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  1. This is by no means the proper way, but what the hell. It tastes damn good.
  2. That is the best attitude to have in life. The only regrets that I have in life (from the hard knocks) are not protecting the assets that I had. On that note, I have the means to get out of my situation: I just need to fix the unsecured debt and credit. Then, I'm moving to the hills. A home in far western Maryland is $650 for rent, sometimes with utilities. And I can own a shotgun, and rifle, even with the mental health history. That means hunting again. The issue is I will need a lifted truck: it snows over 70 inches a winter. The elevation is over 15,000 feet. And I have not used chains in years. I think that studded snow tires are still legal. They should be, they are in my neck of the woods: it snows less than 30 inches per year here, and we are at the beginning of the Catoctin Mountains. Anyways, a hard life makes you honest-humble. You tend to appreciate what you have and don't take for granted anything. I am happy with nothing, truth.
  3. Funny you should say that-I use a ham bone when I can find one. I was used to having butchers, farmers, and as a last resort, the local grocery store. I spent my time on Deal Island, the closest general store was 45 minutes away, as was gas. I was not joking about we did not call the law. We stayed locked and loaded. We got to most things by boat as it was faster. That was a bit much for me, and I chose to live in a town of fewer than 2,000 people. Believe me, they knew if you needed to be in church on Sunday. As you now see, we ate Venison, Rabbit, Duck, Goose Snake, Muskrat, and more. I swear that part of the reason I am so sick is because of the processed meats from the supermarket.
  4. Christ, I am fucking old. I remember the car bombs, rails, and all at the ex old ladies Sorority parties when this album was big.
  5. Test It won't let me copy and paste my text. I'm not going through the process. Forums are antiquated technology and most likely are not capable of such from iOS. I will try another day.
  6. Someone asked me to make a video of how to make chicken and dumplings. I know how to make it, but not anywhere close to English’s Diner from which it is famous. Oddly, I worked there as a teen. We did not follow child labor laws: I was working there at 13. Anyways, the old-timey folk uses a flour base, and as such, the base will thicken as the dumplings boil. Bisquick does not do that, and you will need to add a few tablespoons of flour to thicken the broth/base. I did not show that step. It is in the notes. Only the purists, such as myself, notice the difference. This method is the lower shore, at home, method. Going to Deal Island or Tangier Island (old stomping grounds), is as close as you will get. I could find a flour base, and attempt to teach you, but no offense, most of you only understand how to cook from a box-if that. This summer, though I never want to eat another crab or oyster, I will show you the proper way to cook seafood. Us Chesapeake Bay folk are the only ones that can cook most seafood properly. This assumes I have the money. The days of me trading moonshine for bushels of crabs ended when I married that damn city girl. That failed. Anyway, here is the video.
  7. Someone will have to tell me to get updates from a thread: I do not receive any notification, and thus I do not respond. Concerning marijuana, the results are across the board, skewed, so convoluted, and honestly, I need to be careful. Having been around far too many with SMI (severe mental illness) impacts each with mental illness differently. This is not a controlled trial: those that are schizo level out, stop hearing voices and seem better than with old school neuroleptics or atypical. I have confirmed this twenty-five times, read properly. Those fellow manic depressive types with propensities for psychotic mania, yeah, we get whacked out on the grass. This I confirmed, sadly 5 times. Pure Bipolar with psychotic mania is exceptionally rare. Most are diagnosed with Bipolar II, and that is a cakewalk. I'm sorry, those types seldom are hospitalized, if so for 3 days: try 3 to 5 months at a time, once 9 months when I go in (in private hospitals). And, they never go full-blown manic. They may cycle, but never disruptive. That diagnosis amongst the old school shrinks is still questionable. If you take them out, it goes back to what it should be, exceptionally rare, less than 1%. Point is, they are split 50 on the grass, again nothing scientific. I hope that I don't offend anyone with type II or the soft spectrums, but they can always get those under control: always. If mixed bipolar, severe (like me), all downers are a horrific idea. For those without funny farm issues, some studies were for the development of young brains. Keep in