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  1. Hi all, Been a long time. I am currently 4 years in to a cluster free period! My longest in 12 years. Last episode was in 2018. Touch the woodiest wood that ever did wood. Been struggling with my mental health though. And the doc has suggested propranolol for anxiety. My question is, will the sporadic dosing of 10mg of propranolol only when needed, possibly trigger off my CH? Any word on this? Thanks.
  2. Any experience of scuba diving with clusters? Does it trigger attacks? Is it safe with CH?
  3. Works for me. Lessens frequency, duration and intensity, at relatively low doses compared to some. I take 80mg IR 3x daily and 240 ER 1x daily when in cluster. So 580 total a day. Terrible constipation and other 'normal' headaches are side effects. At higher doses my heart doesn't cope too well, so regular ECG monitoring is a must at dose change. I also still get hit. At least once or twice a day. They are just less unbearable and relatively easy to abort with O2 it seems.
  4. Amen Roadie. Another U.K. sufferer here who experiences all of the above.
  5. I had 4 teeth removed (including 2 wisdom teeth) because of misdiagnosis of CH as tooth rot. My CH started before that, and I’d had no dental work on that side before that point. Seen more dentists in my life than any other healthcare professional. Got a checkup this afternoon actually!
  6. I take 1000mg of paracetamol and 400mg of ibuprofen to take the edge off shadows... not sure if it works or not. As FunTimes says, a strong cup of coffee does well.
  7. When I stopped smoking weed (heavily) aged 25 due to anxiety, my CHs started that same year. Took years to be properly diagnosed. Stopping smoking tobacco 2.5 yrs ago has lessened the frequency/pain of the cycles. Well, until this week... Everyone is different... with some common shared triggers/experiences. Whatever works is worth working with.
  8. Last cluster was in March/April. Nice little 3 weeker. Brought under control quite fast with verapamil. Got another one. Started about 5 days ago. Brutal. Awful awful shadows... almost feel like full blown attacks. Almost... Odd, because i'm usually an Autumn and Spring kind of guy! Getting me some of that sumatriptan tomorrow. Looks like a new form of injector... although could be the older style. Comes in a smaller box than the Sun Pharma epi-pen ones. Back on the vit d. Maybe its time I started busting... Anyway... its 3:40am here. Not sure i'm going to get any sleep with this sheet going on. Ah well. Its the life we lead. Ta. 'Nice' to be back again so soon.
  9. So... back on 240mg ER verapamil plus 80mg in the morning. 20000ug vit D. No naps, alcohol, chocolate, processed meat, refuelling the car, woodwork, painting, going back to sleep after waking. For how long, I don’t know. any new treatments, salves, chants etc that I should know about?
  10. Hi all, long time absentee. 2.5 yrs cluster free. Off verapamil for 18 mo. Just changed doctors and was bragging about being CH free for so long... hit me like a ton of bricks just before the snow hit in the U.K. a few weeks back. Hello Spring Time! after a remission you forget just how painful your CH is. I would say I’m happy to be back.... maybe I’m just happy to have the support network I’ve relied on several times still be here, and with the same (and lots of new!) faces. heres to you all! HazBaz.
  11. Yup. Thunderstorms set me off a treat. I am at ONE with the skies!
  12. I had a nap the other day = fine. Today= brutal headache after about an hour. Took the micky. Paid for it. Although I think my cluster is winding down. Come on summer proper... Hurry UP!
  13. ;D. Yup. And pretty good to keep you going through a heavy sesh as well. Not that id ever do anything like that. :
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