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  1. ...OXYGEN!!?....dump the amitriptyline, worthless
  2. …hiya….thanks for the shout… …dealing with multiple health issues that have put the fire out and i'm tired…as an opinionated know it all it has always been a struggle not to be obnoxious…not always successful, but now find that the effort is beyond my capabilities, and I really don’t want to say stupid stuff to folks that need sharpness of mind and thoughtful contributions. my heart is with you all and always will be… best jon
  3. ....i'd bang some Benadryl...even with the FM. sounds like a "histamine bomb" from an allergic reaction.....more likely leading to a CH vs the other way round. it is almost spring, pollen could be around, check for house mold, new carpet?, new whatever?.... and brush any pets outside before they come in....allergens on fur maybe....
  4. ...only a few cycles with the 1 hr wake ups for me..(O2 always worked better than day time hits!). never could figure what was different to cause this oddity ("normally" 3 daily hits) except sleep being a frequent trigger for most clusterheads (no blissful in cycle naps for 30 yrs for me)....and triggers can be transient. ...have you tried staying on O2 post abort for as long as it took to abort.. ...since CH is likely a wonky hypothalamus...which also controls sleep...a connection to CH is not surprising, and more than a few have found improvement of CH with sleep apnea treatment. worth a doc consult....it never occurred to me at the time...
  5. What Does New Cluster Headache Research Show About Sex Differences? (medscape.org)
  6. ....as the tank got below half full i used to stare at the flow gauge as a form of distraction.... so i could turn up the decreasing flow as the tank approached empty. there indeed was a point where the knob was at 10 (11 if you are a Spinal Tap fan) and flow just steadily decreased anyway...bears monitoring. sometimes when aborting a night time wake up, with no lights, the sound of the hiss was all that was needed. THAT'S too much experience....sigh
  7. ....an e tank would last me approx 2-3 hits and a m-60 approx 5-6. if it didn't work after 15 ins i'd quit to save O2 and ride it out (or spend a precious Zomig NS)...always worked better with an energy drink (never more than 2/dy)...
  8. ....the only thing i can add here is how CRITICAL it is to start oxygen at the FIRST sign of a hit. for me there was a very small window.... and if i missed it NO amount of O2 was gonna work. if you've ever had a cat that would suddenly and seemingly for no reason go tearing out of a room...that was me. it amused my colleagues.... ...there are various breathing techniques and different ones work for different folks. most successful reported to be hyperventilation...can/should be started on way to tank. slow,deep breathing in/out worked best for me, added benefit of being calming, breathe and hold another. try them all, try a combo...all the motivation i needed to find the "right" one was provided by CH itself........
  9. ...home again home again jiggedy jig!!!! ....i'm jelly of the "handles"....could use those myself.....
  10. ...for one easy payment of $19.99 + s&h i can help you focus Shaun....
  11. ...no spit....there's a bug!!...i just lost another entire post here. ....and smartphone autocorrect comes from the devil's fingertips in my experience
  12. ...hmmm...well...if we are talking intractable CH then ya might hafta go there...but there are newer BETTER options like busting, D3....and as Bejeeber notes, ketamine....which is incredibly promising! all assuming that proper oxygen use with energy drinks is not an effective breakthrough of these measures abortive...please do read ....you would be wise to proceed cautiously with lithium. in my CH "career" of over 20 meds tried...it is the only one offered i refused outright. some few have indeed found effective, and perhaps infusion beats the old pill form. but, it is a med with scary potential and dialing in the right dose difficult and critical (too little and no effect, just a bit too much, and YIKES!). this dance requires extended/extensive blood work and monitoring which is intrusive on "normal" life ...
  13. ...my fingers are too >>>>>> to even try that ...but similar happens to me online.....tis a bitch when your msg disappears with one key press....one word from completion!!!!
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