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  1. A great big hug A-Z!!! We are puzzles of many pieces, aren't we?
  2. Hopefully the Smithsonian has both!!!
  3. Chronic is a year with only 2 or 4 weeks pain free. Depending on which paper you read. So, stop sweating it. I had a dentist add a month to a cycle one year and a surgeon added 2 another. You get through it in one piece, dust off, and march forward. Grab some caffeine if possible and slam it down for the random mess. Carry ginger candy with you at all times and use it if needed. If the weather turns funky, you can get some hits. Not always a cycle by any means. The weather is going to shite? I hit the caffeine like I was still 25. Falling barometric pressure gets me a lot. As does pollen I am not accustomed to breathing. We need Dorothys' red shoes for you to click together!!! HUGS!!!
  4. spiny


    Bosco, I have not heard of anyone doing that. Alcohol is such an awful trigger, most avoid it altogether. Some can still inbibe clear spirits, say vodka, without getting slammed. If it triggers, most avoid during cycle. Just not worth it. Unless you are a hardcore alcoholic, I can't see it happening. I have heard of a couple of Cher's who partied hearty during cycle for a particular reason for one night. Even they went back to 'Nope!' It was just a special occasion that caused them to jump that fence for a night.
  5. spiny


    I usually wait till I am two weeks out from the last hit. It has worked for me. Some test those waters sooner.
  6. Enjoy every minute Bosco! As Maya Angelou says " Every storm runs out of rain.' Enjoy the sunshine!!
  7. I suspect it may be in that area too xBoss. On occasion, if there is a smiley it won't go! It does not like 'hidden' characters for certain. And ya never know when there is a hidden one if you are doing a copy/ paste action. I am delighted that it is not my forte or job to fix!!
  8. A-Z, she could be on to something there. Depression does mess with memory. And depression also makes one not want to do things that they used to enjoy. The joy is gone. I think that most CHers are depressed during a cycle, but once it is gone, they tend to bounce back rather strongly. The hell is behind them and they move on. Until the next 'time' for a cycle rolls around. But being depressed for two years is way more than would be expected from a CH cycle. Your cycle just ended in the last month or so and you are not worried that another is on the way. But you are very concerned about the mental changes that you are dealing with. Is that correct? I would suggest seeing a therapist. Discussing it with a professional could be your best way of attacking these feelings and thoughts you are experiencing. It might mean a little help to get above the event horizon, but once there, you likely will enjoy the view again.
  9. Just checking in to say Hi! Kimbers! His stubbornness may morph into stubbornly standing up and taking those pills! Especially if/when it comes down to take them = pain free and to NOT take them = Ch pain! It usually takes a short time to realize the benefit - perhaps two weeks? But then the hits become less painful and the ramp-up is slower allowing him to get on the O2 and abort it a lot easier!! It may not kill the cycle the first time he starts it, but it will most definitely help and many go on to have lasting relief with just the vitamins! Most continue the vitamins year round as it alone can make a person pain free and eliminate all cycles. I once PMed with a member over the D3 Regimen, who expressed angst over taking a fist full of pills. My question to him was: Would you prefer to endure the CH pain over taking a handful of pills? The answer was a resounding NO!!! He needs to look at it as a preventative just like his Pred is currently. But the D3 is all good for you vitamins that will help your body in the long run where Pred will wreck your hips and send you to the OR for new hips. With his O2: He needs to exhale with force and inhale deeply. He needs to find his own pace for each hit. Some sit and stare at the spot on the floor while rocking, others pace. Just do what works best for him and know that it might change in the future. The main thing is to get the CO2 out and the O2 in. Most will grab their caffeine on the way to the O2. He must do what we call: post breathing. That is an additional 5-10 minutes breathing normally, with his supply dialed back to accommodate normal breathing. Just relax and stay on it to prevent the hit coming right back. ATB!!!
  10. Emails are not displayed to members for privacy reasons. You can pm each other to exchange information!!
  11. Bosco, 'A systematic review conducted by Ho et al. found that there is substantial evidence to support the targeting of the pterygopalatine ganglion via pterygopalatine ganglion blockade, radiofrequency ablation, or neurostimulation for the treatment of cluster headaches.' That has been stated as long as I have been researching - the last 17 years! They have cut nerves, etc, through the years. Additionally what I found was that it worked much better for SUNCT than CH. Yes, they did say that. But at the end, they said that further study is needed with trials. Having nerves burned or cut is not at the top of the list for treating CH. Not anywhere close either. Most papers will tell you that it is used as a 'last resort' and has a fair to good chance of not working, but leaving you with a mess to deal with in addition to CH. Some companies have come out with mechanical stimulators that work for some CHers by targeting nerves. The reviews are very mixed. Don't read so much that it scares you!!
  12. Yep. Politics is off limits here as we have members on all sides of any political discussion. Stirring that pot is not helpful for anyone. Treatment info and discussion is great. New info is great, just no politics please. Thanks all.
  13. Hey Kat!! Good to hear from you! I had the shots in my 'off time' and had no issue. But you have no 'off time', so no can do. I have seen it stated both ways - it stopped or it started a cycle. And the shot can give you a headache too. Did you wind up with a cluster last night? Since you already had the bug, I would expect a stronger reaction to the shot. The second one in particular. I was down with a fever for 3 days after the second dose. Hopefully this does not throw you back into hades! How goes it today?
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