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    Affective disorders suck. Also being stuck with one means that busting is not a good option, right Juss? And yet, it is thought that the lack of Serotonin is part of the cause of them along with CH!!! But those with a mild form, say SAD, can successfully bust. I suppose that means it adds up to low Serotonin can wreak havoc in many ways for many people. Additionally it bites for any CHer to have one with their CH!!!
  2. https://vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 This link will get you started on the D3 Regimen. It is the first one and what I follow mostly. You will find that 8k of D3 is insufficient. More is needed. Along with the co-factors. I use this year round for my CH. It works. ATB!!!
  3. Hey Denny!! Tell the anesthesiologist NO Epinephrine in the meds that they give you!! Really serious here my friend! That can save your bacon in the head department. One surgery with epi caused ten hits. One colonoscopy with epi ended up with me getting a general to stop the pain writhing I was doing. Yep, woke with a hit too and the nurse had my O2 and mask in hand the instant I sat up. TELL THEM!!! My records reflect the epi bit now. Everywhere!!! And they also state that I will have O2 at 15lpm and a non-rebreather with it and do not try to make me lie down. Tell the doctor too. Hells bells, tell them all!!! My family have had many fusions - from neck (My Dad) to thorasic (My youngest) to lumbar ( eldest and me) and we have all done very well post surgery. You are getting all my good juju, prayers, vibs to go with as well.
  4. And Enigma!!!! Along with some others on that album!
  5. Some more current picking music. I do live in the land of Doc Watson after all!!!
  6. Personally, I love Bill Withers. This is very short, but lovely in what it says.
  7. One of my favorite Prine songs. Just catching up on all the music posts!!!
  8. Happy Trails Freud!! I hope that FL is a lot better for you than anticipated!
  9. Jeebs, cold and I will try to kill whatever is close by!! Hubs barely survived!!! Hot on the lower parts. As it cools. add more hot. By the end of the hit, it could be waist deep and I was a lobster!!! But, the hit was gone.
  10. Copy video URL is what it says.
  11. I clicked on the image and took the first selection below 'loop' and you see what posted. This was up, so I tried it.
  12. Alan, that one has nice layers to it!!!
  13. I agree Xboss. I enjoy techno a lot too. My youngest recommended Infected Mushroom to me today. Most genres of music are great, at the right time. I enjoy ATB and others from that era of Techno. Love the layers in the music.
  14. Jon, isn't it awesome that her OB has had Chers before???? I am thrilled for mhowcroft!! And that the news is spreading in areas that desperately need it!!! Color me very happy! Far too many have had no support for many decades. As in been there, done that!!
  15. Yes, yes, yes!!!! Great solution! I would definitely pursue that option. She can state that due to your condition and location, this is an imperative for you. Run the D3 Regimen past her and see what you get there too! Since she is aware and helping CHers now, I suspect that she will approve it, perhaps with some limitations. Being a woman, she definitely understands the need for calcium and D to prevent osteoporosis. Please show her the protocol and see what she thinks. It does have an amazing track record.
  16. Too funny Xboss!! After you watch Acid Rain, a YouTube page pops up which includes a video on 'How to pick Liberty Caps'!!!! I enjoyed all three of the songs guys! The guitar was haunting and driving too Jon. The video to Anvil was pretty amazing Xboss! I look forward to additions to this thread!!!!
  17. Kmel2, I am so delighted for you!! O2 can make life much better with CH. Now you have a top line abort method on hand!!
  18. Here is the first early D3 Regimen protocol: https://vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 Batch's kids and grands are all taking the vitamins for general well being. I personally use this Regimen to prevent my clusters and have not had a full cycle in years thanks to it!! All healthy stuff.
  19. Hi mhowcroft! So happy that you found us. I must agree with the 'You need O2' statements above. I know that requiring O2 treatment for CH has been added to Medicare, so there may be hope in that area. Can you have your OB prescribe it and submit the request? Perhaps your insurance co. has also had to change their requirements for O2 needs. I do strongly suggest that you speak to the anesthesiologist regarding delivery! Epinephrine is well known for kicking off our heads and is usually in anesthesia. They need to know what this will do to you and formulate your meds accordingly. I have suffered my very worst CH post surgery and learned the hard way to tell them, not ask, tell! They should be able to accommodate your needs there. I sometimes wonder if the cycle set off post delivery is caused by the anesthesia as much as hormones? I had severe poison oak with my last one and was denied steroids too. Even though the mess was in my eye!!! It can be and is heartbreaking when they say 'NO!' Get your O2 set up now, either way that you have to do it. You will be grateful for the relief. Then utilize the 'non-busting' methods of treating your hits. Energy drinks, V8 Energy, or coffee. I highly doubt that it will keep you up. Feet in screaming hot water. Ginger tea or candy for 'shadows' - that lingering headache that drives us nuts on occasion. It can be a huge help. Read up, but I don't think it is contraindicated. And they abandoned the whole 'coffee during pregnancy is bad' a long time ago due to lack of fact. Besides, soon you won't be pregnant. I know that you will want to keep these internal additives to a minimum till you see how/if they affect your newborn. If you are getting nocturnal hits, then rest/sleep in a recliner with your heart above your head. You will wake sooner and be able to take action quickly if needed. Personally, I would investigate and not rely just on the dr. input. They can have limited knowledge in a lot of areas and just repeat a mantra to you that is not valid. All the best for you and your little one!!!
  20. Hot water was my main 'go to' for some years!!! Glad that it helped you so much!!
  21. spiny

    Eye pain

    Luis I know that you are delighted with that diagnosis!!
  22. Bosco, my MRI's come back with that damage too. So when I get forgetful, I blame it!!!
  23. Agreed! It does affect memory in my experience. So I wind up taking those pills for old folks to help with memory. They seem to help or the placebo effect is working!!! I'm old, so either way is just fine. Help is help!
  24. A great big hug A-Z!!! We are puzzles of many pieces, aren't we?
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