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  1. An old one, but Testosterone injections have actually helped some CHers. Also the top dog for ED I think. That is actually a guess. But getting the T and Free T up to 'standard' levels was a big help for some a while back. It is an injection, so trip to the doc or do it yourself deal. Not bad to get the shot from what I have been told, but a nuisance to go to the docs for it every two weeks or once a month. But, hey ,if it helps, GO FOR IT!!! ATB!!!!
  2. Should work fine Jeebs. It is my 'poof you're dead' drink for shadows or threats Cheap too. Staying pain free is not a 'one size fits all'. The D3 is a huge help and keeps me P.F. from a cycle. That does not mean that I don't get hit! Life just flat gets in the way someday's and 'more' is needed.
  3. They are 200mg of caffeine. I likely have only mentioned it a few times. Most sheer away from downing the powder. But, like a BC powder, it does hit faster. I still do V8 Energy or iced coffee a lot too. But in a hurry and behind the 8 ball, this method works very quickly for me. Keeping some pills with me at all times is a plus too. Tiny and I can take them both ways.
  4. Pant-less is fine for critters and Pooh, but not Buzz!!! CHF, I have found that the caffeine pill seems to work better - make me feel that it is working better/faster, if I down something cold to swallow it. Likely all in my head, no pun intended, but it makes me happier and I think that affects my head in a positive way. Just a bit to pass on if/when you want to. The absolute fastest is to dump in the powder sans capsule and chase it with cold liquid. It's bitter, so I am chugging!!
  5. Jeebs, your guy lost his pants!!!!
  6. We do what we gotta do Jeebs. Glad it's working for ya! My heads been clear for a few weeks now.
  7. That is quite lovely Bosco!! Add a bunch of LED plant lights and a big fan and you are ready to grow!! That is also an amazing price for a great carpenter too!!!
  8. Watched 'Firestarter' yesterday Bosco. That kid should be blond and named Barrymore!!! I know, there is a new one coming out.
  9. Bosco, try that pic today and see if it will post. The file size is hopefully fixed now. Our last frost date is May 15th, so all that we have planted to date is potatoes, onions, snow peas, English peas, carrots, lettuce, radishes, beets and greens. The basement is full of starts in trays waiting for the 15 of May. So, the corn, beans, and other stuff waits. We have two big gardens. One 50' x 40' is my kitchen garden out back, one is 100' x 80' that is across the road in our lower pasture. Plus my raised bed for salads. We hope to have it all planted by June first. As does every farmer, we pray for 'good' weather at all times just to get it in!!! Your set-up is lovely. A green house is great for keeping bugs away from your veggies, along with the dang deer!! And you are safe from unsavory weather too! Color me jealous. Our winds are pretty strong, so a greenhouse is not on the list currently. In addition, the cost of the new 'Ag. Well' ate up most of the 'improvement' funds for the year!! Jeebs, you are right. We grow all veggies that we eat here. Currently more than we can eat!!!! The kids have all moved away.
  10. Happy Bicycle Day to you Pebbles!! That seems like a lifetime ago now.
  11. That bites! Yes, some do get the side switch thing. Some have it a the end of a cycle as I recall and others just have it. I don't so we can hope that someone with this variant will reply! Are you sure that it is a 'cycle' and not just a random hit? The weather has been weird, so randoms are more common with that. I do suppose that is too much to hope for since you are posting again.
  12. No Todd, I do not. But it has quite the track record. Let us know how your wife does after her shot please? I have not read through the entire thread, so you could do that and see if it was mentioned before. ATB!!!
  13. Welcome Hugh. Sorry you have CH, but very happy that you found us. At the top of this page is a pinned document that includes a list of recommended doctors in the US. It might not be terribly current, but it does list several doctors in Cali. Open that thread and it will take you to a list of docs. Click on the state and up pop the names. Best of luck!!
