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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone Does anyone experience sleep paralysis upon waking when in cycle. I find that trying to pass from sleep to awake can be really hard work sometimes. Sometimes when I am conscious I can’t speak/respond for a while even though I’m trying to. I haven’t had any of the more sinister symptoms (I’ve had those when I was a teenager) just generally cant pull myself out. Sometimes I feel nervous to come out of sleep too quickly as that’s when the cluster can kick in. Can anyone relate? **Details of my cluster headaches: Currently in cycle. CH usually come at night or upon waking. Have been using Oxygen for the last few years but recently added Zolmitriptan nasal sprays to options (use about one a day and the cluster seems to stay away for longer) The attacks aren’t as intense as they have been in the past but if I happen to run out of oxygen or nasal spray they last a lot longer than they would have and do get more intense. I get up to 3 a night and have just been given Verapamil to try (it’s worked in the past but due to pregnancies I haven’t tried it in a few years. Diagnosed around 10 years ago.
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