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  1. Somnolence (daytime/excessive sleepiness) is nasty. Back in the day, they could give you GHB to treat it. You can try a sleep study. Sometimes apnea is the problem. Concerning mood disorders, can you out rule antisocial behavior (psychopathy), narcissism, manipulative tendencies, diffidence, and do you display compulsivity, conduct problems, diffidence, identity problems, insecure attachment, intimacy problems, narcissism, suspiciousness, affective lability, passive oppositionality, perceptual-cognitive distortion, rejection, or self-harming behaviors, restricted expression, social avoidance, stimulus seeking, interpersonal disesteem, anxiousness. How about social avoidance with low affiliation, or do you have a high affiliation/high nurturance (people pleaser, kind). Are you dominant or judgemental? Do you have perceptual-cognitive distortions, and do you have schizotypal cognition or brief stress psychosis? I ask these questions because quite often BP-II is borderline personality disorder if you answer yes to most of those. Or, if you answer yes to all, with the exemption of the conduct issues, it is an Adult Attachment Disorder. I mention this because with BPD, and Attachment Disorders a hallmark is dysthymia-mild, persistent form of depression. And, then there are episodes of Major Depression, formerly Clinical Depression, way old school-nervous breakdown. I thought that you might want to consider that. I've seen so many misdiagnosed as BP II
  2. There are some rules, not necessarily theories, I hear passed around with CH that I don't agree with. 1) Smoking: Listen, if this were the 90s, the Eastern Shore of VA, $10 carton days (when I was coming up) it would be dim lights, thick smoke, and loud music in this bitch. I'd be smoking like a choo-choo. There appears to be an alarming correlation between those with CH and former smoking habits. That stated, it never triggered (my) CH. If it does not cause your CH, who cares, smoke. Your gonna die at some point. 2) Drinking: This one is difficult. For some reason, beer causes massive headaches, but with moonshine I am okay. I make moonshine and drink accordingly. For some, it is wine or those wine benders. I seldom drink, the majority of the time I use the liquor as a trading offer for something else. Bottom line, I do say with alcohol to tread lightly and stay away if getting hit. I'm neither chronic nor episodic, and I don't know how to explain my headaches either, in my circumstances I wing it. 3) Sex: There can't be a God if you get your rocks off and have a massive migraine and/or CH. Honey, that ain't natural. I get myself in trouble here all the time, if that shit happens, we all have needs, and even at 90, that is why there is Viagra-I rest my case. Get some Narcs, and abort with opioid analgesics. I'm sorry that ain't right, and it's cruel. If in a drought, there is the champagne room and sites like Backpage. And since I dug this hole, I don't see why women even date men, as hot as women are. Lord have mercy, especially when hot to trot. 4) Drugs: Party on man. Again, I get in trouble, but if you can control it and it is not a trigger-go for it. Uppers, downers, and turnarounds put me in an 8-year intractable cycle of hell. Unlike most, however, I'm all for the coke and whiskey, fast women parties, and am not afraid to put that out there. The problem is that for most, most drugs appear to put you in a cycle you can't get out of. Getting off of Barbs, Benzos, Uppers, Downers took 1 year of shakes, convulsions, seizures, a few near-death experiences, and a grand mal seizure. And, I now have Tardive. Your choice. I'd do it all over again. What a fucking rush. Talk about kickstarting my heart, I made Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crew Habits look like choir boys. 5) Abortive Medications: Oh hell no. Go ahead foment wicked rebound headaches. It's your choice, but I had every headache specialist admit off the record that you are best to avoid them. If Oxygen does not work, as in my case, I feel for you. Prophylaxis is paramount. Again, it's your choice, but that Fioricet at 180 counts, and banging 3 DHE a day does more harm than good. Oh, and shooting up Keterolac 1 or 2x per day. I don't know, I admit to being on the outer fringes but, everything is case-by-case. The intention of this was don't live your life around CH: live your life and adapt to the bullshit that CH brings with it. It is not easy. I am convinced that you can determine your triggers, mitigate them, and then find prophylaxis. It's not easy, may take years, several doctors or nurse practitioners, even functional medicine. Most importantly, you need to be your doctor first: read, research, and find what works for you. I don't think anything can be categorized or programmatic at times. Everything is subjective to the situation at hand, and the person experiencing the headaches. Good luck.
