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  1. Hello im a new member here. I have been suffering from CH for over 10 years. Usually get CH in spring and fall that lasts for about a month. I usually stay away from any prescription meds due to their cost and because they just make next headache worse. Recently I had a bad flu that triggered nightly clusters. Since I had runny nose I started using nasal spray to clear out congestion. So one night I got up with a really bad CH and went to clear my nose and used over the counter nasal spray. Approximately 15 minutes later headache was gone and I quickly fell asleep. I never had any medicine act so fast against CH. I have been using nasal spray to fight CH for past 2 weeks and it worked everytime. Sparay that I use contains regular dose of Oxymetazoline. So Im just curious if this method worked for someone or maybe it will help you too if you havent tried it yet.