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  1. I hope that you find the relief that many of us have found with this regimen!!
  2. Let us know Kat! MSG is a problem for some.
  3. To me, it sounds like you are getting shadows from the booze. And just shadows! If it were me, I would think that the busts had worked, but my biggest trigger was still active. And to me, it sounds like your busts are keeping you out of hell right now, but another one or two may be needed to be able to drink. If it is the 'normal' time for your cycle, then upping your D3 is a very good idea. A bit of a buffer is great way to go! Sorry that you got the 'news' on aging out, but happy that you are getting relief!!
  4. Don't short yourself! You know a ton about CH, if that is what you are referring to. I too read 'stuff' and tend to take it at face value. I suppose that is because we have to trust the 'experts' to some degree because, well, they are the experts! Unless it is important to me personally, then I research a lot of papers. You do the same likely. Then you spot the misses and inaccuracy of many of the papers out there!!! The more you know, the more you see that they don't know. I agree. He left out a lot! He had not experienced it likely, nor researched it. It seems mostly that he was r
  5. 12 days of loading and you were up to 112ng/ml. So, at that point you could reduce it to 10,000/day for maintenance. You would not continue at the 50k/day dose. Were you taking the Benadryl with it? That can make a big difference for some. Intestinal distress would drive me to drop them too!!!
  6. Thanks Denny!! I will have to watch the remainder later, but what I have seen is terrific! Thanks to Craig and Batch!!! We needed this.
  7. Thanks. I agree, He seems rather empty of knowledge to a great degree. Mentions D3, but has he tried it? O2. No mention. It is nice to have a article out there though, so I am grateful.
  8. Hi Cromestar! I just wanted to be sure that you are taking the co-factors with the D3. They are very important and you need the lot for it to work well. You need the K2, Omega Three, calcium, etc. that go with it. Can you fill us in which ones you are taking? Pepcid is for excess stomach acid. It is given here for reducing the acid release when eating that causes some people pain. So, anti-acid, not antihistamine. Perhaps one of the other meds given is prone to causing tummy issues? It is over the counter here now. As is Benadryl. It is disturbing to see all the people who are
  9. Stinking shame they won't let you read it without joining up!! Sorry CHF, I tried!!!
  10. Hey Madam, What units is the '216' in? nmol/L or ng/ml? The values for the different units are very different. 216nmol/L is a low number. 216ng/ml is a high number.
  11. Tony, I saw two genes listed on FB a year ago now. At least. I am delighted that the research is moving forward! I do have the migraine and sleep-wake ones. Won't it be interesting if D is affected by the same genes, or some of them? I think so!!!! I also find it heartening that combined, they found more genetic information to add! And the blood work you submitted may have been factored in too! They want all the info that they can get and verify.
  12. Hey Nugget! Welcome to the group. Batch - @xxx is the main guy for the D3 Regimen. If you know that you are low, then start with 10,000/day - minimum. Along with all the other co-factors. They matter!! I would do this for a month and get my levels tested again. What is your D3 currently? My first try was not perfect either. However, I have been cycle free for years now thanks to the Regimen. So, I am big believer in it! And yes, I am sure that it is the the D3 preventing cycles. All that I need to do to check that is to stop for two days and then deal with the hits that follow. Fun
  13. Hi Madam! I sent a pm to Batch. Hopefully he gets back and answers this for you. He is the expert on the D3 Regimen. ATB!
  14. Bilal, I have been taking them daily for years now!! In my experience, there is no worry about the Regimen failing if used year round. I take 10,000 of D daily, along with the rest. Batch is getting a trial set up to record the effectiveness for others.
  15. My husband and I take all of them, including the Quercetin and Turmeric. My blood work is where it needs to be too. Well, D3 is at 105, but they know why. I am pretty sure that Batch recommends both of them now with COVID out there.
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