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  1. Shit, I've been up for three days. That is natural for me. My biorhythms are a bit out of whack. I tend to stay up for five days, sleep 30 hours, and repeat. It's normal I think?
  2. Wait, youz guys are tying one on? Oh man, what I wouldn't do to be able to have a mason jar of grape moonshine. I don't drink that fancy stuff y'all drink. If I even smell alcohol I will be on the floor in the fetal position, not good. Get three sheets to the wind for me.
  3. An important message to EVERYONE on this forum. Please watch this. I hope that everyone watches this. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15uO_bC7Ae94BqH01-qUaAbt1DRtKIsiz/view?usp=drivesdk
  4. Make a tree out of the old Natty Boh cans.
  5. I hope this video works. Merry Christmas from me. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uz-IiiWEOYHeSS5C9FaUPOfLFTI0djKS/view?usp=drivesdk
  6. That tree is beautiful and I assume is real? Regardless, it looks phenomenal. I will have to try and dig up some photos of a 25-foot tree at an the old flat that I lived in. This was when I was married years ago. It was awesome. Also, I will have to send a video (if I can figure out the upload) for everyone. I don't think people will understand my thick Balwmoreese. Lol.
  7. I’m brain dead and can’t think. I’m feeling really good at the moment. Be back in a few.
  8. I'm kinda in a hydroxyzine coma at the moment meaning I am dumb as f$&k. I'm trying to think of famous songs from across the pond. This used to get played all the flipping time in the 80s
  9. Orexins, also known as hypocretins, have been widely implicated in homeostatic regulation; and dysfunction of the orexinergic system in migraine has recently been explored91–93. The orexin family is comprised of two neuropeptides, orexin A (OXA) and orexin B (OXB), which are derived from the precursor peptide, prepro-orexin94. Orexin A is 33 amino acids in length, while orexin B is 28 residues, and mature versions of these peptides are entirely (OXA) or highly (OXB) conserved in mammals95. Although these peptides are synthesized exclusively in the dorsolateral hypothalamus, orexinergic neurons project throughout the CNS, including to other hypothalamic nuclei, thalamus, cortex, trigeminal nucleus caudalis, and spinal cord91. Both orexin peptides bind to orexin receptor 1 (ORX1) and orexin receptor 2 (ORX2), both of which are Gq GPCRs, and as such activation results in increased intracellular Ca2+94. OXA has equal affinity for both orexin receptors, while OXB has a ten-fold increased affinity for OXR294. The orexin receptors are broadly expressed in the brain, and usually correspond with orexin peptide expression91, 93. The orexinergic system is involved in the dynamic regulation of a number of physiological processes; including feeding, sleep/wake cycle, stress, and motivation96. Many of these processes are disrupted during migraine, particularly in the premonitory phase. For example, changes in appetite are often observed during headache, and disruption to normal feeding patterns are considered a potential migraine trigger. Orexins may regulate this aspect of headache disorders, as they play an important role in appetite and food consumption96. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6986366/
  10. I am hoping to conjure a conversation. Hypothalamic activity is integral in Cluster Headache, as is the activation of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex. The journal presented some interesting current insights using DTI, fMRI, and MRI. As far as it appears, great, the hypothalamus is hijacked, what medications can regulate activity? Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Prednisone, other antihistaminics, all help, but seem to miss the mark. I can think of two approaches but both are unfounded. Intranasal oxytocin, and possibly a Dual Orexin Receptor Agonist, suvorexant comes to mind. Any thoughts? Here is the journal about Understanding CH by MRI https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fneur.2020.00535/full
  11. This time of year is brutal for me, and it takes more than willpower not to go into self-harm mode. My brain loves the Sodium Channel’s. All of my medications regulate the sodium channels. One, in particular, should be frontline, but everyone understands that it would bankrupt the antidepressant industry, that is Lamotrigine (Lamictal). My God, copious amounts of Lamotrigine keep me happy. Toprimate, another sodium channel, should be the frontline for self-harm and suicide prevention, but they rather prescribe atypical neuroleptics that have caused a 4,000 fold increase in suicide. Don't believe me? Just watch Dr. Amen's videos, no need to do the research. That too keeps me happy, and while I don't cut, that has through the years become quite probable. The last thing I need to do is start that disaster. Toprimate eliminates that. It regulates impulsivity as well. Copious amounts of Dopamax do the exact opposite of what it does to you guys. Lithium, another sodium channel, is becoming mainstream, possibly frontline, for major depression, and it is a hell of a drug. It isn't just for manic depressive crackpots anymore. Shrinks realize their fancy chemical imbalance is hoarseshit and so they are using sodium channels in great success to treat major depression, both typical and atypical. A copious and well-monitored Lithium clinic is a hell of a way to live. Naltrexone another sodium channel works great for dopamine junkies by blocking opioid receptors and thus downregulating dopamine. It is perfect for impulse control and that makes me happy as well. High dose, not LDN. Though only tried by LDN, it does help fibromyalgia at 10 fold the amount used in trials. And despite the annoying headaches, it does help with migraines and cluster headaches. That makes me happy. These aren’t commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals with those disturbing, annoy the shit out of you commercials (ones I have seen), and they are well researched. In this case, I go against my nature first approach and am suggesting copious doping. Hell, I am off the wall batshit crazy though. Pound for Pound I doubt that many could stand in my ring. If I am smart, I must be near-genius, not joking one bit, because many tell me, even had a neurologist and psychiatrist, say that the smarter you are the more fucking nuts you are. John Nash comes to mind. I should look at the IQ test that I had.
