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  1. Hi, in India, the homeopaths mix up the medicine themselves. So dont know what it is. But since he's a friend, I will ask him.
  2. Hello, About 2 weeks back, I was suffering some very nasty attacks. 2 to 3 a day each lasting an hour reaching extremely high pain levels. I happened to speak to a friend who is a homeopathy doctor. I was surprised to hear from him that cluster headaches were curable in homeopathy. He spoke to me for an hour on everything except my attacks including emotional issues that I may have had in the past. He sounded very confident. He gave me some meds. Next day onwards my pain levels came down. 3 days later my attacks became less frequent. 2 weeks into the treatment, my attac
  3. Thanks for the detailed info Jonathan. I tried looking for the O2 set up initially. O2 was easily available but no supplier here was able to arrange a 10-15 lpm flow rate which I believe is required. In fact they thought I was crazy as this kind of flow rate is used only in an icu here. Post covid I am sure I will be able to find enough options for O2 as lots of suppliers here have imported high flow regulators. Over the last 3 years, my cycles have kept on increasing and am unable to predict when the a cycle will get over and when the next will start. First year I had 2 cycles, on
  4. Hello CHfather, I will try the nasal spray first and hope it helps. The thing about the injectable is that I am not able to have any of my doctors prescribe it to me. So I will have to get it and use it without prescription. But lemme first get the spray today. Very informative write up on reducing the injectable dose as well. Love and regards Vipul Har Har Mahadev
  5. HI Spiny, thanks for your reply. Exactly as I thought. What about the nasal?
  6. Hello, I am in the middle of a very bad cycle. I have never tried sumatriptans (Imitrex) in any form but I intend to now as the pain levels are getting to be more and more unbearable. Unfortunately my doc, insists that I try nasal and oral Imitrex first. I have read on this forum as well as other sites that only a imitrex 6mg injection works to stop the CH attacks. Should I waste my time with an imitrex nasal spray? Does it have any effect? Or should I just go ahead and get the injection without a prescription (possible). Any advise would be appreciated. Lov
  7. Hello Angels, I understand the difference between Trigeminal Neuralgia and Cluster headache. I also understand that this forum is for CH. However, some people's CH does get diagnosed as TN and hence some of you may have more information regarding this. A friend is suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia is is really struggling with the medications (anti convulsants) and the pain. Was wondering if busting works for Trigeminal Neuralgia or if anyone has any knowledge of any alternate treatment/ medicine for this condition. My friend has no faith in traditional elopathic medicine.
  8. My last cycle started as the worst so far at 8, 9 and even 10 and lasted for 2 hours. An hour of relief and was back to crazy levels of pain for another 3 hours. With 5 to 6 attacks a day at 8,9,10 I was searching Google for "painless ways to kill yourself" Thankfully, I reached this forum, where many angels reside and I now laugh at myself for having given up on life. Love and pain free wishes. Vipul
  9. Hi, I feel the same. In fact, I have stopped using my right side, which is the CH effected side for calls. I usually talk on speaker. I am 100% sure that it triggers the start of an attack for me. Love and pain free wishes. Vipul Har Har Mahadev
  10. Hi, Spoke to a 65 year old lady today who had been suffering from Episodic CH for 12 years. She says she now has very minor pain every few months and has not had a full on attack for 2 years. What's she did was a juice diet for 3 weeks to detox and then a regular dose of Lion"s mane and Reishi mushrooms. She strongly suggests I follow her line of advise. Now, is this an unheard of line of alternative treatment or has someone experimented with this here. Love Vipul Har Har Mahadev @CHfather
  11. Hello all, anxious to know any update on this. Love Vipul
  12. Hello, and am so sorry to hear about your condition. From what I've learnt, an lsd busting dose needs to be about half of a regular dose. That would be around 50 to 60 ug. Also you need to do it 3 times 5 days apart. Your brain a few days to be receptive again. RC seeds have worked for me. The D3 regime is worth doing. And ginger works great for shadows. Many swear by high pressure O2. Have no idea how your depression meds may interact with busting. You're in the right place and you will get enough advise to help you thru this. I was where u are just 2 months back. You c
  13. Hi, Read another case study. This guys CH was caused by acute maxillary sinusitis. Exactly what's written in my report??? For some reason my Neurologist didn't feel the need to explore further??? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3795873/
  14. Thanks @Brain on fire and @spiny I did get an MRI but wasn't sure if they covered the sinus area. But have since read the MRI findings again and they did cover the Sinus as well. It mentions a neurovascular conflict of the trigeminal nerve and also mentions a minor sinus issue at the end of the repot. Attaching the MRI findings fyr. Love
  15. Hello, After my 3rd dose of RC seeds I was still getting very minor attacks and so I had a 4th dose. Situation is the same with 1to 2 very minor attacks during the day. Have had 15 pain free nights on the trot. Am very happy but a little concerned as it has not left me completely. Since the last few days, for the first time since the onset of CH,i have a very strange feeling deep inside my right nasal track, the same side of my CH attacks. It actually feels like an injury deep inside. I somehow felt it could be connected with my CH. So looked around on Google and found this ht
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