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  1. @Shaun brearleyI do adapt to the modern technology that suits my needs: Instacart for online grocery delivery, Ride Sharing (Uber and Lyft) for services outside the paratransit hub, things of that nature. I own an antiquated iPhone and refuse to upgrade, and can't afford to anyway. If I need to type a document or print something I go to whatever they call Kinko’s now. Otherwise, isolating yourself from people and modern society is best. I didn't understand society and the nature of things at the turn of the century and most certainly am lost now. Furthermore, the alarming trends then, are past the point of no return now. Perhaps if a Funk & Wagnalls for modern life existed I would consider the purchase. I always supported the idea of a few friends, at most three. That always was fitting and high quality I should state. Oh, the conversations, sometimes up for days discussing Dostoevsky, or F-Number and Aperture, and why Velvia 50 is an amazing medium. Then it could switch to the private law society and Nozick vs Rawls, to Marxism. Christ, it was all over the place. People waste their lives on nonsense. Why should I talk sports? An athlete is paid $50 million to throw a ball and does nothing to contribute to society. Yet an educator has a master degree, mountains of debt, and after 30 years makes $40,000? Most in society are drowned in self-importance and self-indulgence and know nothing intellectually stimulating. I prefer a Renaissance Man and true intellectuals, and not self-proclaimed pseudo-intellectuals that profess ignorance by their verbosity and inconsistencies in thought. And I don't mean ivory tower! Most that I mention never obtained a diploma. I knew dropouts that could outwit any Ivy League graduate. They didn't have the breaks in life. Give me real photographers, artists, crackpots, poets, writers, hell tradesmen. Give me the fuckups, and rejects. Those are the closet intellectuals. Wow, you have a million followers and have done nothing to contribute to society but profess love to your monstrosity of cellulose and glucose that you call bubbly. Honey, act like a miss, put a blouse and some slacks on, and learn proper elocution. How did you get so far annunciating such utterances? That is the next thing, I was always most concerned with having a woman in my life. Not the suit pant type, but not the hussy kind either. The girl that was against the norm, but still could be dainty and classy. I had that and blew it. These modern women ain't the type that you can take home to momma. And where I'm from that is a death sentence. And now the cool thing is for everybody to cheat on each other, sleep around, open marriages, it is disgusting. MIT predicts that society will collapse by 2040. I think it will be 2030. There is no hope for society. Except for a select few of us, no one studies the humanities for ethical gain and enlightenment. As a society, most if not all, are in it for themselves, and everybody is out to screw everyone else or exploit them for their gain. People use hook-up sights. Women call it their John. I'm like, seriously? No modesty? And men, no dignity? Everybody has lost all morals and self-respect. Society isn't doomed, it is done. I will live in my world, lost in documents, journals, books, and wonderful fiction. If the finances work, I will renew my passion for 35mm SLR photography. Perhaps independent journalism. Respectfully, intellectual journalism is dead as well. If your vernacular doesn’t include yo, sh$&, f$&@, and all the gutter talk than you stand a chance. Last, I openly chose to cut myself off from society and I hope that in due time I can retreat up into the mountains and live in isolation. That is my dream. Respectfully, those of us in the know realize that our options are wearing thin: isolations in the mountains, or go back to the old country where my family escaped from. If paying any attention, everyone knows it’s about time to consider Poland, Hungary, or Czec. Western society is about to collapse. Call me disgusting, I pray I have all my ducks in the row so I can stand a substantial profit when the 90% correction comes. If you know finance, the money comes when everyone loses.
