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  1. Well Summer's here and I know I'm doing a whole lot better, hope all episodic suffers who suffer through spring are seeing some improvement...And everyone else I wish you Pain Free Days. I have an observation though and wanted to see if this happens to anyone else or theirs some kind of connection. At the start and the climax ( Ha Ha Climax :-)) of my cycle I notice what seems like a massive allergic reaction for a week or so and then this terrible pain in the teeth on my upper jaw left side, which is my cluster side hits me for another week and then goes away. It's been doing this the last couple years???? But at least I know when it's coming and when it's wrapping up. Ripper
  2. Trying to tough out the last days of Spring which have been tough sledding. With this crazy weather here in Colorado and my cycle winding down I've been going through an E tank a day at work. This is the same pattern I've seen the past springs and falls. I do preventive measuresand double down at the beginning of each of those seasons. I think it's coming close to finishing but as usual it goes out with a Bang. Come on Summer!!!
  3. I take ativan and it helps me immensely. I take it about 20 minutes prior to medicating.
  4. Left side clusters only Right handed I was diagnosed in 2009 and I'm episodic I've been having vivid dreams lately and I'm coming up on winter solstice. Nothing like the dreams I had on Chantix...those were seriously vivid. I have never had a head our neck injury but my first recollection of a headache as severe as a cluster was in college when I did way to many amphetamines and shut down cold turkey. I'll post after Dec. 21st with dream/cycle results.
  5. Of the many things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving, is finding this site and the Great people here. It has given me my life back. Thanks Cluster Busters
  6. Hello All, My Fall cycle has started early...Hooray, and so far it's a doozy. I gave myself a Imetrex shot Tuesday 9/2 late afternoon/early evening, now I have a window to mediate of Saturday 9/6. I have seen the advice and threads about 5 days clear out time, also see some people ok with 4 days. Looking for some first hand experiences from anyone closer to the 4 day cleanse as to whether they had success or was it a waste of time and medicine. Thanks in advance for any response.
  7. Ok I've seen this SUNCT mentioned here before I'll start looking in the search box. Is this something bad? Life threatening? Or worse than having CH?
  8. Hi MG, I also get those, like a drive by jab real quick kind of painful and then their gone. They seem to happen to me similar to cycles, I get them frequently for a week and they disappear for months????
  9. Hello Unclebird, I'm in Aurora Co. pm me if you'd like. I'll be checking the board between Av's playoff games. ;D
  10. Yikes thanks Dr ty, I'll call her today.
  11. Thanks Jeff I don't notice them while under attack and 90% of my attacks are at night but I see them periodically in the mornings during a cycle. They are so prevalent people at work think I've been attacked. Sometimes just one side sometimes both. Might ask the PM, as usual I think about this a week after my last visit.
  12. Hi Panel, I have a question for all. Do Red Blotches appear around or between your eyes while your in a cycle? They look like deep scratches below the skin, and I've noticed them the last few cycles I've had. Wondering if this is something other or more serious then just the CH.
  13. Merry Christmas and a pain free new year to Cluster Heads worldwide. Dave
  14. Try the Monster Extra Dry, it comes in smaller can and has higher caffeine and taurine, also infused with nitrous. It works very well for me.
  15. Back home Saturday 12:48 am, phew what a day. I did have to use the final injection just before landing @DIA, again worked great within a few minutes. I brought this empty home where I can practice dis assembly to administer smaller doses if possible. Question to anyone who can help, I have the "Sun" pharma injectors and I'll be darned if I can follow the directions Bejeeb's sent me on breaking this down. Do I have a newer version of the syringe that is tamper proof? If anyone else uses the same Sun injectors and is capable of altering this can you send me a reply or possibly a link. Now I'm going to try and call in another refill on the Imitrex and see if the insurance will allow that so soon. Oh and by the way if you do ever go on a Royal Caribbean cruise, try like hell to have enough ammo, they won't allow 02 in the rooms, and when I went to the medical facility to inquire about the use of their 02 for the Cluster Attack I was suffering they looked at m e like I was from another planet and said they didn't know how to charge for the 02...So they said $50.00 for the 02 and $100.00 for the use of the ward. I thanked them and told em "I was feeling better" sheez!! Dave
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