  3. Education has propensities to implement biases, dogmas, and, even pragmatic methods of thought that don't add up to a damn thing. I received a better education by reading books and turning wrenches as an auto mechanic, then HVACR Mechanic. Working in refrigeration and oil heat taught me more about physics than any college class did, the same with chemistry. Oh, and I learned more about polyphase and electrical theory by applying and designing control systems, than some fancy college education. The same can be said with applied calculus in the trades vs in college. I'm sorry, a college education is an indoctrination to force compliance. It does not prepare you for the reality, most with a degree don't know their ass from their elbow. If you conjured that gumption about Cluster Headaches then you exhibit a higher level of faculty and intellectual capacity. I attended college out of necessity, after two multi-level spinal reconstructions. I hated it, and it was bromidic. I slept through my classes and had full scholarships. The trades are substantially more challenging than any college course that I took. Concerning neurological care, I find that neurologists-especially under the guise of Academic Headaches Specialist-make the headaches much worse. All they did was drug my ass to oblivion and cause a few heart attacks. I see a PMHNP for my cluster headaches, after 8 years of failed treatments: she fixed it on the first visit. Nurse Practitioners are always the best. I can prove it. On that note, the exemption is for my movement disorder neurologist/neurophysiologist and my neurosurgeon with a specialization in complex spinal reconstruction. And the integrative anesthesiologist that does stem cells and platelet-rich plasma medicine, regenerative medicine. For some bullshit reason, I have to see a physiatrist just to have my muscles shot up with what those Alien Face women get, the fuck is it called? Oh, Botox! Movement disorders make your muscles tighter than a tick's ass. And, in our state, insurance requires that for coverage of any autoimmune diseases you see a rheumatologist. Thus, I am stuck with that. I try to avoid doctors. They take a disease-based approach and are “it has been 15 minutes get your shit and get.” Doctors don't care, want that $500,000 paycheck, and have zero empathy. Most are not qualified. Nurses take a holistic approach, are lucky to make $125,000, and are not in it for the money. And, they study nutrition. Doctors are not even required to take a single course in nutrition: every nurse I have worked with has taken several courses in nutrition and orthomolecular medicine, with hundreds of hours in clinical nutrition. Honestly, I hate doctors.
  4. I recommend Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Therapy, MBSR, Deep Breathing, even some of the other cognitive based therapeutic treatments. They work so damn well that you can watch your pulse drop by as much as 50 BPM. Mine drops as low as a well-trained athlete, down into the 40s. Medications are useful adjuncts. Beta Blockers, and H1 Antihistamines are great. Sex works as well, to be direct about it: nothing like free-love man. Why be married when you can different women every night? I will put that out there. Anyways, walking in nature, transcendentalism type stuff helps. Surfing on uppers is a fucking rush. It is true, every big wave surfer I knew, including myself, was hopped up. What a rush man. Dropping in on a 15-foot crank, Nor Easter, snowing out (true shit), what a rush. Yes, you piss in your 5/4 suit to get it warm: that is true. I hear fishing can relax you. Writing, fire a doobie, just something to take your mind off of everything. Maybe I read it wrong, but it sounds like you need to drift away sometimes. Not high-anxiety, but as if you need an escape. We all do. My escape is reading. When not knocked out from (whatever is going on with my body) and when I can focus, I can get buried in books, sometimes for days on end without sleeping. Last, music is the easiest medium for escape. I could go on for hours about that subject. I spend hours each day listening to Waylon, Keith, Mel Street, Vern Gosdin, and Clinton Gregory. It starts there, goes to Neotraditional and Honkytonk, to Southern Rock, and God knows where it ends up. I hope that this helps. My entire point is I think you have a good chance of her being okay. It ain't common, mostly male, and I think some funny business is involved to get it. Don't want to explain.