  2. Butalbital the active ingredient in Fioricet is legendary for a monumental rebound headache especially cluster headaches. The pharmacology of it does not fair well to abort a Cluster Attack. The amount of APAP-not for hepatic concern-effectuates medication overuse headache. This perpetuates the very thing you seek to abort. Lorazepam, I have only seen case studies with an average of n=50, never double-blind trials, of 200mg of ibuprofen with 1mg of Lorazepam. All of these were for migraine. The half-life for both the aforementioned drugs, especially Lorazepam appears far too long to work for Cluster Headache. Hell, I know when I was popping them for catatonic depression they didn't do a damn thing. That is me, one is never enough. Respectfully, with your purported background, I would hope that you understand the serious implications of NSAID use, and especially Benzo use. Chronic NSAID use destroys the gut and microbiomes, which opens the door for numerous issues (dysbiosis). Benzo use will cause dementia-like symptomology, marked cognitive impairments, depression, among other things. Most of the people on here are much smarter than I am. They can instruct you on Oxygen use, which I think works in up to 60% of people. By you stating that you are a child of the 60s I can tell you that Welders Oxygen is a bypass to the denial of CMS, and I trust it more. I used Oxy-Acetylene Rigs for years, and I welded with oxygen for years. The last thing we could use was impure O2, or the results would result in a disaster. There is a Vitamin D protocol that a member created and that is his brainchild. If that isn't enough, there are alternative means if you don't have a history of going to the funny farm for counsel. While most will tear my ass a new one, there is Dopamax (Toprimate). You have to start slow, titrate and reach at least 100mg. Even I admit that for those with Clusters it only seems to work if you have a migraine classification (my situation) as well. Despite what people think, there are multiple ways to counter the Temporal Lobe impairments and ACC impairments that Topamax causes. Finally, I know Emgality is dedicated to Cluster Headaches. That is a CGRP, I hear of a fairly substantial weight gain and hair loss, but not the doping effect. My point, I don't knock what people experiment or use unless I have lived it, researched it, and can prove it. Even mild Benzo use, especially Ativan, will have a profound lifelong negative impact on cognitive function. It is deleterious and deplorable to mood lability and unless you are using it for treatment of catatonic depression, it causes depression. All NSAID use is a terrible idea. I grin and bear it. That stated if we didn't have the draconian narcotic laws that treat chronic pain patients like junkies and that require a monthly piss test, I would justify the use of the Schedule IV Ultram. I have yet to meet a doctor in private that will admit to an addiction potential with that drug and most research supports this. We arent the dealers, yet the law treats us like we are. Garry Webb blew that myth open. My point is, I can't take one here and there. Otherwise, I would prefer the use of Ultram over most painkillers. Edit: T3, right I thought this was code for codeine. Okay, there is some evidence showing insulin resistance and prediabetes in some with migraine headaches. A recent study using meta-analysis found up to 40% had hypothyroidism. I find no discernable flaws in the blood sugar theory. I have a nasty sugar addiction. By using a quality fiber supplement three times a day I have made a dramatic difference in my blood sugar cravings and regulation. When I experience wild swings in sugar it always results in a migraine, which leads to a cluster headache most of the time. My concern with the thyroid is that TH levels aren't worth a damn. I have started dosing with one of the sane iodine supplements and am certain my undetected thyroid issue was borderline hypothyroidism. I would have to research that. With your background, you should look into this. That stated, it is never myopic. I have found there are several factors at play.
