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  1. Okay. Then I am lost as to what you are asking. Sorry. If you are getting good aborts at 10lpm, you must be doing something right! How long are you on the O2 per abort? Are you doing the 'post' breathing?
  2. Are you referring to the Clustermask or one you have been given to use with your O2?
  3. spiny


    Thanks Kat!!! Always nice to know of different options!!
  4. Best of luck Sahr!!! Yes, please report back and let us know how it worked for you! I am delighted that you got some relief.
  5. I think that you will add to Citizen Science by posting your personal results! I have heard yes and no to MM helping with migraines. One CHer has a wife with migraines. She was having one while prepping his MM for him. Her migraine went away! She still uses it for that so far as I know. It is worth a shot! We would appreciate your input if you try it, so please let us know about your personal experience! ATB
  6. Prevent it from working. Read the blue banner above - New Users, Read here first. You can type in the search bar at the top what topic you want to read about and it will bring up other threads where 'blocking' has been used. A SPUT will not make you high or make you trip. It is a tiny amount that can abort a hit.
  7. Triptans block the MM. You will get no benefit from them if you are taking triptans. So, if you can hang in there for five days, the MM should work. As a side note, some will take a SPUT, which is a small piece under tongue of a mushroom. You cannot do this daily either, but a SPUT in the middle of your detox period will not block your bust. A small piece is about the size of your thumbnail. Put it under your tongue or in your cheek for perhaps 30 minutes and it will often abort the attack. Perhaps this will help you get through that medicine free period that you need for success. Cheers!
  8. spiny


    Fun Times is correct. Make sure it is the 300 for Clusters, not the 100 for migraines. It has helped a lot of people.
  9. It appears that 20micrograms was the minimum that worked, if I read it correctly. That is a tiny amount, no? Maybe 10% of a tab? I'm not very knowledgeable regarding LSD.
  10. Are you trying Melatonin or Benadryl at night? I would add the Benadryl - 2 at bedtime. If they don't make you too sleepy, you can take one at a time during the day. Read the bottle. I do not suggest you add both at the same time. Your balance may be wonky and be an issue getting around during the night. So, perhaps try adding the Benadryl first. ATB!
  11. And the D3 Regimen! MM is not needed as often with the D3. In addition, making sure that I am not given Epinephrine for dental or surgical procedures. Avoid booze when I get a shadow, staying home when a pressure front is moving in and lowering the barometric pressure. I live on a mountain, so going down is fine, but returning will precipitate a hit anytime after September 21st or so. So, I do take other precautions so that I do not set myself up for a hit. Everything helps to some degree. But the most effective would be MM and D3. I have not had a full cycle in years now. Life is good.
  12. Many thanks Batch. That should cover it for me! Dave: I am Episodic. My cycles begin on the Fall Equinox and end on the Spring Eqininox. Unless something jumps in to add to that. So, I suppose that means about have my life if untreated. Before you ask, what kept me going was family and the holidays when I would get to see my kids and grands. Looked pretty rough, but I was there to enjoy!! Fortunately, being here has shown me the way to get PF and stay that way most of the time. I do have break through's caused by barometric pressure drops, surgery, illness. That sort of thing sti
  13. Love reading this Bryan!!! Congratulations and a big happy dance! Batch's D3 has helped many people attain PF status, which is altogether amazing. Vitamins, right? Now ya gotta love them!
  14. In an 'untreated' cycle, my hits are two hours, fifteen minutes. I get fifteen miuntes break and off to the next one - same 2 hours and fifteen minutes. So, that makes four hits per night, ending about 6am and I sleep from 6 to 8am. Kinda rough. Batch: Thank you!! A friend used the D3, Pepcid, and Zinc for COVID. I had missed the Pepcid part, but evidently it is safe even at high daily doses. Nice to know!
  15. Batch, off topic a bit, but I have a question. Why the Pepcid for COVID? I understand it helps, but not why. Any idea? Thanks!
  16. Wow!! A headache from the Prednisone? That shocks and sucks too!! Are you taking several pills per day, or one 50mg pill?
  17. The Pred is used to bridge - it stops the hits while the Verap builds up in your system. I am confused. If you have not been taking it, how would you 'ramp it up'? Yes, you should be taking it while on the Pred. The Pred buys you some Pain Free time while the Verap. builds up in your system to a therapeutic level. The idea is to take the Verap while taking the Pred and when you stop the Pred, the Verap has you CH under control. Does that make sense? You can't stay on Pred due to the joint damage it causes. So, you are not taking Verap now, but do you have a script for it? As for th
  18. FunTimes covered a lot of it Dave. You don't change the Verap that fast. Stay on your beginning dose for now. You do want the short acting, not the extended release version. Works much better for most of us. If it says 'EX' or 'ER' and take twice a day, that is extended. Ask for a change. D3: Doing the loading dose! It will help. K2 is available on Amazon. Your Pred, likely will get you pain free quickly. As you taper down that 50mg, you might get a return of your hits. Hopefully you can avoid that with the D3 and Verap. ATB!
  19. They stated that it would go through a review process before appearing. I think it should show in a day. Update: I received an email saying they received the comment. I also use Chrome.
  20. Botox: Some people find it helpful, others do not. Type Botox into the search bar and you can see what members who have tried it have to say about the effectiveness. Happy that you are getting on the D3 Regimen ASAP. Yes, you are taking several D3's when your are loading, but that intake does get reduced, so the fistful is not forever! Remember that you can still bust while taking Verap! A dose of 320 or less has been found not to interfere in most cases. So, you might try them again even if you are on Verapamil.
  21. It is an old medication. And has fallen out of common use due to the potential side effects. In addition, I don' think that it can be taken with any Triptans. Most doctors do not prescribe it as other medications with a 'safer profile' have taken its' place. It also conflicts with other medications. The D3 will take about a week and up to about three weeks to see the improvement. A few get immediate relief when they begin taking the vitamins. It is healthy and good for you. Its' biggest claim to fame is eliminating Ch completely for some and lowering the intensity of the hits and slowing
  22. If needed, you can take several pills to get to the 50k you want. May not be the one recommended by Batch, but it will get you the D3.
  23. Thanks for attaching the two articles. Nice info to have here.
  24. Happy Dance!!! That is wonderful Bryan!! I am so delighted for you. Your detailed log will help others to appreciate the value of the Regimen. Thanks for posting it!
  25. Welcome SEC!!! Sorry you need us, but this it the place to talk and get help. Yep. The beast morphs and surprises us with new torment. Just when we think that we have won, he goes 'bang' and then you are off to the races again. The D3: Your levels are low! I had to keep my D3 at 10,000/day all summer due to excess heat and rain. No sun for me either. So, yes, upping it should help a good bit. I used to be able to drop to 5,000/day in summer with gardening, but not this year. Sounds like you got stuck in that boat. You would like your levels to be above 80 and I prefer 100. As
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