  12. I think that this is more your speed
  13. @Shaun brearleyfor those across the pond
  14. Can't forget Brenda Lee’s classic from 1958
  15. @Shaun brearleyEnjoy a little country Christmas then. (I don't keep with the times and know how to draw a smile with the symbols, or how to insert an emoji). I like some Lenny, but like you, it is overexposure. He does have a great voice, however. And he has an amazing talent.
  16. Merry Christmas from Dixie! Christmas in Dixie, Alabama. RIP Keith Whitley (once in a lifetime c & w singer) There’s A New Kid In Town I don't consider him much of a country singer (not neo-traditional or traditional) but it is catchy Alan Jackson, I only want you for Christmas Joe Diffie, Leroy the Redneck Reindeer
  17. Well, if we are bringing that back
  18. And, out of that cocktail, the tramadol is schedule IV, I don't dismiss the probability of addiction, but you would have to eat them like a Pez dispenser. It is a weak synthetic analgesic, barely controlled. The butalbital in Fioricet is mega overblown. It is nothing like the other barbiturates. I ain't gonna lie, I had to be a man and tell them to lay off the quaaludes (holy shit). I want to meet your doctor, joking. Even my pain management would only go as strong as carisoprodol for a CNS depressant (muscle relaxer). Robaxin, I didn't know that they could still write for that? Regarding the temazepam, ah, they did have you sign a waiver? Aspiration is all too common. Hell, I signed off. I think that the memory loss came from the Benzo use hon. Heavy doping (use) can mimic dementia and cognitive decline. I proved that you can counter the effects through nutraceuticals. Time, patience, and if the cross-examination wasn't so nasty, suing the pants of the doctors that write all that crap. They knew better, and we're trying to create a high-profit lifelong consumer. Sick.
  19. Holy Shit! I just saw this. That sounds like the polypharmacy that my old docs had me on. Before firing all of my docs and giving up on medical doctors, you know my conversion to nurse practitioners: Fioricet, Fentanyl, OxyContin (for breakthrough), Ativan, Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine, Torodal (I was given 60 with 60 needles), DHE (I was given 90 with 90 needles), Ambien, Lyrica, and it was far worse. Sadly, I allowed all of this. Then there was Celebrex, Baclofen, Tizanidine, Mobic, Voltaren, Latuda, Cymbalta, Zoloft, Pamelor, Risperdal, Lithium, Ajovy, Botox, Phenergan, and Zofran, Myrbetriq, and Flowmax. The medications cause the last two medications. I started over and I don't take any of that. But hey, Johns Hopkins trained doctors are superior. Fuck No! Run.
  20. Diving for Pearls, AOR format, but many critics considered the album one of the best AOR albums. The executives must have killed their rise. They had decent PR, plenty of MTV coverage, and airplay. It sounds unfair, but I rather have executives run an industry. Look at the crap passing for music today. I haven't listened to corporate radio in 15 years, some genres in 25 years.
  21. 80s Canadian Rock Haywire The Partland Brothers The Arrows
  22. @Shaun brearley Lenny was so overplayed that it was torturous, this was the exception. And, I can relate, sadly, more than I want to say.
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