mind that the male brain does not finish development until 25 years of age. The notion of brain cell death and becoming simple is by a few observational studies (don't quote me). Cocaine, oh boy, I was conservative. To hell with it. I can't afford it. It is not what it was in the 70s or Miami Vice Days. If you are not paying $750, you get the idea. I will only disclose that true millionaires make Charlie Sheen parties look mild. I will show you the research, hang on. And let me see if I can find the info on the uppers. This is from 2000, with n = 7, and please keep in mind unless you are a liquid millionaire, your blow will be cut to benzocaine and baking soda, near crack a lack (don't ask). So, unless you know Pablo’s family and can smuggle from Columbia, I don't recommend this method. https://d1wqtxts1xzle7.cloudfront.net/42485454/The_effect_of_intranasal_cocaina_and_lid20160209-30765-1maqlt0-libre.pdf?1455042943=&response-content-disposition=inline%3B+filename%3DThe_effect_of_intranasal_cocaine_and_lid.pdf&Expires=1647647041&Signature=Yf~E5wJQjD6VNRBAnc400jwq7MwnuKSEEinVepsbkqoQ4u5Slv9SqtzZXHUU2u7ZNpnOec0R730JUKWlb4j24EoRcyyoXMiEYEPcqQGjNw-wP3d64uEsjkfLlnjD01MuG69ypgnxTpMIPvqLBaxvcrP7XMUDs1HQvOwXlZLfpqKHimu4AOdxavzQYY7hILWa7DpasY~d5q7xBQJZmi2llel0gYOgh0awgfDRALnIdMZYMWUVXnYxaIqvGzploCJzKdizRUk9BIZrV86lBTAlaNJCB7EZDPMPmPAi9f3pXlMjImkkXjZZ3smk~1loyR9E-U-hctb5AWVj4zWzwhUTeA__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJLOHF5GGSLRBV4ZA https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3963123/
  8. @AdamCHUKRespectfully, I'd rather pay for my healthcare than have the government take over. I want full control of the doctors, surgeons, Nurse Practitioners, labs, and radiology that I see. If anything, I feel we should pay out of pocket for our GP, Lab, and similar. A flat fee based on income. Insurance should only cover catastrophic expenses. Most of my doctors do such. I don't want or trust the government in my healthcare. Plus, it could impact my right to own a shotgun or.22, which if you come through that door unwanted, you will meet Mr. Buckshot.
  9. Get a prescription for the Zynex Tens unit, it should address all of your issues. If insurance refuses to cover it, the cost is $25 for 10 payment months. It comes with new leads each month, which is most likely what you will have to pay for. The device is 40 or is 400 times, more powerful than a home Tens unit. It can perform neurostimulation and several other features, I think neuromodulation. https://www.zynex.com/products/nexwave/ This is by prescription. I don't use mine. My insurance covered everything. I'm too far gone. Honestly, I have my doctors shoot me up, load me, and prednisone me up. It comes from my days of Ice Hockey when we did not report head injuries (that is what girly men do) and shoved chem tabs up our nose. When injured, they shot us up with steroids and narcotics. I never changed. You can have your physiatrist, anesthesiologist, rheumatologist, or the like check it out, and order it. I recommend Fentanyl Transdermal
  10. K is a horse tranquilizer. It is an anesthetic. I do know that Ketamine is a NMDA receptor agonist, as is Dextromethorphan (DXM)-you know, what many do, Robotripin. If you want the effects of Special K, grab a bottle of cough syrup with a crapload of DXM, mix it with codeine especially, make sure you are not taking a blocker such as an anticonvulsant, or sodium channel, and well, trip your balls off. One or two bottles do the job. I don't because those subjected to depression have no business playing Tim Leary. I will go to war, as will many psychiatrists, psych NP, pharmacologists, even psychotherapists that I know, on the gumption that a psychoactive helps depression. I and 10 others after ketamine infusions had extensive ECT shock therapy. And there are many I met that are in state institutions after playing around with the acid drops: they were Borderline, Schizo, or Manic Depressive. I try to tell people, it is like smoking grass: some studies say 20 times, some say 60. Regardless, smoke it enough, you have a 2,000 fold increase of becoming schizo. And it makes you simple. I find no use for it, but that is me. There are other means. That stated when in desperation, I could see why one would try. My point is, look for the source, target it, treat the problem, not abortive solutions. If you are intractable and want to go illegal, go with what is proven by over 30%, and one hell of a ride: cocaine. Why risk everything on something that subjects you to horrific experiences? You must experience what it is like to be up for 6 days, not eat. Why more similar to meth, Amphetamine Salts is called synthetic cocaine for a reason. And boy, get a script for two 30s per day, with a script for methylphenidate and you will cut down on the headaches. There is not too much postnasal drip or burn either.