  5. Bacchelli et al. The Journal of Headache and Pain (2016) 17:114 DOI 10.1186/s10194-016-0705-y States, “ Cluster Headache (CH) is a severe primary headache, with a poorly understood pathophysiology. Complex genetic factors are likely to play a role in CH etiology; however, no confirmed gene associations have been identified. The aim of this study is to identify genetic variants influencing risk to CH and to explore the potential pathogenic mechanisms.” The biology of CH is poorly understood. Current hypotheses are focused on vasomotor changes, inflammation, immune changes, autonomic system imbalance, and hypothalamic dysfunction [3]. Twin and family studies have indicated the importance of genetic factors in CH [1]. Genetic predisposition seems to be complex, with the environment and genetic factors interacting together [1]. While I understand your concern, I'd be most concerned with environmental factors changing gene expression. That, and while I do realize females do have CH, it is predominantly male. There are many situations, factors, and circumstances that are out of control. Focus on what few things you can control. I’m not trying to be the asshole, but I used to wig out about what I could not control. That lead to serious anxiety, and I bet the tipping point of my heart attack at 33. Yes, all the hard drugs, Imitrex, and DHE, did not help; however, all that stressing caused a massive heart attack in my sleep. Fearing nothing, not even death, makes you powerful: dangerous. I walk the ghettos of the inner city where I live, fearing nothing. I have walked in North Philly/Kensington more than once, Pitt/Braddock and McKeesport, even SE DC over the Anacostia Bridge. Live fearless, ten feet tall and bulletproof. Don’t take no shit from your mind or nobody.
  6. I have seen numerous journals--over 75 (not hyperbolic)--pertinent to hypothalamic activity, circadian rhythm, and CH. And, that is limited to interest: I am convinced as well of circadian rhythm issues being at fault. Someone on here said numerous times that we had a wonky hypothalamus. I reckon the amygdala is as important as the occipital front cortex, both of which are instrumental in fomenting trauma, and other bullshit. The issue is that I do not specialize in sleep disorders as a neurologist and that shit gets well above my head. To be direct I was a Presidential Scholar, among other many more of that prestigious level. I mean, I get the basics of it, but without the sciences, medical training-oh boy. Luckily my very extended network of friends includes neurosurgeons, PAs, and PMHNPs, whom I can phone for advice. That is also how I get in with the best doctors (smiling). Concerning Trauma, certainly: causation is no correlation, however. And not everyone has generalized trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, and cluster headache-to my knowledge. Pubmed is great if you have access to the journals that are not green (open) access; however, most are just abstracts. I have a lot of databases that I learned for research in junior college and in college. Theses were regular, research was crammed into us and was mandatory. Aside from linguistic analysis, and rhetorical analysis, which was also mandatory, I remember the research. Let me see what I can find on the topic? I can't relate to seasons: it is the mid-Atlantic we have two Bi-Polar seasons, Summer and Winter. It will go from 30 to 105 and have 95 percent humidity in a week (stay that way). There used to be seasonal changes, not anymore. We still have snow on the ground for 3 to 5 weeks a year, nowhere near the snow (3-foot blizzards) like in the past. I still, get nailed. My buddy in Texas, oh yeah. Those changes destroy him. Now, barometric pressure-oh fuck no. I am a fucking weather barometer. The light never bothered me, but my headaches, even why I can be an asshole, could be related to Huntington's, Parkinson’s, Stiff Person, or Dystonia. I'm seeing a neurophysiologist and movement disorder neurologist, at Sinia arguably the best neurology department in our state, and incontrovertibly the best neurosurgery in the state. Honestly, the light I have not heard: exemption, lack of light which would foment Seasonal Affective Disorder depression if not, which is a lack of the hormone, Vitamin D. I concur with the cortisol, have a noncardiac C-Reactive when shit gets balls deep, and it will be through the roof (CRP elevated). I forget what red meat contains, but that will exponentially elevate your homocysteine levels, and thus, elevating cortisol. I