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  1. Verapamil 240 xr once daily. I take it evenings.
  2. Anyone had any experience with a Cluster cycle irrupting after missing a dose of Verapamil? I am generally very careful to always take my verapamil and always around the same time each evening. Thursday night I missed a Dose and I’ve been in a perpetual state of CH shadows for days with Nocturnal Attacks every night now for 3 nights....it’s sucks. I’ve been almost headache free for several months other than an occasional headache that I’ve been able to abort with O2.
  3. Like many CH sufferers I was misdiagnosed for years. I agree with others comments about Imitrex pills. They take too long to work and are for migraine not CH. I asked my doctor for Imitrex nasal blast and was prescribed 20 mg Nasal blasts. They generally work for me unless I wait too long into an attack. I have not tried the injection because I get good relief from Nasal Blasts.
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