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  1. Been coming here since 2015 my life is significantly better since I found answers to my ?s
  2. I need guitars all of em
  3. Love all of these tunes but where is Rush 2112?
  4. I've been with the same company for 31 years. I get hit I go home and come right back. I manage a grocery store with 200 employees. It sucks when I'm in cycle but I just have to power thru. Thank God for this place. It has made it alot more bearable. Freud I read most of your posts hang in there.
  5. I have had similar experiences with the same combo of meds. Doesn't stop the cycle for me but definitely helps some cycles.
  6. I always have tinnitus when in cycle. Long before covid was even thought of.
  7. No nitrous is a trigger.
  8. Never surrender to the beast.
  9. Hang in there kat I've been in cycle since April 22nd. If this was easy we wouldn't be here. You got this
  10. Melatonin makes it worse for me and a few others here.
  11. I wouldn't stop the verapamil until 2 weeks after the prednisone. Usually I get hit 1 day after the prednisone taper is over. I would also associate your disconnect with the prednisone and not the verapamil.
  12. Yea it didn't help me after a week I went back to verapamil. Which really hasn't been that great this time around either.
  13. No not on the 1st day but I've had pred stop cycles before.
  14. Great news on the pf nights and new dr. I wouldn't rule out taking the indo if it works it maybe you have a smart Dr. trying to rule out hc. Figure out your o2 it is a life changer. Because when the prednisone stops you may need it if this course doesn't stop your cycle.
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