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  1. Hello, I found this by researching cluster headaches. For three years now in cycles my sister has suffered from the craziest headache symptom that comes on by slowly moving up the back of her neck on one side, then over the ear and finally hitting the side of her face. Always same side. When it's over, it recedes the same way it started. Sometimes she has mild facial drooping on the same side after it recedes. Afterwards it's like someone hit her in that side of her face with a wrench. During the attack she is hyper sensitive to touch, cold, the slightest wind against her face... It's a pain so excruciating she can't describe it other than needles being slowly ground forward through her bone etc. We are both nurses. I am a critical care rn and she is a tele rn. I've always been in critical care and we initially hit it hard with diagnostics. MRI, CT, Xray.. nothing. Her neurologist finally said she has cluster headaches. She gets nerve blocks done now and now they do nothing. The headaches are coming in faster periods now and longer duration. They used to be 10-15 and now they can be anywhere from 30 to 60 min long of the severe pain stage. I"m terrified for her mental health and dying inside watching her suffer because I can't help. I can't even imagine how bad it is for her, and she's what's important here. Many times they hit 20 or so min after she just falls asleep. I'm going to read through the forum to find anything I can, that we haven't tried. Every site I've hit so far has suggested compressed oxygen inhaled with a non rebreather mask at the start of an acute attack coming on. We have not ever been offered that. Have any of you been able to stop the attack that way? She gets swelling in the cervical vertebrae area and the occipital area of the same side as attack. I finally got her to go see chiropractor with the blessing of her neurologist, because I thought maybe the nerve was pinched and inflamed in the cervical collar. She does have very bad cervical curvature and most likely nerve involvement the doctor thinks. Have any of you stopped your CH or symptoms with chiropractic help? I'm sorry this is so scattered. We've covered so much in three years, I don't even know what to start with. I'm desperate to help her. I work nights on a Covid unit currently. She does as well. I will check here frequently to respond to any questions anyone may pose or information given. thank you for even taking the time to read this. Please help me help her.
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