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  1. She and I chatted several times, and I know several people here will miss her. She'd had a touch journey in life, and I hope she's found peace. Thinking of you BoF. xx Mox
  2. If I remember correctly, Michael Pollan's book, How to Change Your Mind, gives a really good description of Hoffman's bicycle ride home that fateful day, and the history behind the discovery. A really good read, can't recommend it enough. Mox
  3. Hi Mike, Has been a couple of months since your original post, I hope things have settled down a bit for you in that time. But, knowing the beast, it may not have. The best way I've found to convey the level of pain to a non-clusterhead is this: Most people I talk to have had at least 1 muscle cramp in their life, and it's usually a calf muscle. I start by asking them to think back to the worst muscle cramp they can remember, and get them to think about how suddenly the pain came on from out of nowhere, and how it was all consuming. They couldn't move, or speak or think about an
  4. And other States are decriminalising it too, aren't they? Good news for sure. Mox
  5. Hi, My neurologist is recommending Cadesartan for my migraines, and just wondering if any of the good people here have experience with it. Mox
  6. Are there anymore details about the conference yet? Like, who is speaking when, time table, software that is going to be used.. (zoom??) I live in the UK and would love to attend. I've been to the website linked in the other posts, but many of the links to photos are broken (in Safari at least) and there aren't a lot of details (doesn't instil confidence). According to the page, the conference is starting at 5pm CST on Thursday and running non-stop till 10AM on Sunday. Surely not? (Yes, I just) Is the conference going to be recorded so those of us in other time zones around the worl
  7. Wanted to bump this to the top, if you don't mind.
  8. PS. I often think these headaches are equally difficult on those that care about us. My best friend used to get so frustrated watching me in pain and unable to help. We eventually agreed that when the cluster started, she'd just leave me alone and get one with it. But, as it ended, I would always want 2-3 glasses of cold water and a blanket or bathrobe, and she'd always have these ready. Mox
  9. HI Rios, I had clusters for about 4 years before I signed up here. Like your sister, I had tried everything doctors could give me. The last doctor med I was on made them worse (Topiramate, nasty stuff). At the time I came here, I was having 2-5 attacks every 2-3 days for nearly a year. I was actually, and quite literally, picking a date in my calendar to exit planet Earth. I'd decided to give myself 1 more year to find a solution, and that's when I remembered once being told about this site. I spent the following 6 weeks doing two things: 1, weened myself off Topiramate, and 2, read
  10. This morning I had a cluster attack that lasted 15-20 minutes. And, it was maybe a KIP 4 or 5, nothing horrific. Bad enough that I curled up on the sofa for a bit. But, I felt totally drained for 2 hours afterwards and was in a brain fog for 4 hours. I couldn't concentrate or even look at a computer screen for more than a few minutes. Then, it just went away at the 4 hour mark, and I felt fine. Is there anything people do to help them get through these after affects? I find chocolate and caffeine helps a little. Here's my FaceBook post from this morning, might make 'ya chuckl
  11. Hi gang, I'm curious what sort of things other people experience after the cluster headache has gone away. What fun little things linger after the raw pain is gone? Here's my list: Prior to busting, I would have 20-30 minutes PTSD experience where my whole body would shake and I'd cry uncontrollably after every attack. But that essentially went away after I started busting. My body temp normally swings from very cold to very hot, and I spend an hour or so adding and removing clothes or blankets to regulate my temperature. Extreme energy drain that lasts for hours, e
  12. Hi memememe (nice nick) Here's how I explain the pain to people, might help clarify things with your partner. Have him think back to when he had a muscle cramp in his calf muscle, most people have had at least one in their life. Then, ask him to double that amount of pain, and have him think about how when a muscle cramp starts, it starts out of the blue with no warning. And then, for the 30 seconds or a minute that it lasts, it is all you can think about. It is an all consuming pain, nothing else exists but the muscle cramp. Then, have him double the pain level again.
  13. Thanks everyone for your support. The clusters have seemed to ease off. I've only had one or two minor attacks since I started this thread. Very weird. My migraines are easing a bit too (knocks on wood). My daughter is down for a visit this week, so I've taken some time off work. That might be helping things. Hoping to bust soon, once she goes home and I have a week clear of triptans. Which may now be possible. Hoping to get 3-4 busts done in fairly quick succession. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Mox
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