think cytokines are involved as well. Melatonin is something else that I have seen to the point of flocking the horse-it ain't personal. I don't understand how to address the issue, as regulating my sleep ain't happening. I doubt you know Waylon As The Billy World Turns, but yeah “I've been up for two damn days,” used to be life. Try 6 days, not manic. After years of getting hard drugs legally, my sleep cycle is destroyed: my D.O. quipped do you think a sleep study will discern anything? He has a point. Back to trauma, those repressed memories do have me question the psychosomatic factor. I mean, I am batshit crazy, but there used to be some research on the topic. That research is expurgated. I question how those repressed memories lead to psychological stress, which leads to headaches. There is numerous documentation, research, and trials that associate pain with trauma. If trauma were the key association it would appear as if Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) Therapy could treat cluster headaches, I tried that theory: at $250 a session out of pocket it did not work. You can get a similar effect by insurance-covered psychotherapy, it just takes 7 years and gets inside your head. On an interesting note, EMDR therapy does work miracles in many with just classic migraine. Unless you are Rockefeller, that is an unrealistic treatment. I think my friend had the VA cover it, don't ask me how. Private insurance and CMS will tell you to piss off. I think I am supposed to compliment you or something (only two years in on psychotherapy and interpersonal communication): I don't know how to talk to most people, used to years ago. I think that you have a valid theory to expound upon and should start to conduct experiments and research, and not get the conflicts of interest involved (pharmaceutical company). While cluster headaches have textbook diagnostic criteria and standards (with some deviation)-causation, triggers, standards for onset, food allergies, I won't run the gamut are subjective. It seems impossible to pinpoint one source for everyone. Contrariwise, those damn Hypothalamus, Amygdala, and Frontal Cortex appear instrumental: in explaining why those sodium channels work so well (Lamictal, Topomax, Lithium). And, why the opioid agonist Naltrexone is instrumental as well. Oddly: Topomax, Lamictal, and Naltrexone at 100mg reduce Cluster Headaches by 95 percent. I was intractable in Migraine and Cluster Headaches. Adding Magnesium Glycinate (the equivalent of 800mg daily intake) and the hormone Vitamin D is paramount. Narc Laws are to the point of absurdity, but the schedule IV, it should not be tramadol, is also beneficial. A 50mg per day goes a long way. Our state requires a bullshit pain clinic, a monthly visit, a contract, a 6-month piss test, and thanks to junkies I can't get certain analgesics unless I have cancer. Anyways, it's just become ridiculous, and doctors limit quantities as well. I'm sorry, control your habit or get help, don't ruin it for those of us who need it.
  7. Juss

    Coping Comedy

    Don't take my advice I just tell them to fuck off. But, I tend to be rough around the edges and not worry about repercussions. I think the appropriate solution is something that I learned from fixing those portentous folks' homes in the wealthiest zips in the country (Chevy Chase and Potomac), you know, where a billionaire is a literal requirement: you piss them off more by smiling, agreeing, kissing their ass, and telling them what they want to hear. I admit, flying off the handle is just cathartic. Truth is from what I learned from those hoity-toity high flatulent folk, was the aforementioned. Truth is that most don't know their ass from their elbow and they think that they are far smarter than lead on. Most are average at best: not everyone deserves a fucking award. When it comes to the people that you mention you know what they say is opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I tell it straight, why obfuscate bullshit? Bottom line, ignore it. I get in trouble often, screw trials, screw about everything mainstream-research yourself, trial and experiment on yourself. Find a doctor willing to write scripts for what you want to experiment with (within reason). Trials are just sponsored by Big Pharma anyway. Just like most medical journals. Talk about conflict of interest. First things I ask a doctor: Are you a KOL? What's your cut? How many reps are coming through that fucking door? Who sponsors you? Are you a formulary guy? Yup! Goodbye!