  11. Don't ask, Paycheck speaks truths about the Cocaine Train
  12. I can relate to this, been hitting the white lightning heavy lately-real heavy: pills and 180 proof go well.
  13. In 2010, I had an ACDF spinal reconstruction either done wrong, or something went South after the fact. Regardless, 4 world-renowned spinal surgeons hid in records that the original spinal surgeon failed to properly remove all of the discs in the C5-C6 region: consequently causing severe spinal cord compression. Oddly, all of the symptoms-neurological, urological, even severe psychiatric-did did not begin until 2013. The failure of the first surgeon to perform the correction cost me a full scholarship, and most likely a full scholarship for an MBA, MS, possibly a pursuit of a Ph.D. Worse, this cost me a marriage, 7 suicide attempts, and 60+ ECT shock therapy treatments. What is more, the hotshot Jefferson doctor and his protege at Medstar Georgetown pumped me full of so much DHE and Imitrex, that upon review of my Medstar records, I found buried in those records Allergic Reactions, Imitrex: damaging heart reactions. Seriously? Well, to cover those doctors, Medstar Franklin Square did not disclose two ECGs from month after month, both: anterior infarct, age undetermined. Yup, two heart attacks. If following, it took to 2016 for a hotshot Medstar surgeon to bury in his notes significant spinal cord compression and fractured vertebrae, in the C-Spine. All the while, telling my then-wife and me everything was great. Oh, and as I knew, he lied about the fractured vertebrae in the L4 spine. Then, they covered the headache specialists who caused massive heart attacks. Even better, I fought for rheumatology only to be told that I was full of it: yet, since 2013, buried in notes, that was recommended. Consequently, I went from only the repair of the botched C5-C7 surgery, an L4, possibly a C4 to L2-L3, L-4, C2-C3, C4-5, C7 all have endplate erosion, SI dysfunction, facet joint dysfunction, several fractured vertebrae, disc protrusions, disc bulges, several levels have lost all disc height, some levels 0.4cm of disc height, mild to severe to marked stenosis, and displaced nerve roots. I'm afraid that it is much worse than that. All of this was avoidable and preventable. I have learned that purported expert headache clinics will kill you intentionally and have their networks hide the evidence. And, neurosurgeons in conjunction with spine surgeons are the same. I wondered why this new neurosurgeon with spinal reconstruction specialties, known for his abilities to fix the worse botch jobs, asked how I could walk.
  14. https://photos.app.goo.gl/y3o5iu3bZTuwHiBE9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/L3KQNJb94zFKA2c97 Check the imaging out. I don't BS. As you will see, I am back to making moonshine to deal with the pain. My Psych NP and my psychotherapist are allowing it. And the occasional pack of jacks to accompany it. These analgesics are not cutting it. I need 180 proof moonshine whiskey when it gets terrible. I'm kinda proud of this, that took a lot of spine trauma from hard-living, hard work, big-wave surfing, rough life, a ton of things. I have a lot of things on my report that should not surface until your late 60s, truly your 80s. https://photos.app.goo.gl/KcqJKzhffvfkSCZ89
  15. My insurance will cover everything, like the last two. I do not have any intention of having the surgeon going in. Each reconstruction places more pressure and load on the remaining good discs, and it causes a change in the biomechanical aspects of the spine. If I go under this time, it will be the tipping point: where the rest of the spine is done.
