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  1. Trying to get lab work done for d3. My pcp says that because of supply chain issues the vials needed to perform the test are unavailable. Is this an issue for anyone else?
  2. Hi All, going through a rough time. The last cycle I had was 4 years ago and I had very little knowledge of what was happening to me. Extremely painful attacks every few days then one day they stopped so I figured that was it and went on with my life. Ignorance is bliss right? This cycle started about a month ago and is hitting me at least 2-4 times a night (sometimes during the day) for about 30 minutes a pop. As you all know it is hell. I have no abortive treatments available. My main coping mechanism has been pacing and moaning. It gets really loud at times and I’m surprised that the neighbors haven’t called 911. I have tried ice on my head but sometimes that seems to make it worse. Last few nights I have used ice in my mouth and held it against the roof which helps a bit. I’ve been on a D3 regimen but only a few days in. I have a Dr’s appointment tomorrow morning and I am hoping to get prescribed o2. Any suggestions on coping with these attacks till I get on o2? Any suggestions on what drugs my Dr. May want to prescribe that will do nothing or have bad side effects Tha I want to stay away from? Any advise is greatly appreciated. So glad I found this group! Jimmy
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