  8. I buy this and load until my labs are where I want them. Concerning the weather, it snowed last week or two weeks ago. The boiler is still going-the lows are around 30 at night. It will be hot soon, however: reached 60 today.
  9. I can tell that you are going through it? My thoughts are with you. Shit gets relentless sometimes. I had a thought-and random-what are your blood draws? My vitamin levels are off-I'm getting hit (again). Start at zero, if everything is okay, then well, it sounds crazy smashing shit is fun. Well, I go somewhere for that. We have a place you can go. You can smash, shoot, whatever for I forget the price. It's cathartic. Look into a place. Another option, serious too, how's about the boys take you out the party like Charlie Sheen night. We all have those nights, just have your attorney on standby. And be prepared to pay for all the damages. I mean we all have those nights, my ex accepted it when those developer friends called to meet them at Signature Airways, lol.
  10. Juss

    Coping Comedy

    I reckon it is my personality but I have zero issue telling people what I think, starting a fight, throwing one down, even with possible Hells Angels. I've had my ass beat, but that comes with taking it like a man. Anyways, I will try to approach this like normal people would. First, if these toxic comments are incessant then you need to assess if these people are worth being in your life: if not, drop them like a bad habit. You are better off alone than dealing with excess bullshit. This I can prove. If the comments are just someone that does not realize that they are invalidating your needs and concerns, it appears as if you can properly address that issue by pointing that out to them. Most just are fucking oblivious to your circumstances, it is nothing personal. What they fail to realize is that they are making your situation a million times worse. I have such a reputation for being explosive that everyone watches what they say around me: I never had the problem. As the saying is with me, “you know how he gets.” Back to you, learn to block the comments. If not, at least filter them. Surprisingly, this is the least area of concern in my life. But in those areas that do cause triggers, I have learned to block out or at least filter comments by rehearsal. Unfortunately, others of lack understanding about the condition, or stupidity, will not change. Try to find something that relaxes you. Music is always a good medium. My neighbors most likely hate me, that hardcore traditional country and southern rock is on a lot, walls shaking loud. I don't know your work situation, idle time is terrible. Make/run liquor? I dunno, probably should not encourage bad ideas. Edit: Keith and Mel can sing the pain away. I ain't had the money in a while, but can't wait to get another muscle. Get an S-10 built similar to the Syclone you can build one and go balls to the wall on the cheap. Ain't nothing like being hopped up and going 120, it's a thrill, especially up in the mountains in the fall (beautiful). My point is maybe a getaway into the hills, fast cars, something to escape from the bull.
  11. That is an interesting pet hypothesis; however, causation is not correlation. I have been through it all with psychiatric issues. Mine began with the misdiagnoses of Bipolar I, Rapid Cycle with Mixed States. At that time, 1997, Dr. DePaulo the founder of the Mood Disorder Clinic at Johns Hopkins called it Manic Depression. This is a complicated story. By 2001, they suspected that I was emerging Borderline. Both the Manic Depressive and Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis were off. It took a psychotherapist to figure it out, Adult Attachment Disorder with Generalized Trauma-last month. Anyways, the amphetamines and SSRI antidepressants, even the tricyclics foment mixed episodes where I am both manic and depressed. This also foments chronic end-stage catatonia depression, which leads to electroconvulsive therapy. I can tell you when in mixed states my migraines with aura, and the cluster headaches become intractable. When off all those drugs, the headache medication and magnesium place me in near remission-it is interesting. I was heavy into amphetamines, blow, hard drugs, running shine to pay, and yeah “Left Turn at A Red Light, Rickey Medlocke sums it up. That may have been part of it. There is a price to being a rambler, a Southern Outlaw, I'm past the point of no return, so I live as an outlaw. The hell with it, if I go back to the joint, so what. My idols are Waylon Jennings, Johny Paycheck, and David