  16. My neck is broken. I have fractured vertebrae, indented ventral thecal sac, a loss of disc height 0.4cm (C4-C5), there is a backward displacement (retrolisthesis) of the vertebrae in the C4-C5, Bone Spurs (osteophytes) at all levels not fused, facet arthritis all levels not fused, spinal canal narrowing, marked foraminal stenosis (narrowing of spinal canal/disc space through which nerves travel) at all levels not fused, disc ossification at most levels not fused, vacuum clefts (endplate changes indicating fractured vertebrae), marked degenerative findings at C4-C5, significant left-side foraminal stenosis at C4-C5. Oh, there is a bilateral displacement of a nerve on most levels. That is nothing, you should read my L Spine report. I have zero disc height, near caudal equina syndrome (multiple dysfunctions of several lumbosacral nerve roots) on two levels, torn discs, a real shit show. I will just keep getting shot up with cortisone, eat pred tapers like candy, get Botulin Toxin in the muscle, and take analgesics. That is only mild stuff, nothing serious. Until I can't feel anything and I lose control of my bladder, like the last two spinal reconstructions, I won't worry about it. Sidebar, I was wondering why I could not tell or notice the sensation of walking, using the bathroom, or even washing dishes. And, why I drop everything. I also wondered why I could not feel someone rubbing my arms, legs, and why I cannot push or pull on the neurosurgeon. Now I know. I hope that I have a few more years before all the reconstructions.
  17. Find the strongest antiemetic your doctor or NP feels comfortable writing for, in copious quantities. As far as I know, only Promethazine is by suppository. By orally dissolving tablet form, Odanestron is minimally effective at best, Promethazine is superior. The junkies have their pusher cut promethazine with codeine and ruin obtaining it for us normal folk who don't have problems with control.
  18. As I offered before, I should have active business accounts at an HVACR supply house (RE Michael) and a Refrigeration supply house (United Refrigeration). After all, I was next in line for the service manager at an HVACR company full of former RE Michael executives. And, I knew a few at United Refrigeration. It comes with being near headquarters. If the accounts are active, and in your location, you have access to industrial Oxygen. And, as I explicitly stated before, you won't have access to any refrigerant purchases, nitrogen, welding supplies, tools of the trade, and things of that nature. For the record, I am not losing my EPA 608 universal. That may come in handy. My HVACR, NATE, and gas fitter licenses are expired, but that should not close the accounts. Again, no freaking R22, R404A, R404B, R410A, and so forth.
  19. Man hits home Real Good in Blue
  20. Edit: You name it I have tried it. Trust me. Legal or illegal.
  21. Edit: I better not comment. It involved the illicit.
  22. Respectfully, you are seeing the wrong doctor for the condition. Almost everyone on this forum is. Visit a functional NP, or settle for a functional DO or MD. All western medicine is a pharmaceutical front. Ask your doctor if he is a KOL, Key Opinion Leader. That will tell you all that you need to know. On that note, you should be able to treat everything with one prophylaxis, at most two. Then, you must target the homocysteine, glutathione, inflammatory markers, and oxidative stress. Your body is in toxic overload. Again, all modern doctors are in bed with big pharma and quite often could not care less about you. As long as that bottom line and the mighty dollar is met, they will exploit you for profit and keep you sick. Welcome to the medical-industrial complex. Nurse Practitioners are the exception and provide superior and fundamentally different care. If they are functional medicine or integrative medicine, even better. They only prescribe meta-analysis-proved, clinically proven drugs, with minimal side effects. Translation, what they would prescribe their family. I will get hammered for this if you require an abortive more than on a rare circumstance, there is a fundamental flaw with your care, and you need to address the underlying cause(s). Good luck. P.S. My Psych NP fixed my Intractable Cluster Headaches and Intractable Migraines, which Jefferson Headache Clinic failed to treat. She did so in a few months from her knowledge in neuropharmacology which neurologists do not have, hundreds of hours in clinical nutrition, which neurologists do not have, and her continual education at neuropharmacology conferences. The NP did such with a $3 per month drug Toprimate and nutraceuticals that target free radicals and inflammation. My cost never exceeds between the Rx and supplements $65 per month. You tell me. You can have the legal dopers. I never get more than 2 days in bed per month. I used to be bedridden, banging up DHE 3x per day, and Keterolac 2x day, eating over 180 Fioricet per month. Fire your doctor, he ain't qualified. I wish I could find an NP that specializes in Movement Disorders, and Parkinson's. I'd fire this doctor in a NY minute. I hate doctors, except gifted surgeons: I have been blessed with more than a few world-renowned for my surgeries.
