't wish this to turn into a covid discussion but caution is advised/needed.
  15. Pebblesthecorgi

    Herbal Cigarettes

    I don't think you will get an answer to this because of the variety of herbal products out there. My observation from attending CB conferences is that a significant number of clusterheads are smokers. I have heard neurologist state this is a cause of the clusters but I suspicion the opposite is true. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor and vaso constriction is desirable in aborting cluster headaches. So if you have a headache and smoking helps even a little you are reinforced to smoke. It becomes a vicious cycle. There are plenty of cluster heads who do not smoke so drawing conclusions is hard even with a more common use on inhalant. Pretty much anything you inhale into your lungs isn't good for them. The smoke/vapor causes irritation and allows other problems to manifest.
  16. Pebblesthecorgi

    Antibiotics - possible cause of CH?

    Side effects from antibiotics in the quinolone class are often related to dose and duration. The most common concerning "side effect" is spontaneous tendon rupture particularly in older folks. This is relatively rare. Quinolones can also affect the metabolism of other medications. As a class they are relatively new on the medical scene. Cluster headaches have been along long before antibiotics so I would be very suspicious they have anything to do with cluster headache etiology. It would be more likely the condition the antibiotic is treating contributed to the attack rather than the treatment. Disease has been around much longer than treatments.
  17. Pebblesthecorgi

    Exploding head syndrome

    My understanding that this is largely painless and completely sleep related. It is classified as a sleep disorder
  18. Pebblesthecorgi


    It is an analogue of ketamine. As with everything new and especially off label, there are many variables and there is really know way to know. Getting it and having enough would be pretty significant hurdles. The packaging wants the person to be on an antidepressant as well. I think it would be hard to find a willing prescriber and an insurance company willing to go along
  19. Pebblesthecorgi

    They’re back after 5 years

    Good luck
  20. Pebblesthecorgi

    Nurtec medication?

    It will be interesting to hear reports of how this is working for folks. First I will be curious how it is covered by insurance since there is no data on clusters. It will also be interesting from a cost effective standpoint if taking daily or a couple times a month is similar to monthly injections. Be aware this drug will stick around later in the presence of calcium channel blockers like verapamil and prednisone may accelerate metabolism. Experience still gathers on the CGRP class of medications for use in clusters. I suspicion the mechanism of action the drug takes will make a difference. If nothing else is helpful and you have access I vote "hell yeah, give it a try".
  21. Pebblesthecorgi

    Sleep and Cluster

    Thanks for the video. My observations 1) Sleep is truly affected by clusters (or do cluster affect sleep) 2) We have much to learn about the relationship of sleep stages to precipitating clusters 3) Yes it is scary to sleep during cluster cycle but avoiding sleep makes it worse 4) I am getting very old if that "kid" has 2 post doc degrees
  22. Pebblesthecorgi

    more positive press

    https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-power-of-psychedelics/ more positive news in a reputable publication
  23. Pebblesthecorgi

    Meds, Dosing, and Schedule?

    Take the prednisone all at once as a single dose.it can be hard on the tummy so take something like Prilosec with it. If you usually get hit at night then take it at bedtime. It can be agitating for some folks so the first few nights could be restless. If you get hit during the day take it in the morning. Steroids can be helpful but you can have some mood swings but usually not with your regimen. Verapamil should be spaced out evenly. The magnesium should be ok anytime. The Zoloft is good how you take it and should not hinder the regimen you are on but if you ever try and bust you may need to get off it for a while. Don’t do that unless you have a talk with you provider. Wishing you good results.
  24. Pebblesthecorgi

    SSRIs helping with CH ??

    The SDSRI’s as a group are pretty unhelpful in treating clusters and serve as “blockers” for individuals choosing to try non conventional therapies. Given that you are already being treated for two other conditions it might be best to discuss with your provider dose adjustments of the lexapro as it seems to be helping.
  25. Pebblesthecorgi

    Another sleepless night

    It truly sucks when you feel at wits end. Before things stabilized for me everything I tried was undisciplined and all over the place. Desperation makes you do things that are nonsensical cause you have to do something. If you are going to go into the neuro looking at conventional cares You might try for a CGRP inhibitor (at the correct dose for clusters) and O2. If you have been treatment resistant to D3 and other modalities its likely verapamil will be a disappointment. Busting is a scary notion but there is a lot to read and familiarize yourself with to reduce a potential unpleasant experience. Seeds would be another thing to consider. Psilocybin is being studied worldwide right now for treatment resistant depression and there is lots of good info about protocols and success. There are counselors trained in using the modalities together. Easier to find would be a ketamine clinic but because these are widely available please take care in selecting a provider so you get the needed post exposure integration. Keep at it and try to keep succinct notes so when you do talk to a provider you are not directed down a path you already have been.