  3. I will do as best as possible to answer your question. Depersonalization is a milder form of dissociation which is conducive to Borderline Personality Disorder (DSM V), also referred to as emotional dysregulation disorder (ICD 10) in Europe and UK. Depersonalization is an aspect of disassociation and is a detachment from one's self and identity. On the other hand, dissociation is detachment from several things. Please be patient, as not always is this psychiatric/psychological. There is Menieres Disease, Organic (Psychoactive), and other nebulous factors. If psychiatric and of and related to Borderline, this is a defense mechanism when one who suffers from said illness feels a threat or the need to escape. Contrary to mainstream literature, this is not an acquired habit only from trauma (typically sexual assault). Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can contribute. That logic isn't sound, because EMDR doesn't even mitigate the disassociation after treating PTSD. To make all of us nutjobs to the psychopharmaceutical industrial complex, the spin doctors added a few new diseases, frankly putting lipstick on a pig: Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder, Dissociative identity disorder. The brutal truth is this person’s experience is organic (induced by a psychoactive or by migraine) or it is more severe and they don't want to stigmatize them with Borderline Personality Disorder. Not diagnosing someone with Borderline is a disaster. They could be cutting, mutilating, have multiple suicide attempts, a criminal record (possible felonies), and numerous 20+ inpatient hospitalizations. I can put my money where my mouth is. Next, on the nature of the organic: Ketamine: Ketamine stimulates glutamate release in the prefrontal cortex and this releases some cells that I can't remember the name of. And this all targets the amygdala which has structures critically involved in depersonalization. I have read about infusion for depression, anyone in the know in the psych community that stays active in neuro-psych conferences understands to run like hell. That is the translation. Cannabis: Do I need to explain this? Smoking grass in certain Manic Depressives can induce psychotic mania or mania. That and depersonalization was known by Dr. Depaulo-founder of DRADA, the mood disorder clinic at Johns Hopkins (my mind fixer in the 90s)-in the 80s. It could go back further. If you have any axis 1 it's not just grass, any psychoactive or mind-altering substance that breaks the blood-brain barrier. There is a 6 fold increase in developing schizophrenia if you smoked grass more than 50 times (Andreasson Et Al 87). Hallucinogens: All of these target NMDA receptors, disrupting the action of glutamate (dissociative drugs). Glutamate is fundamental to cognition, emotion, and the perception of pain. The use of dissociative drugs causes psychomotor retardation, anxiety, memory loss, even body tremors, and numbness. Even something mild like Robotrippin, you know DXM in it causes profound changes in sensory perception. On the extreme dippers, or what you guys may call Angel Dust, I have seen dudes finish that jack and be butterball butt naked and jump in front of a car. That shit is a ticket to insanity. Migraines: That is a complex subject. This is a good primer: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Abduelkadir-Tunc/publication/329074859_Psychoform_and_somatoform_dissociative_experiences_in_migraine_relationship_with_pain_perception_and_migraine_related_disability/links/5bf448f64585150b2bc4a7d4/Psychoform-and-somatoform-dissociative-experiences-in-migraine-relationship-with-pain-perception-and-migraine-related-disability.pdf Benzos: Xanax is a guarantee to a shit show. The half-life is shorter than cocaine, coming down is legendary for perceptual disturbances. Lorazepam has a half-life I think of 6 hours. Heavy prolonged use can cause the same problem. Coming off with taper takes months and is hell. Oh, all benzo use foment chronic deep disturbing depression. Use an H1 anxiety medication (Please). I hope that this was the answer that you were seeking.
  4. Technically, it is music, and it is a perfect backing to a phenomenal series from the beginning of the 1990s, Twin Peaks. The original series is everything that it is hyped to be.
  5. Variety is the spice of life. And, there is nothing wrong with that (until you start breaking serious laws and are denied bail). I would hope that you have a variety of musical tastes, life would seem boring if you listened to one type of music.
  6. I only try to help, though admittedly my approach may be abrasive. To be fair, twenty years ago it wasn't and I don't believe in the modern sociolinguistic theory, abuse, and destruction of our language. Euphemistic language is nothing but a strange bedfellow. I try to teach people that some common approaches are true, and one holds much truth: “ignorance is bliss.” When you turn off from the boob tube you turn off from an assault of behavioral programming, derision, division, and politics. I think it is 5 corporations control the message that goes into your mind, it was 20 when Chomsky wrote the landmark Manufacturing Consent in 85(?). Do the math. The key to happiness is to stop the frivolous pursuit and instead self-discovery. Egoism, hedonism, it seems all the isms are deleterious. Read for enlightenment, challenge yourself. Good luck.
