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  1. I cannot find any information saying that the iris lets light into the eye and onto the retina. My understanding is it is the pupil that controls the amount of light that enters the eye and the iris controls the pupil. The cornea refracts the light into the eye via the pupil and then it is focused on the retina. Which is why Cataracts cause blurred vision. I know that in cycle, my pupil will not properly dilate. It stays constricted to some degree. The docs always look into your eyes with their bright light back and forth, but that is only to check how they react to the light. I walked over and faced corner in the exam room and had my Neuro look at my eyes there to convince him that I do indeed get Horners with my CH. My CH pupil will not dilate in the dark when I am in cycle. Now that pupil is permanently constricted to a tiny degree. I had fought so hard to lift that eyelid, that he thought I was full of it when I told him that I did have Horners. Now blue eyes contain LESS Melatonin that brown or hazel eyes, that is fact. The highest levels of Melatonin cause brown eyes. The less Melatonin in the iris, the lighter the iris. Ergo, blue comes into play. And your DNA determines your eye color. I am all up for new facts, but I don't think that I am wrong on this bit.
  2. Sue, I had them and wore them for ~two years. After that, I was no longer in an environment with those stupid lights. I went into remission a good 3-4 years later. The drugs that I was prescribed made drinking and all that off limits, so no, no drugs or anything for the 70's. I also had a script for Thorazine for my nocturnal hits for two years. Pretty shocking today. My doctors, at that time, felt that my headaches were caused by a concussion. They did not even think they were migraines. That diagnosis came a few years later. when I moved to another state and went to the ER. It is rather complicated actually, but that should give you enough information to work with. Then came the glasses.
  3. No problem Bosco. I hope that it helped a bit. There is so much that we don't realize or connect till years later, you know? It took knowing that pregnancy can stop a Chronic dead in its' tracks to piece the bits together many years later. I had to fight for my diagnosis with a Neuro when I got a proper cycle too! Actually had to take my husband to get the guy off of the Migraine train! It was not encouraging! But he and I get along fine now. I go once a year and get my one script filled and push him to get patients on the D3 Regimen. He will flip over the new studies using MM!!!! I can't wait!
  4. I read the pink glasses post a while back with interest. I wore them the '70's when I was working under fluorescent lights. They prescribed them for migraines!! They seemed to help with them for some patients. I did not notice any change in my head, but I loved them!! They did improve my moods. My eyes are green.
  5. I wish that I did know something that caused it Bosco! The only thing that might have helped is that I got pregnant. I miscarried at 2+ months and the hormone change could have affected my CH, but I was too upset to notice, you know? They were gone after that event. Then that brings up 'Well, why did they return?' Also, don't know. Can't blame my move north, as I had been living here for 6-8 months when they showed up. But looking back, I can recall two short cycles before the move. I had gotten a concussion a short time before the first cycle. My first 20 years, I was a low level chronic, undiagnosed. I was on Elavil and one other med whose name escapes me at the moment. Inderal I think. So, I had no idea that I had CH or that they came in two varieties. That cycle was short, but hell none the less and the second one sent me diving into 'what is this????' Then I took the the printout of CH to my doctor. Carbemazepine was prescribed at that time. He had been on the Migraine bench till then. I had tried trex once and thrown it out due heartbeat issues bugging me. Additionally both little cycles I had then were thought to be 'other' things and were treated with Pred of all things and that killed them. Funny how that worked out. As it was, they were both about 2 weeks duration. Girl, you are making me think too darn hard for this early!!!
  6. https://vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 This is the first iteration of the D3 Regimen. Batch has made some changes and additions, but this will get you started right away. I have been taking this for many years now and for the most part, after the first year, I only have a few hits per year. I do avoid stuff, like Epinephrine given by doctors and dentists and MSG in food. You have had some great responses and have a lot to chew on now. Oh, in so far as long remissions? Yes. I had one for 10 years. I thought I was cured or outgrew them. Oh, soooo wrong.
  7. That is GREAT news Theresa!! Congratulations!!!!!
  8. Kat, I have lived on Whey protein for months when I was having bad gut issues. No effect on my head either way. Some soy can have a bad effect on you. Like can bring on a gout attack for those prone to that issue. I avoid soy, except the sauce - Mushroom Soy!! - always, due to it messing with our hormones and junk. A little goes a long way with tofu, etc.
  9. Smokey Mountains or Blue Ridge Mountains. This winter is whacky!! I am still sucking up the Asian Stink Bugs that I hate into January.They should have been gone prior to turkey day! Now it is finally going to freeze hard, so hopefully they will be gone for the year!!
  10. The exact reason that I try my very best not to leave my mountain from September thru March!! Going down is fine. Returning home is most certainly NOT. 'Down' for me is over 2000'. I have only flown once and that was in September. Scared the shite out of me, but I only had one hit after I landed!! Air is less dense and lower pressure up here, that is the problem. As it is with weather fronts. We are prepping for 8"s of snow in the next 24 here. Now yesterday, it was 65*. In less than 24 hours, we will hit single digits!!
  11. When I was going through a 'work-up' the first time, it was 1971. I had an EKG done. They were wigged out with the results and I was given an explanation. "Your Delta Waves are messed up. Here, look.' Was it the hit or not? I do not know. When I told them that I had had a concussion that knocked me out for 20 minutes three months prior, I was told 'We will provide whatever you need.' So, yeah, weirded them out. I was told the that time frame for post knockouts was prime for severe headaches. Might be something else today of course. Twas a few lifetimes ago.
  12. Bosco, I removed the post for political content. I did have a complaint. It was warranted.
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