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  1. Rod H

    Just to put it in perspective

    What no toothache?
  2. Rod H

    Newly diagnosed CH

    Very well could be. At the top of the page there is a blue banner. Click it and read away. If it is your doc is right with the oxygen.
  3. Rod H

    o2 noob help please

    Oh yea I always chug some caffeine on the way to the o2.
  4. Rod H

    o2 noob help please

    1. Hyperventilating is good get as much pure o2 in your system as you can. You need a non rebreather mask. One with a bag and stay on the o2 for at least 5 min after the banging subsides. 2. Yes if your supplier doesn't give you one amazon sells em. Make sure the fittings match your tank. I don't know what tank you got so can't help with that yet.
  5. Btdt chug an energy drink and hit the o2.
  6. Hey man you got this. You've been there done that lets kick it again.
  7. Rod H

    My chronic CH are the result of a virus

    If someone was to ask me what caused mine? I would guess head trauma at a young age. That being said Ive been an outdoors person my whole life. So countless tick mosquito spider and bee stings. Could have caused mine I suppose. Truth of the matter is I dont really know and probably never will. I do know this place and the good people here have helped me get out of some really dark places in my mind. Just my .02.
  8. Rod H

    K Cure for Cluster headache?

    I had to look up boofed??? Haha that's extreme let me know if it works.
  9. Rod H

    K Cure for Cluster headache?

    Yes there is. its 5 grams of ground unicorn horn mixed with 1 gal of saber tooth cotton tail blood stirred with the tail feather of a yellow breasted twit drink 1 once ever hr till gone.
  10. Rod H

    What if there WAS a CURE?

    How do I know it's a parasite and not a booger?
  11. Rod H

    What if there WAS a CURE?

    So does one need a duck to suck the parasite slug out of there nose? Or can I substitute a guinea fowl? Do I need to wait 5 days in between? So many questions. I hope this cure works.
  12. Rod H

    Kings of pain

    How bout them hawkeyes.
  13. Rod H


    Glad you are back.
  14. Rod H

    Kings of pain

    I can't wait to watch this reality show on the history channel. Actually sign me up.
  15. Rod H

    New sufferer with questions about O2

    My best advise would be make friends with a local welder. They will know where what who and why for your area. I have medical o2 that is my 1st line of defense the welding tanks are my 2nd.