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  1. jon019

    Brain freeze or ice cold neti pot?

    ….worth a shot....1-2 min brain-freeze versus 1-2 hr CH....¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ...…..just be sure to boil the water or use distilled or saline sol.....there be critters in that tappity water......
  2. jon019

    Pounding Head, Broken Heart

    Moxie...so sorry for your loss. Whether you celebrate the season or not.... just know you got family out here who care and are thinking of you! Best Jon
  3. jon019

    Side Effects D3

    Hiya MG...maybe the water based (vs oil based) version would work better... ...and EXCELLENT point re meds...SO TRUE. For example... I have GI issues with Mg Oxide that are non existent with Mg Citrate...go figure... Best Jon
  4. ...yup…..everything spiny said!!! ….just wanted to add for folks new to O2.... from personal experience...usually the hard way. there IS more than one way to properly use oxygen...and I worry that folks try an "accepted" particular way, it doesn't work....so they think and we see the most dreaded phrase: "oxygen doesn't work for me".....or worse yet, just go away sadder than they arrived.... … OXYGEN inhalation is the near miraculous salvation system for clusterheads....owe my sanity and perhaps my life to it....as do MANY others...it's FAR too important and proficient/efficient/sufficient to NOT try every possible way to make it work!! ...personally I use spiny's method of breath and hold...others find hyperventilation on O2 works or works better....plain air hyperventilation is my measure of last resort when caught out on a mountain trail with no canned O2....sometimes it even works! (don't forget the 5-Hr energy bottle in yur pocket...ALWAYS)…. ….early on I used < 8 LPM quite successfully (no money no insurance)….later 12-15 LPM....no idea if 15-25+ would work better because I can't breath that fast...but I'd sure try it if lower lpm's don't work for ya...…. ….you CAN expect that different cycles will react differently to O2....at times staying on for a few minutes after hit abort helped prevent getting re-hit soon...other times it was a waste of O2.....only experience will tell ya... ….all the above assuming ya already got the proper gear: canned O2 (no concentrator), non-rebreather mask or direct mouthpiece or some type of demand valve.....use the wrong gear and it probably won't work and sadly you'll get the wrong impression (btw....aint NOTHING wrong with a garbage bag full of O2 )…. Best Jon
  5. jon019

    Unsure about next steps?

    Hiya TCB...welcome aboard! Siegfried is absolutely right....great points. One of the frustrating things for clusterheads: we have the same thing.....yet we're all different! Find yourself a headache specialist to sort it out... and don't dismiss the possibility of multiple headache conditions. Different treatments work for different types...so ya collect the ones that work. I'm shocked (dismayed) you apparently have not been prescribed OXYGEN !?. LONG time first line primary CH abortive, well discussed, researched, and approved by the medical community...the right flow (at least 15 LPM), the right mask (non rebreather), and the right technique....and lives have been changed and saved. Look into Vitamin D3 regimen also...…. Best Jon
  6. jon019

    I'm so excited I have to tell someone

    It's not funny...it's f*****g HILARIOUS! Thank you! I saw that spam and couldn't quite figure out what they were selling...not THAT'S stupid...…………….
  7. Dan, ...only a little to bit to add to the most excellent post from CHChris (and I'm likin' the double "ch" too)... ….you are already well ahead of the game with your O2 procurement. Many of us have had to pay out of pocket... and it seems more and more these days O2 shops are not as willing to accommodate that like they used to. As Chris noted....many also charge the same rental for different sized tanks....which means a larger tank (even if costing more) will be more cost effective in the long run.... ...are you sure about extra cost for delivery? I used to pick up my own but there was no cost difference if I had delivered (self pay or insured). Sounds like you've already looked at that... but just in case... ...in the long long run I'd do the welding oxygen dance if I were you....scores of other clusterheads do... ...here is the link for the clustermask….it remains one of my FAVORITE possessions: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/ccp8/ ….you might want to poke around that forum too
  8. jon019

    Energy shots question

    ...just a quick note re energy drinks; I buy mine at Grocery Outlet...suspect most areas have same or similar type store. Name brands Monster, 5hr energy, NOS and others... all for less than or equal to $1 per can. Regular grocery store prices are 2-3 times that. Careful of Dollar Stores off-brands...I simply don't trust some of the knockoffs...... Best Jon
  9. jon019

