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  1. Hello friends, Anyone here have experience with Lexapro anti-depressant as a trigger. just started and getting some fierce shadows. pharmacist said headache a common side effect but CH and "headache" are different animals. i can do those...not so much CH. PM replies fine. Thanks jon
  2. ...yup...sorry X, my response to that stinkin noise would be...
  3. ...try this: Locations | Lincare lots in Mass ...even if they don't accept your insurance go talk to shop mgr...i did self pay half the time..was same cost as insurance copay. Lincare did me right...
  4. ...please do share how you got short term disability....is rare
  5. ...we got a wonky hypothalamus.....google "hypothalamus and immune system"....
  6. ...sorry for the ads, this is a .com so be aware...a bit of confirmation for anti inflammatory we all know. i follow autoimmune info as i have several and believe there is a connection between CH and the immune system....the extent i know not Autoimmune diseases: Ginger supplements may help manage inflammation (medicalnewstoday.com)
  7. Psilocybin Reduces Symptoms, Disability in Major Depression (medscape.com)
  8. Hello. ...my mother was a Special Ed teacher, it is a subject dear to my heart...not the least of it being the times i saw her come home in tears...sometimes joy but usually frustration. no need to bore with details, but it is an underfunded, understaffed, underappreciated, under most everything but the front line folks who give their heart and life and mostly LOVE to the effort... ....i say this not in disagreement with this initiative at all, but to CAUTION to be VERY careful what is proposed/enacted. these kids absolutely need a type of care and instruction beyond what most "regular" classrooms can provide. i wonder if the experience of Covid has advised school districts on the needs of kids outside the "norm". i doubt it...but i don't know. what i do know is that regulating that these kids be classified as "special needs" w/o careful wording, will, in many cases, result in some districts dumping them into classes with developmentally disabled kids far below age normal. kids requiring one on one, sometimes very basic instruction, and frequently repeatedly. ...most anyone in the headache community realizes that it is not a cognitive issue we are dealing with, and placing these kids in the environment i describe will leave them with insufficient attention and instruction based on what is practical and possible. CAREFUL please...... best jon
  9. ...OXYGEN!!?....dump the amitriptyline, worthless
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