Allan Coe-I strive to live my life as they did. I wonder if those 60 Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy Treatments altered my tolerance to Toprimate. Before ECT, I could not titrate Topomax, after ECT, and a two year process, I am comfortably at 100mg, damn near remission. It’s flipping odd. And, I have compression of the spinal cord in the neck, and I have potential ACDF and TLIF (both multilevel) if the spinal canal closes further. I’ve had a laminectomy already, wait was it 2? I don’t remember they removed a few vertebrae to open the spinal canal. Similar shit in the neck. I can’t out rule a psychosomatic factor, in fact there used to be expurgated evidence to substantiate this. Yet, I threw it out. You will have to take my word. The question posed should be how does trauma correlate with Cluster Headaches and Migraine? It does not have to be complex PTSD, generalized trauma is bad enough. Shell shock (combat PTSD) really does shit, though my friend won’t admit it. Trauma causes all types of emotional and physical pain, that I know. I notice pain reduction with attachment therapy, exposure therapy, transference focused psychodynamic therapy, and interpersonal psychodynamic therapy. I’ve witnessed EMDR therapy stop peoples and treat peoples migraines, if trauma related. Shapiro was a fucking genius. All the psychotherapy’s help. The cognitive therapies (CBT, DBT) don’t seem to help. I hope this answers the question to some extent. Edit: On top of this psych issue I am Italian, Croatian, Irish, did time in Max Security with triple lifers carrying a blick in case someone tried to chop me up. Most of us had some makeshift swords, my point is I admit to a temper from all the trauma and genetics. When I fly off the handle and destroy things I get a massive attack. I am down to flipping a shit a few times a month, meaning that is when I get nailed. There is something to be said for that matter as well. Anger, Trauma, and Psych issues all correlate. As does being on point after being bunked with true antisocial murderers that did not understand why their crimes were wrong.
  12. I disagree, but, respectfully, if you understood my intelligence level (ask any of my doctors), you would see that you can decipher information and teach yourself anything. Case in point, I taught myself 3 trades. I fixed my GI issues, and with my Psych NP fixed my headaches, with a spinal cord injury in the neck.
  13. I added clinical guides to the Abram Hoffer approach to treating psychiatric disorders with Niacin and added are actual medical school approaches to dosing on D. There is a bunch of crap in there (now). I will come back to edit. The latest clinical evidence, thousands upon thousands of pages, on Vitamin D and Vitamin C are included. The role of oxidative stress, mitochondrial function, and impact on headaches, CFS, and headaches are included. Updates coming. This will take months seriously. I have over a terabyte: possibly 2.
  14. I'm allowing access to the beginning conversion of over 1,500 clinical medical books, journals, and more. It is most likely significantly more. It will take time. The beginning files are Comprehensive Handbook of Iodine, Handbook of Vitamins, Mitochondria and The Future of Medicine, Neuroanatomy in Clinical Context, The Vitamins, 5th Edition, Vitamin C, Volume III, Vitamin D Volume 2, Vitamins and The Immune System. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-WfP1QoIedh72esht9QkQLWyaOqI6-pl You can teach yourself anything. Update 1: I add the out-of circulation and impossible to find Dr. Max Gerson books on how to cure cancer. Yes, the ones with his clinical approach. And, I added the role of magnesium and its pathogenesis in disease. There are a bunch of orthomolecular guides as well.
  15. My city neighbors (I live in a row home) know this ole country boy is partying by himself at Midnight Rednecks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon Beer
  16. I was referring to HVAC or Refrigeration supply houses. They sell by, jeese, I forget the size but it can be a massive tank. And most of those places will require you to be a licensed contractor for you to purchase any supplies or tanks. That is why I offered my accounts. I can talk to my representative, well which one, lol. Here is evidence. I put my money where my mouth is. https://photos.app.goo.gl/PaQhAbfgZ4BqrADm9
  17. If you want, and seriously, do you want to get clarification from representative S? I have a private email and he knows my family. I suppose that this is justifiable for pulling the phone a favor card.
