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  1. John Whitley, Outlaws, and Bulldogs John Whitley, Farther Down The Bottle (hard-living, hard life, that is my life story) Keith Whitley Honky Tonk Crazy (Demo)
  2. John Whitley, related to Keith Whitley (RIP), was just as talented. This bout sums it up, Right Track Wrong Train Keith Whitley, Hard Livin, “I wish that hard livin didn't come so easy for me.” Sing it! Singer/Songwriter/Country & Western Michael Martin Murphy, Long Line of Love Great songwriter for greats such as Randy Travis, Paul Overstreet, Sowin’ Love
  3. Highway 101, Honkytonk Baby Holly Dunn Ken Mellons, Jukebox Junkie Davis Daniel, Fighting Fire with Fire Baille & The Boys Wilder Days
  4. That is convenient but appears to be cost-prohibitive (for me). I purchase quart-size bags, nowadays, whatever brand is available, and do the same thing. I use Vitacost, FYI, their prices are dollars cheaper, sometimes 75% cheaper than the Bezos Empire. Shipping is free without some fancy membership, and it arrives in 3 days, at most 5. Amazon takes 5 with Prime. Oh, here is why I buy my own but thank you: PQQ, Ubiquinol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Alpha GPC, NAC, NADH, Life Extensions Two Per Day, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, MSM, L-Glycine, Super DHA, Nordic Naturals Omega 3, Magnesium Glycinate, L Carnitine, Choline & Inositol, Astaxanthin, L-Glutamine, Inulin Powder, Clinical GI Probiotic (Now Foods), Reservatol, Odorless Garlic, Multi-Mineral, D-Ribose, Panax Ginseng, Now Mega D-3 & MK 7, Gymnema, ashwagandha, and a 50,000 iu D3 once per week for maintaining a 100 25 Hydroxy Level Out of that mouth full, the vitamins, minerals, and sulfur (MSM) are paramount. Then NAC. You got to increase glutathione and rapidly decrease oxidative stress and plummet those homocysteine levels that plague CH sufferers and are refused to be discussed by those big fancy headache doctors-to exploit us for profit, and benefit big pharma. Look into microbiomes, mitochondrial, and all those wonderful things that they do not want you to know about. I can spend $125 on big pharma per month, or $125 on nutraceuticals plus $3 on Toprimate, $3 on LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone), and $3 on Tramadol when it starts to get intense, you tell me. Fire those doctors, get a doctor that listens and will write within reason. That is my friendly opinion. And, if they do not have extensive nutrition experience-run like hell. Good luck.
  5. I would caution that Medstar is hit or miss in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) and Bodymore, Murderland, Bulletmore, (Baltimore). The doctors are either world-class (literally) or you do not want to see them with your head falling off. I do not know of any surgeon that I could trust at any of their, what 13 hospitals. If you need to go under the knife, you may want to talk to me. There are many choices.
  6. I am surprised that Dr. Carrie Oakley Dougherty, Medstar Georgetown Medical, Washington, D.C., is not all the rage on here. She is an associate professor of neurology, and might as well run an academic headache center. Furthermore, Dr. Dougherty trained under Dr. William Young, the Chief of one of the few academic headache centers in the country, Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia. I worked with her until my insurance changed. She advocates on Headache on The Hill has immense compassion, and is compassionate. She is not on that list, and not a single person has mentioned her. She is beyond qualified. I believe that she is the chief of that headache center. She can handle the most difficult and extreme cases, like Dr. William Young, I was one of them. She is qualified, and again, how the hell she is not well-known surprises me. 3800 Reservoir Road Northwest Pasquerilla Healthcare Center 7th Fl Dept Neurology Washington, DC, 20007 202-444-8525 https://www.medstarhealth.org/doctors/carrie-oakley-dougherty-md
  7. In the psychiatric world, I have known several Manic Depressives and several with severe trauma to have sleep paralysis. Some just had severe clinical depression, wait, they call it major depression now. Oh, I know a few on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Oddly, the schizo types I never saw having the issue. Physically, those with disruptive sleep apnea, who quite often sleep on their back, alarmingly have sleep paralysis. We all know they try to pass the CPAP as helping CH and I don't know of a single person that it has helped. Narcolepsy--especially with Cataplexy---can cause sleep paralysis. They thought Narcolepsy caused my paralysis. It turns out that I never had narcolepsy, fibromyalgia, most likely CH or Migraine, or Chronic Pain Syndrome, yeah, those eminent docs for the past 8 years did not realize that it was a movement disorder, most likely, progressive Multiple Sclerosis with possible damage to the lobes and basal ganglia-oh well, and anyway. I suggest a sleep study, good luck with Rona. All headache forms can cause paralysis as well, that is something I am a bit uncomfortable/unqualified giving an opinion on. I don't often hear of it based on headaches. I would see the head doctor, a sleep specialist, and possibly a therapist-preferably if you can find one, psychodynamic/psychoanalytic, or CBT. Anything else, downright questionable. I have heard of antidepressants helping; however, they have more side effects than benefits. Everyone hates it when I say this, it is true: CBT provides numerous benefits, works better, and it is cheaper, has no side effects. If uncomfortable talking, try the excellent book Feeling Good The New Mood Therapy by Dr. David Burns ($10). I'd double down that there are underlying psych issues. Pills just mask the problem. I know first hand that until I dealt with the unknown trauma and wigging out, the paralysis was unreal.