  7. Dedicated to all the long haulers you keep America moving, you are the backbone of this country.
  8. More Countrypolitan, well this was contemporary country music, the early 90s the beginning of the demise of all country music, Garth Brooks and Allan Jackson is to blame for that. Anyway, I still like this video and song b/c if you pay attention it has the early gen/heydey of the bump and run/wide open NASCAR, Davey Allison, Ricky Rudd (taping his eyeballs open) Rusty Wallace, Waltrip, car. And Lori was flipping gorgeous. More contemporary and a Texan, Clay Walker Rhett Atkins That Ain't My Truck (I know a lot besides myself who know this all too well). Mark Wills Jacobs Ladder Y’all City Slickers had Britney Spears us country bumpkins crushed on Lilla Mccann. My parents were much too conservative to allow me to watch anything but GAC or CMT
  9. @devonrexI will give you the Dan Seals and Cash. Big Wheels in The Moonlight was another good hit, a Texan I believe (at least he was born there). I considered him part of that Country Pop and Country Rock, borderline Urban Cowboy era in Country music; you would probably like Eddie Rabbit and Restless Heart. I'm trying to be respectful here, catchy, but not a great contribution to country music, and certainly not traditional, outlaw, or neo-traditional. Eddie Rabbit Step by Step Restless Heart Big Dreams in a Small Town Johnny Lee, Could Have Heard a Heartbreak Highway 101, The Bed You Made For Me (They won a ton of awards and dropped off the face of the earth) https://youtu.be/o2AN8KoHKxM
  10. You slipped me a Mickey. I don't keep current much and will have to give it a few listens to decide. Thank you for bringing me up to times.
  11. Juss


    I appreciate and respect your approach, and it is one that I take. Keeping my baseline headache in check prevents migraine, preventing migraine appears to prevent the Cluster Headaches. That stated if limited by a formulary, you are footing the bill, and most can't afford that. While not scientific, by following that logic I have about eliminated my Cluster attacks. Best of luck, it's a matter of process, experimentation, and trial & error (never exact). I wish someone could explain how to eradicate the incessant exhaustion associated with CFS/FMS on the sidebar.
  12. I don't own a TV and don't follow the logic of owning one. Further, I am anti-social media, and while this is a form, it is as far as I will take it. Your life has considerably more meaning when you drown out the nonsense and when you start focusing on what matters. If I wasn't starting over in life, I would have rooms full of books on bookshelves and stacks upon stacks of printouts. Respectfully, I just don't understand how one can find enjoyment in watching a bunch of egotistical maniacs indulge in self-importance while speaking in utterances of preposterous levels. Reality TV is not intellectually stimulating and a complete waste of time. It's a sad reflection of society when one finds someone professing their love for how their nasty cellulite injected derriere as work of art as something worthy of more views than Rod Serling in his prime. Most would not be able to comprehend the enormity of his genius. Don't worry about the world around you, if the news is that important then someone will tell you. Once a week I review a periodical such as The Economist or Reason Magazine to remain relevant. For more pressing there is The Times and in our country the liberal Wall Street Journal. If someone points me to something of utmost importance I turn to a verified independent source, almost certain not in this country, and on YouTube. By no means comprehensive, and far from selective, here is a small sample of book titles, with links to a synopsis, to help you on your quest to find happiness. You should read the following, here are a synopsis: Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers https://us.macmillan.com/books/9780805073690 Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of The American Community http://bowlingalone.com Full Catastrophe Living https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/89149/full-catastrophe-living-revised-edition-by-jon-kabat-zinn-preface-by-thich-nhat-hanh-foreword-by-joan-borysenko/ Thinking Fast and Slow https://us.macmillan.com/books/9780374533557/thinkingfastandslow Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones https://www.google.com/amp/s/aliabdaal.com/book-notes/atomic-habits-summary/amp/ Why We Sleep https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Why-We-Sleep/Matthew-Walker/9781501144325 