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  1. spiny

    Pregnant and new CH episode

    Happy Dance!! That is such great news!
  2. spiny

    Coronavirus PSA

    Jeff, funny you should mention a Bidet!! I bought one for my husband for Christmas!! He is a great and greedy user of t.p. He opened the box and asked 'Why did you get this?' Well, you keep t.p. stocked in case of an emergency in our supply line and I am insuring that it lasts! So, we have our stash of t.p. as normal and a bidet to preserve it!! Premonition? Perhaps. Nah. Just decided to cut the bill for t.p.!
  3. spiny

    Pregnant and new CH episode

    I was allowed Benadryl when I was pregnant. Getting your O2 optimized will be awesome for you most likely. A bit of work to abort, but very much worth the effort! And a great way to go when pregnant. CHF has covered that well, as he is prone to do! ATB and welcome to our community!
  4. spiny

    Coronavirus PSA

    Stay safe and healthy out there.
  5. spiny

    Coronavirus PSA

  6. Keep up the excellent work Tony!!! <3
  7. Thank you Tony! I look forward to more!!!
  8. Well, that negates my existence! I had 'mild' CH for years in my 20's. On time every time, but never the level of hits I suffered decades later. Take what she offers if you want to take it. Or stick it in a drawer. See the neuro and get the proper attention that you should be receiving now! Hugs!
  9. Here ls a method I used with my Neuro. He always has me seated toward the window light and then does the pupil test. Well, they contract at about the same rate. Two years ago, I turned off his lights and told him to look at my pupils. The CH side does not dilate properly in low light. And it takes quite a while to return to almost normal post cycle. He was giving me a bit of a hard time and wanting to treat for migraines. That changed his mind. The other pupil was huge and the CH one was 1/2 the size of the normal one. 'Oh, you do have Horners!' Ah, yes I do. My eye does not droop because I exercised the muscles to hold it open so much one year that I now have brow wrinkles on that side only and the eyelid is more wide open than the other one! It had gotten so bad that I could not read without killing my neck looking down. So, it became a daily project. He also was running with the normal runny eye, runny nose bit. Well, now I seldom get that, but the CH side of my head sweats profusely during a hit. Try it at home first. If you are still having CH, it should show up that way. It beats me how they just look at contraction and not expansion, but they do. And there is the old Nitroglycerin trick. They use it sublingual for Angina. But, for a CHer, it will bring on a hit. Not a migraine, a cluster. Painful way to go, but provides proof. She needs to rethink or catch up on her CH knowledge!!!!
  10. spiny

    Hey Batch!!!

    Thank you very much!!
  11. spiny

    Coronavirus PSA

    I have been following Dr. Boyle and other stuff too. House full of old people. And we kicked our C up a week ago, just in case. Better safe and healthy than the alternative. We don't do flu shots due to over reaction - i.e. sick for 3 days post shot. But, everyone is up to date on the pneumonia vaccine, no side effects. We have not had flu for years either! Vitamins are a good thing. Thanks for the info Batch!
  12. spiny

    Hey Batch!!!

    Could you please post the info regarding the Wiki link to your D3 vitamin regimen here? I am covered up at home and want to send it to my Neuros' nurse. The technical stuff should help with non-believers! Many thanks!
  13. spiny

    It's been a while...

    Hello Greeneyes! Long time no see. Verap lowers your blood pressure. Have you checked yours since the increase in medication? It may be getting lower than is comfortable for you. You will adapt to a certain degree, it may be a limiting factor in how much Verap you can take. Low blood pressure makes me tired. My max on Verap was 240mg/day. Being nocturnal, I took mine in the afternoon and twice through the evening and night. It seemed to help with the low energy caused by the low pressure. The Venlafaxine is for depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. And it can have a side affect of tiredness and sleepiness. Also it can cause Serotonin Syndrome when mixed with some drugs. Verap was not listed and surely your doctor is aware of this possibility. Glad that you are in a better place than several years ago!!!
  14. spiny

    dental work triggers cluster?

    Yep. Talk to the doctor doing the anesthesia. I have now done that for three surgeries. They did not use Epi in the mix and I had my mask and 15lpm running and handed to me first thing. Once it was needed right then too! They now have it in my record in two places and I like that. They may make an odd face when you tell them to NOT give you any pain meds, just O2 please. Not what they expect to hear at all.