  8. I have that issue, and it is not specific to a food group. Unfortunately, I know others as well with CH that experience this. Ondansetron never does the job-costs a fortune. The fortunate news is that you most likely don't live in an area with junkies and pushers that lace Promethazine with Codeine, as I do. That means that you can get the old neuroleptic, which oddly is a much better antiemetic, Promethazine. It is available as a suppository, in a tasty dissolvable form, and as a tablet. This aborts and shuts down, all nausea. I have not met one person that had nausea after taking this. You may need a few follow-up doses, but you will be able to have food. Since promethazine was developed in the 1940s, it should not cost more than $3 or $4. It appears to only be a major hassle/issue in Baltimore to get a script for the said drug. My friends in Texas, Pennsylvania, and other States get shitloads of this stuff. We have a multi-billion dollar narcotic illicit industry in Baltimore alone, and I-95 is Heroin Highway. That is why.
  9. Research Oxidative Stress, Free Radicals, Leaky Gut, even Leaky Brain. I'm down to 100mg of Toprimate, and pred tapers when it gets out of hand. You should have seen the pharm list 2.5 years ago, it was pushing 15 drugs. No offense to the Oxygen, I get scripts that make me not pass go when shit gets real. The goal is to enter a state of oblivion. I'm well known to need doses that would put a horse on its ass. There are nighty night drugs. Look into it. You don't have to suffer. Why live through the pain? Blackout! quetiapine 300mg, propanol 20mg, hydroxyzine 50mg, Thorazine 50mg Take all of those, 1 atypical, 1 beta-blocker, 1 H1 Targeting Anti Histamine, and 1 Neuroleptic with potent chlorogenic properties (oh you will be doing the Thorazine Shuffle, lol). Sometimes quetiapine is not strong enough, haloperidol is a better choice especially by injection-oh yeah. If your doc will write for it, GHB I should disclose that even at age 14, back in the 90s, when manic, they would shoot me up with haloperidol, I would laugh, “that is all you got,” every few hours for weeks on end. Yeah, it would get to the point if it did not break, ECT. You may need to dial down the dosage or tailor it. That usually puts me to sleep.
  10. What concerns me is that he could use nortriptyline, also a three-ring, with far fewer side effects, to accomplish the same thing. And, it won't knock your ass out. You may have a difficult time taking a piss-however. That stated, neither is the front line, even secondary for Cluster Headaches. In Migraines, it is now suspect. And, I best not disclose the dangers of antidepressants: I know psychiatrists that refuse to prescribe them in fear of a malpractice suit. Now, what confuses the hell out of me is, if he wants to play with fire, then why won't he prescribe duloxetine? Duloxetine, dual reuptake, SNRI, well known for chronic pain (non-analgesic), and has some efficacy in SOME, with Cluster Headache. If he is going that route, he might as well try the beta-blockers. Note of caution, all of the aforementioned, even the amitriptyline cause LDS. Verapamil at 80mg, 3 times per day, is what I believe is the starting dose. I think Propanol is not used but for migraines? I have heard of people pushing over 900mg on Verapamil, obviously by titration. I could have sworn that was the go-to drug at one time. I used to hear of Lithium being used, and that is one hell of a drug if you are a pill-popping Manic Depressive Crackpot. If not, I could see it being intense. Many have complained to me, and for me, I love it. It slows the thinking down, sleeping sober, yikes! Anyways, if you don't mind being fat and bald, and don't mind the deleterious and deplorable side effects, Divalproex is purportedly better than Lithium in some trials. In the psych world, we all refuse it. The girls with eating disorders refuse two drugs: Remeron and Divalproex, to give you an idea. Even Inositol, Choline, and Vitamin B8 won't slow down hair loss. Good luck countering with Noassamax (toprimate). Speaking of Toprimate, I don't buy the misinformation. It will take considerable time/titration, but if you reach 100mg, even to 200mg, you will find relief. Especially when you take 800mg of magnesium. And, LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) will not do a damn thing by itself; however, combine it with the Dopamax (toprimate)-no more headaches, but on rare flare-ups. If you really want to end it, keep hitting those calcium and sodium channels by adding the adjunct, Lamotrigine. You do you, I hire docs that listen, read what I read, and write what I want (within reason). If not for other health issues, I have spectacular results. Calcium, Sodium Channels, Low Dose Naltrexone. Oh, all my drugs cost less than $3 per month.