Who switched off my brain? https://www.leadershipnow.com/leadershop/9780980122329.html Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness https://tomorrowsprofessor.sites.stanford.edu/posting/995 Steven Pinker, How The Mind Works https://wwnorton.com/books/9780393334777 How to be a Stoic: https://www.basicbooks.com/titles/massimo-pigliucci/how-to-be-a-stoic/9780465097968/ Meditations, Marcus Aurelius https://www.basicbooks.com/titles/marcus-aurelius/meditations/9781541673854/ Ayer, Language, Truth, and Logic http://sqapo.com/ayer.htm Karl Popper, The Open Society, and Its Enemies (A monumental and quintessential 20th century read on the defense of democracy which is inexorable to our freedom and happiness ). Some consider this one of the most important books of the 20th century. https://press.princeton.edu/books/paperback/9780691210841/the-open-society-and-its-enemies Wittgenstein TLP, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus is a landmark book on logic, language how we structure meaning... https://www.roangelo.net/logwitt/remarks-tlp.html Human Knowledge: Its Scopes and Limits Lord Bertrand Russell https://www.routledge.com/Human-Knowledge-Its-Scope-and-Limits/Russell/p/book/9780415474443# T.S. Elliot The Waste Land https://poets.org/poem/waste-land Joe Conrad’s Novella The Heart of Darkness, his third language mind you, is a book everyone should be required to read before they die. And, it was the foundation for the movie Apocalypse Now. Though it was written decades before. Throw that Clive Cussler and Danielle Steele shit where it belongs, the landfill. Read something with literary merit. https://www.google.com/amp/s/theconversation.com/amp/how-conrads-imperial-horror-story-heart-of-darkness-resonates-with-our-globalised-times-94723 Love or hate, no room for in-between, Ayn Rand’s pinnacle of Objectivist Epistemology (Atlas Shrugged) https://aynrand.org/novels/atlas-shrugged/ Robert Nozick, Philosophical Explanations https://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674664791 The Social Construction of Reality, Berger https://pressbooks.howardcc.edu/soci101/chapter/social-construction-of-reality/ The Structure of Scientific Revolutions Thomas Kuhn https://www.uky.edu/~eushe2/Pajares/Kuhn.html The Social Animal https://www.bookbrowse.com/bb_briefs/detail/index.cfm/ezine_preview_number/6057/the-social-animal The Invisible Gorilla https://books.google.com/books/about/The_Invisible_Gorilla.html?id=f8AN1DAud5sC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button&hl=en&newbks=1&newbks_redir=0&gboemv=1 David Hume A Treatise of Human Nature https://oll.libertyfund.org/title/bigge-a-treatise-of-human-nature
  13. Edit: Dr. Peterson is too much for most in this discussion. If you want a reality check read his 12 rules of life and watch his channel.
  14. Edit: if you want some lesson that doesn't shy from truth message me.
  15. I'm country-well was-but I'm not that country Ms. Reba McEntire (Basco). Lol. If you are not in the know, she is a huge cowgirl. That is a great story though. My country life, well, I painted cars and did all the bodywork in a friend's empty chicken house. We laid down the tarps, ran the electricity for lighting and the compressor and the rest is history. The fans worked perfectly for blowing out the aerosols. God knows what I inhaled, smoking, without a respirator, spraying basecoat clear. God... And all the lead dropping while smoking. Body filler is garbage, we went old school and dropped it, or welded it. I also know my way around a Massy Ferguson, and International. And sadly, a Deere. While most brag about drinking out a damn red cup, jacking up some truck that they never drove, and so on, shopping at Central Farm and Tractor was part of life, necessity. And, we drove trucks, long beds, and 1 ton (often dualies) out of necessity, and not some cultural phenomenon. If we did put a lift on our damn truck it was because we were tired of being stuck on job sites. It amazes me how the country music turned into something people know absolutely nothing about. Everything we did was to get by, make enough to make ends meet, help each other, and to survive. There wasn't anything cool about having to port/polish & machine a friends cylinder heads cause he is in a bind and has to be to work in that broken down vehicle to feed his family. Anyway, that is a great story and I would love to hear more. I believe that it was called transcendentalism, you know being connected to nature. I must get back to that.
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