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    Yea, be the BUG!! You need the info and it is their job to help in that arena. I'll provide a tiny push for you!!
  2. spiny


    Any word yet Shawn?
  3. John, we all know that tension is limiting and therefore a bad thing in any fight!!! You know, can you actually throw that punch when you are tense? Nope. Tension holds you back. Relax and punch from your foot, with all your might and controlled focus- like a bolt of lightning is coming up through you from the ground. Yogi was right!! And 'trust, but verify' is always good advice! My kids grew up with 'Quote your source!' to keep garbage out of the conversation and prevent made-up stuff inhabiting my house and car. They still use it today, which makes me feel that I got some things right along that long road.
  4. He is rotten and I am loving every minute of it!!! I did get lucky on the pic, that is no lie. At that age, kittens are sleeping or running!!
  5. Jeebs, that is indeed my new baby!!! Meet Anatoly, 5 months old and helping me celebrate the recent death of our least favorite companion! He is the Russian Blue that I have wanted for 30 years! He is just now getting the 'shimmer' in his fur with his adult coat coming in a bit.
  6. Bosco, just keep doing what you have been doing the last several months: D3 and seeds. I do the D3 year round, you know, just in case. I had my FIRST EVER summer cycle this year. I got it 'ended' on my normal start cycle day!!! So, after a pretty 'perfect' start for years - September 22nd - I no longer have a road sign to pass every year and recognise as 'Hey, you prepared!!' so things will be fine. I am in uncharted territory! So, I have a very 'fresh' reminder of what it feels like to feel a bit lost in the mess. And the 'plan' is to keep on keeping on. In my world, you can relax, if you are vigilant!!! If I missed my afternoon caffeine or bedtime D, I will get hit and reminded not to be forgetful!!! Live and learn.
  7. Let me know how that works out for you!
  8. I would try coffee at noon then. Just add an extra cup a day and see if it helps. It is food, not med! I had so many 'sinus' infections treated that weren't sinus at all, that I never suspect them at all now. Like many others, I also had the roto rooter sucky one too. Doctors were determined that it was causing my hits. Nope. Glad to know that you are getting a scan!
  9. Some have their cycles peter out, others go out with a bang. Have you tried an Excedrin Migraine? They help many with the nagging hangers on. The 'migraine' part means it has caffeine in it. I take Ibuprofen. You can try a cup of coffee, two aspirin, whatever your normal goto is for minor pain. See if that helps and let us know! You do eat lunch, right? Lack of food can cause a headache too!!
  10. Well, I could have gone with: Amazing, incredible, super-human young Lady!!!! Is that better? I did not mean to imply anything other than a most positive statement. You, my friend, are no damn slouch in the 'strong' arena. Hang on to that.
  11. I have no funnies for this, but dang, you have to be a very proud Papa!!! Your daughter has the strength of her father. Perfect. All the best to you and her!! She is amazing. I know her youngun is excited too!!!
  12. spiny


    Thanks Shawn. My thoughts are with you!!
  13. Hi ScienceNerd, For me, it is the refresh rate that matters. The slower the rate, the worse for my head. They now come with some fast rates, so finding one should not be hard. Best of luck!
  14. spiny


    I understand your concern! I am happy that you have the 'positive side' to lean on. I have not experienced this diagnosis, nor have I read of another with 'flattening' of the trigeminal. But, this is also why it is recommended to get a scan when diagnosed with Clusters - something else may be going on in there. Apparently, you have one of those 'something elses'!! A referral to a Neurosurgeon may be scary, but it is great that your doc is looking out for you! The surgeon should be better prepared to deal with irregularities and figure out what is going on inside. The CTA is a step above the CT in diagnosing head issues. Is Dr Beuthin a Neurologist? Apparently he has had this granuloma in your records for a while and now it appears to have grown? Sometimes other stuff can cause Clusters, like one member had an aneurysm found and repaired. That ended his CH. Hang in there and let us know what the diagnosis is when you get it!!! I wonder if it reduces or returns to standard shape outside of your cycle? Or is it this way cycle or no? Fingers crossed and good vibes coming your way!!
  15. spiny

    Red Bull. HRT

    I am not familiar with Benadryl Plus and have always used regular. As for the capsules, I think that any would work, just go for the highest amount of ginger per capsule. I think some people still use it for upset tummies like in the 'old' days.
  16. spiny

    Red Bull. HRT

    Kate, have you tried a cup of coffee? That works well for me where shadows are concerned. I would vibrate over to Memphis with two Red Bulls!! I am a bit older than you, so perhaps it might help without the side effects? Worth a shot. Also, if I am out and cannot get coffee, I keep caffeine caps in my bag for emergencies. Just take it or if the shadow is bad and fast, I dump out the powder and chase with some water. I did not find HRT to cause any change in my CH years ago. You can buy ginger capsules too. I think they are available on Amazon. I know the caffeine pills are there. That might avoid the gag mess. I use ginger candy personally at different times too. Benadryl is often used with the Vitamin D3 Regimen. Anyway, allergies seem to make our CH worse for a lot of people, so Benadryl, an original allergy med that does penetrate the blood/brain barrier helps. That is why it works. You might want to do a blood test to see where your D is currently. It may be low now and that is the reason for the mess you are currently in. Do you have O2? I use that for shadows too. So, also worth a try. Just be sure to stay on for a few minutes after the shadow is gone.
  17. I am thrilled for your relief Snowflake! It is lovely to read that some migraineurs are benefitting as well. I have a question, based on your pic. It shows a bottle of Magnesium Glycinate and one of Calcium Magnesium Citrate. Are you taking both? That may be the issue with your cramps. Two of the Glycinate would be a full daily dose I think, based on 400mg tabs in there. Just checking!
  18. Hi Lucas and welcome. Colitis is a no joke miserable mess to have! So, a multivitamin causes you to have diarrhea or constipation? I'm a bit lost as my knowledge of colitis is the screaming diarrhea bit, not constipation, during a flare. To my knowledge, constipation is often treated with Miralax or something similar. You will likely get more answers if you start your own thread. Just because everyone will see it then. All the Best!
  19. Toronto, this refers to us oldies on Medicare in the States. It is a battle that has been fought for years, with CB members going to Congress and meeting legislators to get it covered for us. Finally, success!
  20. FunTimes gave you the 'full' list to work from. Caffeine and ginger are at the top for most of us I think. Just hit it at the first twinge. I bet you will be a Happy Guy when that O2 arrives tomorrow! As suggested, some of the tricks will work for you and some will make it worse. You have to sort that out yourself. Hang in there, Wednesday is coming!!!
  21. Ginger!! Tea, candy, chews, etc. Ginger is great for shadows.
  22. Yep, Energy drinks! Or coffee. Have you had any yet?
  23. Are you asking if you will need more and more of the vitamins dose over time? Likely not. You may need to up your D temporarily at times, but then you take it back down. The others have remained the same. I've been taking it for years now and never an issue with needing to add more except D during certain times of year. So, not a worry.
  24. Awesome Shaun!! So nice to see her sitting up and 'doing' stuff!!! I bet that you have a song in your soul too! Congrats all around on her progress and may she go home soon!
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