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  1. Moxie - I appreciate your honesty about ending your life due to the pain —— unfort. this sounds all too familiar. Unless if someone has seen a loved one go through this or in fact had the headaches themselves , they truly have no idea. What a blessing this site has been for you ! CHFather - I appreciate all the information given . He is willing to try anything at this point - Busting if necessary ( however I have to admit this makes me uncomfortable ) I suppose I am all too use to the world of pharmaceuticals - even knowing how dangerous they can be. At this age however I realize there are alternatives. kindly , Karen
  2. Thank you for responding to my post. As I have told him , it is somewhat reassuring to know there are others who are going through this . We keep saying “ this will not last” — enjoying the moments when he is not in pain . He is going to try to get a script for oxygen , hoping a general doctor may prescribe . During his attacks he appreciates me being with him - and I want to be - if I can give comfort that is . Lately I softly rub his neck which seems to help a bit - and a cold rag or pack at back of his neck when he can tolerate. I am hoping he looks at this site today and mabe gains At least he slept last night without one! I wish that meant they were coming—— thanks again . Karen P
  3. Forgot to say - he doesn’t have insurance which does not help . Karen
  4. Hello and thank you for the “ greetings”. Actually this is a note from his fiancé Karen . I am terribly worried about him and of course feel so helpless. I’ve been reading this website for the past few weeks for any information to help him. Briefly - he is 51 and started these in 2017 thinking mabe he had a bad sinus infection - went to dr. Who prescribed antibiotics which of course did not help. These came on during the night - every night ( almost ) for close to 6 weeks or more. Finally given sumatriptan and topiramate which really did not do too much except make him feel “ out of it “ . Butalbital actually seemed to help more than anything , if taken at onset. Did not have any headaches in 2018 now they have come back - approx. 5 weeks ago and with a vengeance. Every day/ night - he gets the sensation in his teeth and right away it hits - too often it goes into a full blown attack , where pain is so intense he can not sit still or bear to be touched and he literally can not stand it ( I know you all are well aware of how he feels ) These last a few hours - we’ve tried everything. Butabital, tension headache aspirin- espresso ( just started which perhaps helps a bit) - Valium when he’s so agitated and can’t sleep after al the pain ( this usually can help him sleep some )——- trying the different vitamins and melatonin ( think this may help a small bit ) - this is all left sided with the droopy eye , congestion, shadows ....Please excuse this long drawn out post —- I am so worried and anxious — he is extremely depressed at this point - he never knows when they will come and therefore is afraid to go to work in case one hits , no way he can drive with it. We don’t know what to do —— I am writing because he feels hopeless and really won’t look at this site and I am looking anywhere for help and sick with worry ————- thank you for “ listening” Karen
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