  11. Juss

    SSI Disability

    Properly construct your sentences to reflect your daily life. Don't tell Disability that you can't lift anything; only for their investigators to bust your ass for lifting a case of water. Say,” I can lift on occasion, but it hurts bad, and then I have to lie down for hours.” Be honest, and stop trying to bullshit a bullshitter. Also, SSA and CMS (Medicare and Medicaid) are forecasted to be bankrupt before 2030. When Social Security began, there were 16 people paying into the system, for every person that collected. Now, it is 2 people paying into the system for every person collecting. The baby boomers will drain the remaining funds. Assuming that you are awarded a favorable decision, you will be subjected to a CDR, continuing disability review in the range of 1 to 3 years. It used to be that only 10% were removed from the disability rolls after a CDR, rumors are it is now pushing 15 to 20%. Very few these days have a 5 to 7 year CDR or permanent disability status. After each CDR, Social Security claims that they are moving me to permanent status, but instead hits me with a 3 year CDR. It appears a waste of taxpayer dollars to initiate their investigators, and all the bullshit, just to receive the letter each time, “we do not need to review your medical records or contact your doctors, your review is closed.” Anyways, for most, if you are hit with a CDR, you best be shaking in your boots-they are trying to drop you like a bad habit. Friendly advice, do not tell your neighbors that you are a welfare collector, get your ass off of social media (disability has a team that monitors this), and my God, do not travel and on top of it flipping post it! Are you slow? Do not exercise, do not go walking, and freaking hide. If you think I am joking you better start paying attention. And driving is questionable to them. Good luck.
  12. Juss

    SSI Disability

    I have plenty of experience with SSDI and CH, as well as Migraine. 1) you will need comorbidity listed by SSDI 2) As of January 2022, it now takes 9 months to be assigned a disability evaluator. Yes, 9 months. Between appeals, and all the crap that you are up against if you are approved-a realistic time frame is five to six years. Before being a welfare collector, I had successful careers as an HVAC/R and Oil Heat Mechanic, Gas Fitter, Plumbing, and Electric. Before that, I gave up a dead-end career as a Lexus, and Mercedes Benz Factory Mechanic. I also had a career as a defense contractor. Once the two spinal reconstructions/fusions occurred, it was off to college to waste away 8 years for an MBA/MS and to make far less money. Then, by junior year the shitshow began, and so did disability. I spent 8 years misdiagnosed, and my new anesthesiologist is certain of a movement disorder, most likely progressive MS. If correct, all the fancy headache clinics screwed up royally. You can attempt, ATTEMPT, to expedite the process by congressional inquiry, and an attorney that knows what they are doing (Sharon Christie (RN and Attorney), and even then, you better hope for a ton of financial support. I'm sorry, twenty years ago was only easy for the quadriplegic dying of a terminal illness, not to be morbid. A close friend fought the VA for 6 years and SSDI for 6 or 7 years in the 90s, if not for him, I have to believe him, none of us would get it. He was the first to take on both administrations. I am one nut shy of $10 fruit cake, my spine is shot, and I had several, multiple, valid comorbidities to list in 2014. I went through the process of application, doctor review/visit, denial, appeal, and favorable decision in 6 months. I feel bad for saying that, but yes, I received my disability in 6 months, but I'm so fucked up that it only made sense. I did not see a judge, never went for an evaluation, any of those things. I can't help you there. I hate to tell you this if you try by headache, you will have a mountain to climb and will need to go before a judge. And it will take several years. I know for a fact that you do not need epileptic comorbidity or any other listing; however, if under 50, Disability is financially broke, you need as many other listings as possible. They do not want more on the rolls. My advice, congressional inquiry, a hotshot lawyer, to hell with most of your back pay, and patience. Oh, get used to abject poverty. The most that you will receive is $2,000 per month. After your advantage plan, and Medicare, it becomes $1,800. That is a 1 bedroom flat in my area. And you can't freelance. Oh, no lawyer takes on your case until you are denied. Most are denied because they don't understand how to provide paperwork/records. Get every record, a medical dictionary, and learn what to send, what not to send. I believe that I read 10,000 pages, but sent 3,500 pages (the stuff that did not incriminate me). I had every doctor write a detailed/succinct report as to why I could not work, and fill out an SSDI report of disability determination (ahead of time). If you think that they do this, you are a fool, and that is why you get canned. Their doctors can only assess what they have.