  23. @Ajaxsouthis there an RE Michael in your area? If so, you could see if my HVACR contractor account is active and use that. My licenses are expired, but they won't give a shit, I was closely connected to the corporate based out of Glen Burnie, MD. My boss was an executive at one point. And at that company I was the lead tech, future hired gun. That was many moons ago, but I doubt they would have closed my account? If not, I may have my refrigeration account open with United Refrigeration. That license is long expired, they won't give a shit either. My plumbing licenses are expired, as are my gas fitters those supply houses would give you a tough time. My electric license would be useless. The problem is that I am Mid Atlantic, East Coast. I have no clue if they are at your location or where you are. If any are open, work, industrial O2 is better. Any impurities and we go kaboom. Get my drift? And welding does not go well with that shit either. I never held welders licenses but did do some as part of pipe fitting, panel welding on bodywork, and exhaust work. Wait, nevermind, I know that those accounts are closed. You are welcome to try them. I'll make some bullshit excuse up for why you are buying assloads of tanks. If you were buying tanks of Nitrogen it would be much easier-way easier. I am not going to club Fed over you purchasing refrigerant. Nor will I lose my EPA 608 over you trying to slip me a Mickey. I will put a stop order on all refrigerants. Especially R22, R404A, R404B. And yes, I still have R12 (useless), and cans of candy apple lacquer (useless).
  24. Congratulations. While most would never approve, I just take a few to several 50mg Tramadol per day in conjunction with 100mg of Toprimate. When shit hits the fan, I bump it to 200mg. I add a Beta Blocker such as Propanol at 10mg, up to three times per day, if I am going ape shit. Coincidentally, the more panic attacks, the worse the headaches. It all is interconnected. Then, I added 100mg of Naltrexone. Somehow, it all works. The 100mg of Lamotrigine and 900mg of Lithium inadvertently help as well. As do that 50 mg Hydroxyzine that I pop like Candy-sometimes 4 per day. What? I get flipping panic attacks. Drugs are an easier solution. Psychoanalysis takes several years: I am only 2 in. Anyways, all of it helps. You do you. If those expensive drugs help, great. My bill never exceeds $20 per month, for 6 different scripts. And, some have 180 counts. I quit the 210 counts of Fioricet, 60 injections of Ketorolac per month, and 60 DHE injections per month. That crap caused massive rebounds. I found the right cocktail and now have zero abortives. You tell me. I am happy for you. Good luck. Honestly, I am not comfortable or so sure of the science behind any of the CGRP. That is me, however. Lithium, or Lamictal, is a hell of a drug! Lithium works miracles, tames the madness in the head. And sleeping sober? Are you fucking nuts? That is when the circus begins. The copious amounts of knocking me out drugs are essential.
  25. Different Doses of galcanezumab versus placebo in patients with migraine and cluster headache: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials https://thejournalofheadacheandpain.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s10194-020-1085-x.pdf Efficacy of galcanezumab in patients with migraine who did not benefit from commonly prescribed preventative treatments https://bmcneurol.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12883-021-02196-7.pdf
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