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  1. Monica

    your story

    Thank you CHfather, I read the booklet you sent. For a long time, I did not want to talk to, read about or even think about Clusters when I was not in my cycle. I found it to trigger me and put me in a depression. Reading the booklet is very triggering and I'm sure for others, reading other peoples stories can only add to their own story. But I still think there needs to be a book in the stores and in the libraries that gives people the chance to sit with this devastating world we live in. If your interested, I would love to talk with you to maybe get your take on your world and how you've been able to navigate your way through this website with so many people. Let me know, Monica
  2. Hello I am currently writing a book about Cluster Headaches. I started writing it while in this latest cluster period. I have run away from this part of my life for so long, now I feel like the only way to find peace with it is to document it. I am sending this out to the ClusterBuster community to ask you if you would like to share your story? I would love to have a book that not only shares my journey but many others too, so that for those of us that find this forum difficult to navigate through, they can open a book and find a connection to others as well as our personal remedies and routines that can aide in the readers journey. Not only would I like this book to speak to sufferers, but our caregivers and friends and family that want a better understanding of where we come from. So please, if you are interested, I would love to connect with you. Thank you, Monica Paisner
  3. Hello, I just recently had one of the worst cluster periods aft e two years of keeping them at bay. But I've noticed a pattern for me. When I feel the clusters coming, I feel a wave of mania, typically around doing art, maybe buying stuff, rearranging my house. And then when they are in full swing I feel like my brain loops thoughts, ie. songs, ideas, stories or conversations. And my dreams are out of control. I also go through a huge depression, but I guess that's to be expected. I'm just trying to understand, could the headaches be a part of Bi-polar disorder or is it just that the clusters are contributing to this behavior? Is anyone out the Bi-Polar and have clusters? Does anyone feel the way I feel? Should I look into this? Thanks, Monica
  4. Thank you CHFather, I read your post on preventative methods. I've done all those things except for caffeine. I basically figured out the Ketogenic diet on my own and have an oxygen tank on hand. I do the D3 and the bathtub and cold packs. But all of the information in one place is very nice to have. I have also busted, but because of the pandemic, was not able to bust with my 3 children in the home, I feel that is why the clusters were so awful this time. Thanks again everyone!
  5. Thank you everyone. It's nice to see that you all have similar signs. I also wonder if you all are stomach sleepers? I am a huge stomach sleeper and wonder if that is a big reason why we get these headaches. Thanks again, Monica
  6. Hello fellow sufferers, I have just gone through a terrible month and was wondering if anyone can relate to some significant body issues I had during the clusters. As I journey through each episode, I realize I cannot watch anything on T.V. before bed or when I wake up. I cannot eat dinner because my stomach will bloat and stimulate an attack. I feel a slight shift in my jaw (to the right side, where my cluster has always been), my bite has always been off. stiff neck. If answering, please address each of these signs. I am so curious if all this is like the perfect storm to which we land here in the cluster universe. Digestive, jaw issues, eye stimulus, neck pain - which all embodies over stimulation of the nervous system. Thank you for your time. I look forward to any responses. -Monica
  7. Hi Fiona, I would love to meet and hear about how you're dosing. Please let me know if you're up for meeting. Monica
  8. Hi all, I am in a challenging cluster right now and feeling very low. Is there anyone on this sight in Portland Oregon and would be willing to meet? I have yet to talk with a sufferer. I've been having them for over 20 years now, and each time I get them, I feel as though I'm so alone it hurts to breathe. I hope someone out there would be willing to talk, share their story with me, maybe even build a support group. Thank you, Monica
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