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  1. Thank you CHFather, I read your post on preventative methods. I've done all those things except for caffeine. I basically figured out the Ketogenic diet on my own and have an oxygen tank on hand. I do the D3 and the bathtub and cold packs. But all of the information in one place is very nice to have. I have also busted, but because of the pandemic, was not able to bust with my 3 children in the home, I feel that is why the clusters were so awful this time. Thanks again everyone!
  2. Thank you everyone. It's nice to see that you all have similar signs. I also wonder if you all are stomach sleepers? I am a huge stomach sleeper and wonder if that is a big reason why we get these headaches. Thanks again, Monica
  3. Hello fellow sufferers, I have just gone through a terrible month and was wondering if anyone can relate to some significant body issues I had during the clusters. As I journey through each episode, I realize I cannot watch anything on T.V. before bed or when I wake up. I cannot eat dinner because my stomach will bloat and stimulate an attack. I feel a slight shift in my jaw (to the right side, where my cluster has always been), my bite has always been off. stiff neck. If answering, please address each of these signs. I am so curious if all this is like the perfect storm to which we land here in the cluster universe. Digestive, jaw issues, eye stimulus, neck pain - which all embodies over stimulation of the nervous system. Thank you for your time. I look forward to any responses. -Monica
  4. Hi Fiona, I would love to meet and hear about how you're dosing. Please let me know if you're up for meeting. Monica
  5. Hi all, I am in a challenging cluster right now and feeling very low. Is there anyone on this sight in Portland Oregon and would be willing to meet? I have yet to talk with a sufferer. I've been having them for over 20 years now, and each time I get them, I feel as though I'm so alone it hurts to breathe. I hope someone out there would be willing to talk, share their story with me, maybe even build a support group. Thank you, Monica
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