  13. Nice. I have not been concerned since 03. I lost interest, and by 07, when I got married (now divorced), I stopped detailing high-end cars, painting cars, and well, all the car stuff (stopped caring honestly). After all of the brain damage, I doubt that I could even put shoes on the drum brakes. Oddly, I did do a paint correction after someone did a near-fatal screw-up, recently. Some things I can remember. Yes, I use a rotary and Duragloss, if cutting Mirror Glaze
  14. Okay, that should resolve the issue. For some reason it was embedding the link? I don’t understand this type of stuff, I need to take a few courses at junior college and get current. I hope that this helps. Signing off.
  15. https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=
  16. Hold on, I can, but you have to double click, it’s an enormous PIA. Let me see if I can bypass the preview. IT is not an area I understand. That is one thing I never took the time to learn. Addressing
  17. I was referring to that group and not this one. I must not have written in the proper language, and believe me, I was expressing my utmost respect to the group. I had a terrible experience 10+ years ago. That is what I was referring to. I don't like bringing that group up. I didn't get results with DBT, too far gone. Mine requires a considerably more skilled therapist that employees transference, psychodynamic, schema, ACT, and other things. I meltdown far less, and won't get into it. Respectfully, DBT helps the milder forms, and if you want to wait for 2 years. Almost all BPD have exceptionally high IQ, if Borderpolar it walks a fine line between genius and insanity. The Extremely High IQ is then matched with Artistic madness from Mixed Bipolar severe, which is the most extreme form. How you handle all of this is up to you. I will step back. Our world is different, how we process and see things is different. Some do well, some just avoid everything. I prefer to avoid. It’s easier. Some things can’t be fixed. That stated, I will give it 30 reads before hitting the send button. Other posts have come up, I won’t get to it now. I should be getting things done. Merry Christmas. Everyone, I understand the frustration, really, it’s cool. I’m signing off.
  18. Thank you @jon019i did state if I thought who it was and edited accordingly. But I can understand your guy's side. The person that I won't mention would report you if you so much as farted Vitamin M. You think I am joking? Anyway, I am grateful you guys allow open discussions, people don't understand (I think) how some close the door on that. I wasn't kidding, this guy even made it known.
  19. Edit: I understand and am quite familiar with one of the CH forums but I don't think it is the one you are discussing. He is quite the pharmaceutical front if it's the person that I think that you are talking about. If so, that hot mess began off of FB years ago, when I belonged on that social media crap. If it is who I think you are talking about, I had numerous convos with that person back in God, 2012 thru 2014. To be fair, he started with good intentions; however, darker ulterior motives seemed to change that quickly. Again, if it is who I think it is, I was there in its infancy. I'm not a huge fan of Dr. Amen, but I do hold the derivatives of PET to have utility. From experience, you won't get any neuroimaging covered unless warranted, you know, stroking out. 10 years ago, pre-ACA, oh yeah, to refrain from politics, I will shut up. My point, I respect him, b/c his consult with imaging saves a few grand. FMRI, even DTI (Diffusion Tensor Imaging) has limitations for what I am attempting to accomplish, it costs more, and won't be covered. I get frustrated, that is all. It was not at spiny, but at Pebble. I don't do well around people, don't have the patience, and don't bother to learn. I prefer to be in my world.
  20. I'm too damn tired to write everything, but I make a concerted effort to read at least 10 journals per day. Usually, I bomb and make 5 or none. I met my quota and this appeared interesting. If interested here is the journal. Yes, it is but one source; however, it is a start, and you must understand that we are a small sample size due to our limited population by proxy. And yes, it is from 2011, it still is semi-relevant and I will take it since it is not ghostwritten and/or sponsored.
  21. I always get that one confused, my mistake. That stated, I never implied that it was easy to have a good diet, and obviously you didn't bother to read my post and instead just crapped on me. That is why I don't even know why I bother stating anything. I'm sorry that it doesn't suit your opinion and everything must foot a certain opinion. Christ Almighty I will edit it. Again, I always get the Baclofen screwed up, and I don't know anyone that has had luck, it is as bad as Gabapentin, or Zanaflex.
  22. The Moody Blues Your Wildest Dreams The Moody Blues I know You Are Out There Somewhere Mike & The Mechanics-All I Need Is A Miracle
  23. I prefer the Brian Jones era best.
  24. The Who-Baba O’riley (That lead and intro) someone informed that a TV show ripped this song off. I barely watched TV in the past 20 years and haven’t owned a TV in 5 years. I wouldn’t know.
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