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  1. Yeah, I would get activity after missing a single dose of verap. I was taking 240mg 3x per day.
  2. Renting an RV and driving up from Houston, can't wait to hang out with my fellow clusterheads!
  3. Mindmed was uplisted to the NASDAQ this week. It now trades under MNMD.
  4. Kudos on the lifestyle change! In 2018 I ditched alcohol, gluten, dairy and meat. I'm living in the best physical condition of my life and the Beast is still there, always there.
  5. Last week I experienced what I can only describe as sleep paralysis. I was also getting hit with cluster pain during the paralysis. Fortunately the pain was only around a 5-6, but all I could do was let out a low moan. It was terrifying. My mother, who's also a clusterhead, has had similar experiences. She recently had a sleep study done (without EEG) which resulted in a sleep apnea diagnosis. I'll be signing up for a sleep study soon.
  6. Get all your tools together and keep up the fight! Sending you positive vibes brother!
  7. Hey Tony - I always get mine on the right side, however, just the other day I felt it trying to punch through the left. The sensation was foreign but familiar at the same time. Fortunately, it didn't fully manifest and it went back to doing what it does to my right side. It was like the beast was exploring its options. I chalked it up to the MM doing its thing. Hang in there man. PFW.
  8. Yup, just before storms come through, I'll get CH activity. I picked up on the pattern earlier this year and it's been consistent since.
  9. https://phys.org/news/2020-09-scientific-psychedelics-key-brain-cell.html
  10. Yup. Same ballpark, 6 feet away listening to the same ringing.
  11. Grab it on Amazon if you can... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000A0F2B2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_-bgpFb8TH1FR3
  12. @Tomas I've experienced something similar when running to abort attacks. If I stop running too soon, the attack will build and sometimes really fast. But if I run a full ~20-30 mins, it will pass. This works best when I first feel the attack creeping in, it turns into "get up and go!"... I can't always bolt out the door, but it's good to have this "tool" available in certain situations. Good luck
  13. I feel ya Mox. Similar shit going down in my world right now. Hang in there.
  14. It was great, would be cool to do more.
  15. @Luis Sorry to hear that. It seems we're in the same boat, mine are ramping up as well.
  16. 15 LPM wasn't cutting it for me so I bought this regulator, very much recommended.
  17. dmlonghorn


    Hi Luis, What dosage of Emgality did you start out at?
  18. I am in a cycle and came down with a upper respiratory/sinus infection. When this happens my CH activity gets worse so I chose to do a Prednisone taper, in addition to increasing my D3 intake. While I hoped it would also end this cycle, it did not. This taper was only 5 days. My previous experience with an effective Prednisone taper started at 60mg over 5 weeks.
  19. Forward this post to 10 of your friends or the "cure" will disappear forever.
  20. dmlonghorn


    Freud!!! It's good to see you back in the mix !
  21. Hey Elrik, My neurologist refers to us as "Tic-Tacs"... I'm familiar with what you've described. Episodic CH diagnosed in March 2018 and my TN was confirmed earlier this year, experienced both TN1 and TN2... Fortunately my TN flare ups are infrequent and my CH is under control with treatments found here on the forum. Feel free to shoot me a private message, I'll be happy to help where I can.
  22. Hey BoF, As funny as that would have been, I didn't see any.
  23. I tried and failed with white wine at the conference Friday night. I got hit and learned that my low level constant shadows are an indicator of still being in a cycle.
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