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  1. To all the Don Juans out there. George Strait The Fireman
  2. Jim Glaser, it is a shame that after ACM 84 award he fell off from recognition, as he was quite talented. Lights of Albuquerque.
  3. Edit: I always get the Baclofen screwed up, regardless it doesn't seem to help. They appeared to run off of limited evidence, and the same seems to apply to other commonly used medications. All of these just knock you out. That says a lot. I don't go down easy and can take a lot of medications, at one time. At one point, I was on at least 20 heavy hitters each month.
  4. Soundtrack Days of Thunder, Hans Zimmer I have built motors, decked heads, welded custom exhausts, helped build cars, even made the cut for NASCAR school to become a builder of stock cars, if you lived it you would understand. When Duvall talks to the car while building it, some of us do that. This was a great era. I'm glad I declined the offer, stock car racing has declined drastically since Allison. I miss those days, have not restored or built a car in 16 years.
  5. Mark Gray, sang for Exile post-pop days, wrote a string of hits for Alabama, and CBS records never attempted to promote him. Here is a great song of his, Left Side of the Bed Back When Love Was Enough
  6. I had to think about this, and for once I am stumped, at a loss, and strongly considering what all of you have stated. If it were linear, I have fibromyalgia and an exceptionally rare autoimmune condition that causes pernicious amnesia-and numerous other serious neurological conditions-called Stiff Person Syndrome. Second, on the subject of Vitamin D, well, very basic, that targets inflammation, shuts it down. We understand that inflammation and autoimmune run hand-in-hand. Why are none of us checking are a1c and glucose to determine insulin resistance? We all know about how big medicine expurgated all of the evidence of insulin resistance and fibromyalgia. I go on a pop (soda) bender and it turns into an all-nighter, disturbed sleep cycle, and worse pain all over for days. Gut health is paramount, but prebiotics, probiotics, and fiber take time. You still need L-Glutamine. As a rule of thumb, when you stop buying Charmin, you're on the path to great gut health. Over 100 billion neurons, 80%, are in the gut. There is a connection. They don't understand how much, because they are just beginning to understand the symbiotic relationship on the most basic level. If you have a hole in your gut, all those nutrients are not absorbed, and it is about useless. Leaky gut, dysbiosis is serious business, and in every major medical journal. Again, just how much of a connection is what is unknown. Histamine is but a marker, I believe related to homocysteine and @jon019from what little I do know, it is far more than the 1980s histamine headache, or worse the once coined vascular headache. I'm just not smart enough to discern the latest research out there. That is for the MD/Ph.D. In sum, autoimmune? Damn, a good question. I will see what I can find and report; I will tag you so that you can be reminded of the update. This could take some time.
  7. @xBoss Part of my family has left, and I know what you are talking about. Our real last name is chopped off. My dad has my family member taped mentioning our true last name. He was paranoid b/c of spies and feared that they would think he was defecting (he wasn't). As far as cost, it is worth it. I'm trying to find the money. Those who came from families that escaped the iron curtain know what is going on. My sister is in Europe, they are making accommodations. Some family is already there. It is a process. 3 generations and already heading back, damn. I used to be semi-fluent in French (useless) and could speak some Slavic (useless). I attempted Italian. I need to stop the useless languages and learn Russian, Polish, and Ukraine. @BoscoPikoI think that you are on to something. I do recall seeing anecdotal information about what you inquired about. Let me look into this. I do believe I saw a strong European heritage connection. Great idea!
  8. Edit: my suggestions were left best for an edit, unless an expert oh boy. The issue is resolved and addressed properly.
  9. Juss


    I should state that I talked to a PA friend if required most doctors take a single course in nutrition. And @jon019lmao, if that ain't the truth. As I have said a million times, I got better results giving up and doctoring myself. I know one med that helps. Until they change the laws, I don't need to see a neuro to get it.
  10. Juss


    Congratulations. Avoid the triggers and you may go weeks more. Fingers crossed. Also, I have the same problem with developing immunity to drugs. Don’t lose hope, I find the ones that stay working are ones that give you that holy shit effect. What I mean is, you know on the first try if it is going to help. I think I'm approaching 100 drugs that I have tried, with all the medical conditions I have, and of those, 4 were holy shit drugs and still work miracles. This may be your break. Oddly enough, all of my holy shit drugs target sodium channels and are for multiple purposes and a broad spectrum of diagnoses. They are Lithium ER, Toprimate, Lamotrigine, and Naltrexone. 25 years wasted to figure out which four could treat intractable migraine/Cluster, Fibromyalgia, Impulse Control Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Mixed Bipolar Severe, Panic Disorder w/ Panic Attacks in partial remission. Go figure. Again, I wasted millions (in insurance) tons of hospitalizations, when four dirt cheap meds can treat it all. Always keep hope, sometimes it takes finding a Nurse Practitioner (if legal to practice by themselves in your state). Functional NPs are amazing, but a down and dirty bypass are to hire a psych NP, they are often holistic oriented and understand a considerable amount about nutrition. Doctors are not required to take a nutrition course in their training.
