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  1. I am currently between cycles (thank God) but was wondering if there was anyone doing research on sufferers between cycles to compare with when the demon reappears. I have tried to volunteer for the research studies but they won't let me participate without being in cycle. I almost feel bad even bringing this up on the site because I know how bad everyone is suffering and I am currently not. I still think about the beast every day, and would love to be involved in helping others (and maybe helping me down the road). thanks in advance!
  2. They did say I could purchase two doses for $245.00. Gee, thanks...
  3. So my health insurance will only pay for six injections and six nasal spray doses of imitrex in a 25 day span!!!!! Wtf!!! What a joke. That is the "proper" dose for only eight rounds with the demon. Two a day for 25 days= 50 rounds. Looks like I will be trying to extend my injections as mentioned on this sight and pray that 2mg's will work for me. Not a happy camper. >
  4. Thanks guys. I remember reading about the d3 verapamil conflict, but had forgot about the spacing. Imitrex works so well for me that I feel like I wasted them. As in "did I really have a ch for sure?? Or was it just a shadow of one." I guess trying to catch it ASAP brings that thought on. Not having a stockpile of trex built up yet makes me want to save them for the "worse" ones. Working on getting the cluster mask today, as well as a regulator that does 25lpm. I do feel pretty good today. On a side note, I injured my hip at work Thursday, and after er, was prescribed flexeral, hydrocodone, and ibuprofen. Friday went to neurologist and got meds above. Feel like I am taking way to much meds but maybe the crazy cocktail will snap me out of this cluster. I guy can hope, right?!?
  5. So I got my script for O2@ 15lpm. Doc also prescribed verapamil er 240mg x2 a day. Also imitrex injunctions and nasal spray, AND a steroid dose pack My questions are about the steroid pack and verapamil. 1). Are they effective for anyone on here? 2). Do they work well enough to offset the side effects? 3). Do they mess with your personality?(depression, aggression, etc) He was pretty good in the fact that he did prescribe everything I wanted, but I didn't feel like he was very receptive to my questions. Not sure of his background, but it did seem as though there was a language barrier. There was not exactly any "bonding" with him as if we were a team against the beast. Oh well. Did get the scripts, so can't complain to much. Any thoughts?
  6. I am trying the d3 approach from batches update. I have had a script for O2 before, so if I don't get one on Friday I will be calling my old doc. I am curious about when I am supposed to masturbate. First sign of attack? As much as possible throughout the day? During an attack? I have been using Amp energy drinks but will definitely be looking at labels now.
  7. Ha!! I tried to tell my wife to "help" me but she thinks I'm just using it as an excuse!! Lol. I will try to revisit this subject with her. Or at least she can give me some privacy! Lol. Again, any advice short of castration is appreciated!
  8. I have not been able to get the O2 yet. It is sad to say, but I was very unprepared for this cluster. I was PF for years until moving from NC to CO. Altitude and less O2 in the air brought the demon on with vengeance! I used to have an awesome set up, but couldn't justify the monthly cost of maintaining it when I was PF for months. I have tried the energy drinks and was able to abort a couple times, so I am glad for that advice. I am ready to bust and have looked into getting RC. I have been taking d3 for a week now with no real conclusive results. I am open to ANY advice from fellow sufferers! I can't stand getting advice from others though! Don't know how many times I was told that I should not be drinking the energy drink if I have a headache! Grrrrrr! Or told to lay down
  9. Thanks all for the welcome. This cycle has turned pretty bad. Two-three a day and imitrex isn't working like it used to. Had to leave work today because of a 2 hour attack and now in the middle of my second today. Can't refill imitrex till tomorrow. Just screamed at my 7 year old like it was his fault and that kills me. I have an appointment Friday with neurologist. Hope he isn't a quack. Anyone here in Denver, CO area?
  10. You know you hear about junkies and potheads being some of the most brilliant people when it comes to getting their High, or new and better ways to achieve what they are after. It's kind of like that with cluster heads as well, except we are after a normal, pain free day. I love all the advise and thanks for the welcome. I am addicted to reading this board!
  11. I am new to clusterbusters site and it is an amazing feeling knowing I'm not alone. I was cluster free for almost three years until a couple weeks ago. Then the beast reared it's ugly head. This cycle has not been bad at all so far, with "only" one attack a day, starting at same time in the afternoon. I take imitrex spray and injections and it works very well for me 80% of the time. It has been so long since my last cycle that all my meds are expired by two years but they seem to work just fine. I don't have my O2 tanks but will be getting them back this week. I do have many questions. I have a CDL class A, and I am subject to random drug testing. I want to know if the MM or RC stuff can be detected on a piss test, which would ultimately cause me to loose my job? This cycle, (as all of them are!) is especially bad timing because I just started a new job, and it is impossible to explain the situation to non-clusterhead bosses about these "little headaches". I swear that just reading the threads on this site helps with the severity and duration of the attacks. Misery loves company for sure! Thanks for any advice or support given. It's weird, but I don't even want the word cluster said around me when I am in remission for fear of returning into a cycle. Does anyone else feel that way? And if so, do you still visit this site when you are out of a cycle? I remember years ago I went to a neuro doc and he got me on the injections, but I didn't have another headache to be able to use them!!!! It broke the cycle by just knowing there was hope of some sort of relief! I am hoping that finding this site, and the new methods and coping mechanisms does the same for me this time!! Thanks, birdman
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