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  1. same here. it is the only thing i have ever tried that even touched them. but again if i take one and then have 2-3 more attacks that day i am screwed. I have definitely "overused" the pills and hurt my digestive system before.
  2. bwunk


    thank you will give it a read!
  3. Thank you so much! I am going to research headache specialists in my area too. There are two on the list from this site. One is not with that practice anymore and the other is upmc which I cannot go to with my insurance
  4. Thanks! My wife wants me to ask my dr about oxygen. I am going to to do that and see if he will prescribe it for me
  5. When my cycles are concluding I have a constant “tightness” on that side of my face for a couple days. Just enough to make me think the cycle isn’t don’t. PTSD to the max
  6. bwunk


    Thanks. Sometimes I KNOW I am taking too much triptan to get through a family event or something. My stomach pays the price. Plus my insurance won’t cover more than 9 pills a week. So if I run out I am in trouble. I need to ask my dr about oxygen. And I would like to try mm
  7. bwunk


    new here. why is sumtriptan bad? i use the 100mg dose alot during my cycles. what is a rebound?
  8. Hello I am new to this site. I didnt know a community like this existed. I have been suffering cluster headaches since i was 19 years old ( i am 39). Although I didnt know that until about 4 years ago. I was just told they were migraines. My current Dr was the first one to call them cluster headaches and gave me a prescription for Sumatriptan (100mg). These do EVENTUALLY take the pain from the headache i am feeling at the time away but dont prevent the next one. The next one could come anywhere between 2-24 hours later, depending where I am in my cycle. My headaches tend to start slo
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