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  1. Just an update: I got another profound confirmation that nasal spray works. I had one of the worst attacks this morning, 20 out of 10 pain scale, its so bad makes your stomach turn inside out, everything is spinning so you become really disoriented. All I had to do is just 2 sprays in left nostril, took 1 tylenol extra strength. I had to tough it out for about 10 minutes, and then bam like someone just turned the switch off, and the pain was gone, I went back to sleep for 3 hours, was one of the best morning naps I had in a while. I really hope this information gets to as many peole as possible and helps them out.
  2. No triptans for me, I found they just make my headache worse. I was hoping to get Oxygen tank 3 years ago, but at the time my family doctor just did not listen to me. Since my cluster periods are short lived I just decided not to pursue this oxygen idea. I also found Tylenol Rapid Release (blue white red pill) works for mild attacks, or to finish off subsiding headache. I might try psychedelics if my attacks continue past this week which is already week 4 for me.
  3. Hope it helps you, please let us know if it does work.
  4. Im just surprised there is no research in using nasal sprays, as they are effective and widely available at low cost. I have used prescription meds and find that they dont really work that well. I have paid almost $100 CAD for triptan meds all they did was give me a relief for 1 to 2 hours and the next headache came in even worse. Its almost like they do get you addicted and make you spend money. I find it is easier to just not use them at all.
  5. I see that its been over 3 years since I posted this in 2018. My cluster headaches only happen in periods of 2 - 4 weeks in spring and fall. Since 2018 I have used nasal spray to combat them quite successfully. I found out that there is a certain nasal spray that works and some other dont. I have used Drixoral NO DRIP spray and find that its the only one that works. I believe the only reason why it does work is because the medicine sticks to your nasal passages and keeps working better than other cheaper sprays that just drip down your throat. Im in a middle of a really bad cluster period right now, and I have been using cheap nasal drops, guess what they did not work. I almost gave up until I went ro drug mart and got No Drip spray last night. So this morning i was awakened by the headache onset and I sprayed 3 good long prays in my left nostril, 5 minutes later the pain was gone. I still had the restless feeling you usually get, so I took my dog for a long walk, came back and started doing chores and fixing stuff around the house. This is a miracle medicine that works wonders, where yesterday my headache started at the same time at 7am and I was in a disabled state for half of the day. Today im feeling like being born again lol
  6. Hello im a new member here. I have been suffering from CH for over 10 years. Usually get CH in spring and fall that lasts for about a month. I usually stay away from any prescription meds due to their cost and because they just make next headache worse. Recently I had a bad flu that triggered nightly clusters. Since I had runny nose I started using nasal spray to clear out congestion. So one night I got up with a really bad CH and went to clear my nose and used over the counter nasal spray. Approximately 15 minutes later headache was gone and I quickly fell asleep. I never had any medicine act so fast against CH. I have been using nasal spray to fight CH for past 2 weeks and it worked everytime. Sparay that I use contains regular dose of Oxymetazoline. So Im just curious if this method worked for someone or maybe it will help you too if you havent tried it yet.
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