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  1. I recently found out that I have a jawbone cavitation that was a result of having my wisdom teeth cut out when I was 16. They call this NICO – Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis. A jawbone cavitation is simply a hollow space or pocket in the bone that can be a source of silent infection. It is not readily visible to the eye and often causes no local discomfort, though it can be the hidden cause of facial pain syndromes, trigeminal neuralgia and cluster headaches. The chief initiating factor is trauma to the jaw, often brought on by standard dental treatment. My cluster headaches started about three months after having my wisdom teeth removed. Of course, no one thought to connect the two. I have classic symptoms of clusters - they wake me up in the middle of the night, they are on the righ side only, they happen sporadically about every 12-18 months and last for about 4-6 weeks - each headache lasting about 40 minutes or so. They are EXTREMELY painful and I have barely survived them. I wanted to share this info with you guys in hopes that you might find solutions to your headaches by looking into dental causes. There is also a lot of evidence linking root canals and amalgam fillings to all types of headaches. I am scheduled for surgery in a few weeks. I will let the group know how it goes. I'm pretty sure this has been the cause of the clusters and feel sure they will abate after the site is cleared up. Well Wishes... Carol
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