  14. I appreciate your civil and thoughtful response Bosco. Unfortunately I had to hide it as part of the quote was a problem and too much time had passed to edit the post. I have hidden the response from Juss for content unbecoming. It is not appropriate to attack another member or threaten havoc. So, now we can move on along with this thread if we want. Juss can delete it if he wants.
  15. Neither. I have tried to masssage the knot on the CH side of my neck during cycle, but it will not massage out.
  16. 'Remember you are your best advocate when it comes to your health!' Always Bosco, always!!!
  17. I have been there too. I had to bring in my husband to get the Neuro to believe me. Never mind my diagnosis, like yours, had been made by my primary doctor and O2 worked!! It is frustrating and infuriating. Like they think we can't have them as they are so bad a little ole girl certainly would not be able to handle them at all, ya know? Only men can, so only men get them!!!! I agree Fun Times!! That would be fun to do.
  18. Hello. But no can help. The emoji thing has been forever. The large file thing has been for about a year now. It sucks!!! Perhaps ThatHurtsMyHead will be able to offer us some hope.
  19. I used to record. But then I took it to the Neuro and he wanted nothing to do with it. So, that job was finished for me. My CH is pretty regular, so not a big issue for me at this point. But for figuring out your triggers and such, it is a good thing to do.
  20. Hmmm. Juss, how are you?
  21. I allowed my husband to pour cold water over my head. Then almost killed him with the exquisite pain that bloomed from that cold bucket of water. Bosco,some people find that nitrites/nitrates cause them to get hit and avoid bacon and all smoked meats along with blue cheese and its' kin along with a lot of other foods. But only in cycle!! Not all the time. I too tried the 'don't lean over thing for a long time!!! I would squat down with my chin up to pick up stuff cause to lean forward would give me a horrid shadow for hours after!! But I did 'test drive' this method my looking down on occasion. Yep, shadows. Once out of cycle, not an issue. For me it is not the leaning that does it, but when I straighten back up, that sets it off! 'Oh, barometric is higher down there than up here? REALLY???????????' LOL
  22. Good advice CHF. I do use the dose pack too, with good effect. Fewer days, but good relief for me. My Neuro just gives me a script for three of them per year. I am good till I go down to one a day. Perhaps I am just lucky there. And it is easier with a 'regular' doc to get that script if that is the way you have to go. It is amazing what a few days off can do for your mental health.
  23. Hey Annette. They might just do that - provide O2 for COPD. However, That will be a concentrator, which will not deliver the pure O2 that you need for CH or even enough of a flow to help.. You need 100% pure O2 from a non-rebreather mask with a high flow regulator and tank - not a concentrator with a cannula. Please take a moment and read the blue banner above for 'New Users' if you have not already done so. It will give you a lot of basic information. A lot of us have had to fight for O2, the best abortive out there. It is nuts. Medicare just approved it for CH so the oldies can get it now. Many of us, myself included, use a welding set-up for our O2. It is the same as medical, but comes in a heavy tank of steel as opposed to the medical aluminum tanks. So, it is heavier to haul around. It requires no script and is cheaper than medical. A lot of CHers on here will say that you are better off to find something else for preventing hits than triptans. Over time they can be bad for you, so many will search for another abortive to replace it. That may be just O2 or it may be the D3 Vitamin Regimen, or busting. You might ask your doctor for a short course of Prednisone to get a break from the hits. Long term use is bad for your hips and shoulders, but a short good break can be a huge help. Also, it's another drug that should not be taken for a long time due to damage to you body. It seems that with meds, we walk a knife edge over help on one side and harm on the other. We have to learn so much on our own it is nuts. But our health requires it. Stay with us and perhaps we can help steer you to a pain free future.
  24. Yes, Random shadows and hits too. Yes, they are scary as anything I have encountered. But, I look at the barometric pressure and usually see that it has dropped significantly and that caused the shadow or hit. I up my D if I get more than an occasional one in a short time frame. Or if it gets too steady, I know that stronger measures are needed.
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