    D3 regimen/ Talking to your doctor

    Hey Stev....now THAT'S a winner/enlightened Doc (or practice)! Very happy to see this. Would you mind posting the Doc's name and general area...might help a fellow clusterhead in the area. Best Jon
  10. Dan.....anything smaller than an E tank is a waste of time and effort. See chart at this link: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=o2+tank+sizes+chart&amp;qpvt=o2+tank+sizes+chart&amp;FORM=IGRE Don't they deliver? That's usually how O2 shops operate.....I got get 6 e's and/or 2 M60's at a time (picked up myself but was convenient)...
  11. jon019

    D3 regimen/ Talking to your doctor

    Yo Stev….an MRI/CT is advisable for diagnosing because there ARE conditions that mimic CH...and may be considerably more dangerous. Did the original Doc order one? Re previous question. I don't bust but if I did I would tell my Doc....YMMV. HOWEVER...you REALLY need a headache specialist... cuz a Doc who "isn't clear on what CH is" is a scary situation.....unless he/she is willing and EAGER to "look it up" and then DO something. Some are...some aren't. Best to have one that already knows. Many a clusterhead has been misdiagnosed with "sinusitis" cuz the Doc may not have ever seen a clusterheadache patient. I had a life threatening ailment "dicked around with" (quote by the Doc himself) cuz they thought sinusitis (old med proverb: if ya hear hoofbeats think horses...NOT zebras).>>>>>bingo-bango you got sinusitis! That said....I have no idea what your Doc is looking at and what your health situation is. You COULD have sinusitis (also)...don't dismiss out of hand cuz of some old cranky clusterhead.... Best Jon
  12. jon019

    Persistent shadows after cycle

    ...un piccolo mala testa (small bad head)...I would suspect every clusterhead has a slightly different definition...mine would be a hit (yes, it's STILL a hit) less than 2 on a scale of 10...am totally functional but know it's there and MAY lead to somethin' worse. what some clusterheads call a "shadow" would be called a bad headache by civilians....but then we are jaded....
  13. jon019

    D3 regimen/ Talking to your doctor

    Hiya Stev….welcome aboard! I'd list everything you take for the doc.. and ask if there are any questions or concerns (kinda backwards, I know, but...... I LOVE that story DD! The only time a medical professional ever showed interest learning about CH from me was a Pharm in a hospital (Doc had prescribed intranasal lidocaine...yikes!). Coming off a hit so I only gave her a rambling 20 mins...when I thought about it later I despaired at the opportunity lost...coulda talked for hours...and maybe saved another clusterhead some grief...……….. Best Jon
  14. Hi Dan, Also have not heard of or experienced O2 making things worse...suspect it's your cycle ramping up. You are doing exactly the right thing by staying on for a few mins after the hit subsides. Also used to get hit hourly at night (in high cycle)...for whatever reason the O2 worked better than the usual 15 min (only 5-8)...but back again in an hour. What I did was (guessing here) learned to wake up as soon as hit started (and no idea how I did that)...with my rig all set to go....just had to slap on mask and open valve. Left lights off, only swung knees off bed and stayed sitting, eyes closed, none of the usual movement, anger, angst, swearing...NO thoughts other than breath-breath-breath-breath. Never really woke up and could get back to sleep almost immediately. Usually got 5 or 6 hrs of sleep a night... which I was eternally grateful for because the alternative was NO sleep. Turned out my ATTITUDE about what was happening was just as important as the tools I was using...literally changed my life. Hoping someone with far more expertise in O2 checks in here...it's a good question others may benefit from.... What size O2 tank are you using? An e-tank would last me 1-3 days... so I BADGERED the local Lincare supplier to stock M60 tanks (needs a different regulator). About 3 times the volume so 3 times the lasting power. Heavier but not enough to dissuade... as they have a really neat handle that makes sclepping easier than an e without a cart! No idea if the tapering off Dopeymax has any effect either way...it never made any difference for me.... beyond the worst side effects of any med I ever took. Look forward to the brain fog lifting and best wishes on the busting...you're in the right place for that. Best Jon
  15. jon019

    Energy shots question

    ….careful muggle...that is a LOT of caffeine and taurine and sugar (in regular versions) among all the other ingredients.....have you tried the 5 hr energy type?....only 2 oz with comparable caffeine/taurine....