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  1. This describes mine as well. I refer to it as a histamine cascade. Sometimes the sneezing is absolutely uncontrollable... My face builds up like a pressure cooker. I take a daily Zyrtec to mitigate this. My heavy cycle period is right around the corner, we'll see how this year goes.
  2. dmlonghorn


    Yes, I have essential tremors. It's mild, affecting my right hand when I try to do things requiring dexterity. They don't happen when I'm at rest. Caffeine is an amplifier for mine. Same for my mom also has CH and tremors. Hers are worse than mine though. They got worse with age. Neither of us take meds for them.
  3. Yes, they did such a good job covering what we go through.
  4. I tried several apps, none of them were able to capture the nuance of my CH, so I reverted to journaling with pen & paper. I found it therapeutic.
  5. I'll be there. Excited to see my Cluster family!
  6. You could try running. I have aborted attacks this way. You have to start running as soon as you feel it coming on. Then you'll need to run to a point where you're essentially maxed out and you're having to take really heavy breaths. If you don't run long enough, the attack can pick right back up so be careful. I've also heard of people doing push-ups to abort. Same principal, get your HR up and take in as much O2 as you can. Good luck
  7. @Freud Hey dude, sounds like you're between a giant rock and a very hard place, I'm sorry man. You're the one I go to for advice so there's not much I can offer, except one thing... are you still smoking cigarettes? They've always been a major trigger for me.
  8. Hey Tony, I'm 8 days post-op from balloon sinuplasty, turbinate reduction & deviated septum surgery. I would consistently have one side of my nose clog and impede getting normal full breath, mostly at night and it would occasionally shift to the other side. While I'm still recovering, I'm already experiencing improved breathing with much less effort. Full, satiated breaths from my nose that top off my lungs each time, it's really liberating.. makes me think I should have had this done long ago. I did not have this procedure to treat clusters, however..... I have not had any cluster activity since the procedure, zero. I'm chronic and experience shadows and spikes on a daily basis, but oddly nothing since. I'm cherishing this time as I approach my max # of days I can go without dosing ~21. I'm pretty certain the beast is simply regaining it's composure before resuming our "relationship" My pre-op answers to the survey would be: 1a 2b 3c
  9. Wow - This sure seems promising. https://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/2021/09/psychedelic-shroom-fest-gets-green-light-from-university-of-michigan.html
  10. Yes! My journal is littered with "spike" and then I rate the pain level of each spike. I get them pretty much daily, 80% of them are level 7 and they're always on my cluster side (right). I do get spikes on my left side, but I can now firmly attribute those to barometric weather changes - they mimic the ch spikes but they're not as sharp. There's not much I do to treat them as they come and go so quickly. The constant mind-fuckery is almost worse than the pain with these things. If I get a spike followed by pressure, that's when I know shits about to go down and I'll ready the O2. I'm training for endurance competitions, so I run a lot - I suspect it helps to some degree, but I believe it's a combination of dosing and the D3 regimen that prevents these spikes from becoming screamers.
  11. Yeah, I would get activity after missing a single dose of verap. I was taking 240mg 3x per day.
  12. Renting an RV and driving up from Houston, can't wait to hang out with my fellow clusterheads!
  13. Mindmed was uplisted to the NASDAQ this week. It now trades under MNMD.
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