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  1. I had been cluster free for three years since being on the D3 regimen (only shadows that were easily knocked out by sumatriptan). Huge thanks to Batch and this forum for gathering the data and creating this wonderful regimen. Recently had blood work completed and my D (25) was approx 120, so my PCP wanted me to cut my D3 intake in half to 5Kiu. Shortly after dropping it down to 5k (approx 1-2 weeks) I started getting walloped again with my first cluster in years. The initial cut to 5k was approx 1 month ago, so the last 2 weeks have been unpleasant to say the least. After doing more reading and checking my calcium (which was 9.7) I realized I never needed to cut the D in the first place. For the past week I’ve been taking 50kiu daily with the rest of the regimen to get my D back up and still getting beat up pretty bad. My plan is to continue at 50k for one more week and get blood work done at some point late next week. I was curious about the forum and/or Batch’s thoughts on this plan. Thanks in advance!
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