  11. @xBoss Dobro jutro. Koliko ste tecni? To je sve cega se sjecam. Sadly, I don’t remember much of what my Grandmother taught me. I was in the CFU (Croatian Fraternal Union). Concerning your roots, why stay in the US? Everyone in the know is flocking to Hungary, Poland, and Czech, before they lock us in. A lot of my family is moving back to the old country, which they fled from, go figure. I may do the same before I can’t. That said, I doubt it would be any Slavic nation. Pay attention, freedom is only left where you are from. Having known people move to Ukraine after the collapse, I have been privy to seeing our collapse. Those in Ukraine have more freedom than we do.
  12. Random, this popped up in my feed, man I seriously crushed on this one back in the day, love the hair, the look, ladies bring it all back. What a decade. Now everything is PC, the drugs suck, women look like aliens, nothing is real, everything sucks. I guess it's part of getting old.
  13. Another example of beautiful women with class and what happened, thanks Robert Palmer
  14. You can't tell me that men like that? If they do, I think they need a mental health evaluation more than I do. Man, fu$& I loved the big hair, imperfections, raw beauty, let it all hang out, I don't know what happened. It went from $5 to look good to $500,000 and looking like a freak show ticket to Area 51.
  15. Lita Ford, man if only women still looked that hot. Bring back the Aquanet & CFC's, cheap perfume ripped jeans, fu$& bring back the 80s
  16. Last one, I find solitude by watching this several times per week. When I watch this, I feel that Carlin was a philosopher using comedy as his medium. He nails it on the destruction and abuse of language by euphemisms and soft language. You can tell how much freedom a country has by how much humor is allowed. Carlin nails it.
  17. I think that I watch this classic by the late philosopher/comedian Bill Hicks every day, it about sums it up, and it helps me to stay happy. Good drugs,Coincidentally Taxed Drugs Stand Up on JFK Stand Up on Religion and Christian Fundamentalists
  18. I stay happy by watching these great comedians each week. America Is One Big Lie George Carlin Lenny Bruce Sam Kinison (God I miss you, RIP) If Jesus Had a Wife The great Libertarian Comedian Doug Stanhope, tells like Carlin, never got the recognition. Sadly, the more drunk and high the better. Here is a quip, Chemicals Louis CK, “LOUIS,” I have seen him front and center 3 times. Suck a bag of The Diceman at his best Robin Williams Live on Broadway (This was his best work post-cocaine days and demonstrates his brilliance). Eddie Murphy Raw: American Women (Genius and 40 years ahead of the curve, mention prenup, oh my). The Filthiest Joke Ether: Gilbert Gottfried- The Aristocrats The Best of Mel Brooks Compilation If it isn't dark, offensive, and pushing boundaries, then it is Orwellian abuse of language and isn't comedy.
  19. @BoscoPikoMy parents refused to purchase a fake tree until the cost exceeded justification. They bought a high-quality fake one and have not looked back. That said, you have something sentimental with deep connection and meaning that money can't buy, I wouldn't give that up. Unless you have to. Cherish those things that money can't buy. You don't get many these days.
  20. I know the first documented traumatic brain injury-the one with a two week coma was a doozy, things got dicey and screwy after that, especially executive function and memory. There were several other traumatic brain injuries that I never reported-concussions or head injuries from Ice Hockey, there were plenty of those. None of us did. We didn't want to risk our prospects. That and back then you just took the pain, it was part of being a man. Boy how things have changed. Oh, there was that other major head injury, near coma where I lost Oxygen to the brain momentarily. I almost forgot that one. Who knows, I'm sure things look chop suey in the noggin. What can I do? I would not doubt that is why I stay up like this. After your first major head injury, things dramatically change. After the number I had you stop caring. It is what is.
  21. I must have an abnormal sleep clock or something. It's not uncommon, and I'm not manic or in a mixed episode (manic and depressed) for me to stay up for at least three days, sleep 5 to 10 hours, and repeat the process. I only sleep 30 hours if I am up for several days. I dunno I am so accustomed to it that I don't worry about it, seems normal to me. The only time that I sleep for days is when the inflammation is full-blown and all hell breaks loose. When the pain kicks in high gear, I am lucky because my body shuts down until everything calms down. It is then, that I have been known to sleep for-one time-three weeks. Anyway,
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