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  1. Hi @HazBaz I was actually prescribed propranolol once as a treatment for the cluster headaches by a neuro - I'm guessing since it's a beta blocker. Didn't work to prevent, but lowered my BP a lot so stopped. Don't recall it making the attacks any worse though, so possibly no effect on starting the cycle. However, I understand your fear so probably worth waiting till you get any more informed inputs.
  2. @Bejeeber I didn't know this! Is d3 heat sensitive too? Where I stay in North India, we're getting heatwaves of 46-47 degrees Celsius! That's close to 120 F I think.
  3. My clusters started at 18 before I started smoking! First started smoking around 21..quit multiple times in between hoping it'll end the CH, but still kept getting cycles. Infact after quitting, I usually pick up smoking again as result of the anxiety and trauma caused due to the attacks. Smoking somehow just helps deal with it (purely psychological i'm guessing, but I guess it acts a crutch to deal with the trauma). But glad it worked for you!!
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