  18. Assuming CMS will cover oxygen, you will not have enough tanks to abort. My recommendation is industrial oxygen. It is my impression that an industrial HVAC supply house will allow you to purchase such tanks if honest and if you explain. You are not purchasing anything that requires an EPA 608 Universal Refrigerant License. And as stated, I have offered my business accounts numerous times, which should be active. I assume that everyone wants to see my inactive licenses? I was heavily involved with the RE Michael Executives 17 years ago, look that supplier up. Their executives formed a company and I was the lead HVAC Mechanic. From there, I became an Oil Heat Mechanic, Controls Engineer, and Refrigeration Mechanic and should have an account with Penco and United Refrigeration. I knew a few of the sales executives at Penco, dated one of their daughters, one was a close friend of the family. That account should be active. Yeah, before screwing my life to hell and back was deeply connected to politics and executives. Oh well. Such is life. In my world, it is called blacklisted, even family.
  19. I have an expansive taste when it comes to music, brings back history
  20. @BoscoPikoInteresting and I am too old to keep up with the cool kid's music. Interesting though. Enough to comment.
  21. Any PCP or FNP can write for a 25 Hydroxy D draw (Vitamin D test). Under no circumstances should you need an independent lab. Despite CMS cracking down, I mean pulling licenses (want proof?) for ordering extensive blood work, if there is a good cause-which, in this case, there is you can get a draw. Even the private sector won't bat an eye. While you are at it, have B-12, crap drawing a blank. Let me see what else, C-Reactive is another. I will have to look. The C-Reactive without the treadmill, btw. I will get back to you, in a little, well I am smashed, lol. Been hitting that mason jar a bit much, lol. Edit: someone mentioned a good Primary. I second, only a functional nurse practitioner, or even a psych nurse practitioner. My Psych NP is my neurologist and better than Hopkins, Jefferson, Georgetown, UPMC. Want me to keep going? Those neuros just drug you to oblivion or until you are dead. She treats my problems.
  22. I will try Onion, Tor over Proxy for now on, let you know. That will be insanely slow, is what it is. I'm not IT. Just no how-to, well when you are researching and getting into most likely sensitive information, never mind.
  23. This happens on at least one thread, nothing works, and I can never post, even works later: usually the thread I find most important. I try different browsers, different IP addresses, I have multiple Inet, even VPNs, nope. Is what it is.
  24. Mine comes around the same time, and I am not the only one. I have a friend like this. The source of my headaches is not the same as everyone else, nor are my friends. I know when I will be nailed, in bed, and generally for how long. When the flare-up from the autoimmune NOS-for now-and Movement Disorder NOS-for now-go balls to the wall, then the shitshow begins. Even then, I have propensities not to get up for more than medication, a shower, and I will sleep, never eat for a week. Read properly. I just load up on Narcs, Beta Blockers, Hydroxyzine, and other copious amounts of put me down meds. If you knew my history you would understand why. At 38, it is not (thought) medically to have any or, at least most, of these conditions. I don't just suggest my approach, but my life sucks, has sucked, and I am just waiting for that massive accidental OD or heart attack in my sleep: had 2 heart attacks, and 20 ODs still ain't dead, WTF?
  25. At least they were not purported world-renowned experts, pumping you full of massive doses of DHE, Imitrex, and other heart-damaging medications, consequently burying deep into medical records: allergic reactions, Imitrex “serious heart-damaging side effects.” Meanwhile, the hospital covers up, never discloses that you had two myocardial infarcts, aka, two massive heart attacks. Oh, and they never treated them. Oh, and that is from their purported world-renowned neurosurgeons covering a botched ACDF, which caused a severely/significantly compressed spinal cord that when my new neurosurgeon corrects, could paralyze me. It's okay, they won't like this outcome: they don't know how nasty, dirty, and/or spiteful I can be. FYI: 3 doctors dropped me, now that I have the evidence. Yeah, they are scared.
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