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  1. @jon019 well that is both good and bad news I suppose. Beer is basically what I was referring to as being a trigger. My hope was that if a cycle was busted that I could return to having a beer without having an attack. I’m not an alcoholic or anything but for instance a couple of days ago I found myself hanging out with friends in a historic town where they had local distilleries, wineries, etc. We visited several different shops and my friends were all partaking in what seemed to be different yummy flavored spirits. Fortunately I was between attacks and my shadow was barely there, so I felt decent, but knew better than to even have a sip. Hell I kind of worried that smelling alone might trigger an episode. With all of that said I am looking forward to busting my cycle still and hope that if I am successful that I can return to a normal life. Hopefully others will weigh in on their successes and if they ruined their busy by triggering an episode after busting.
  2. For anyone that has success with busting. After busting have you been able to return to normal life or is it best to avoid triggers still?
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