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  1. Rod H

    Newbie here from Iowa

    I hear ya. The number that I usually pay attention to lowering is the kip scale when in cycle. The rest can wait til the hell is over and I'm a painfree functioning adult again.
  2. Rod H

    Newbie here from Iowa

    I wouldn't hesitate on the energy drinks. They're cheap they work and you don't need a prescription. Chug one at 1st indication of an attack. They won't keep you up after an attack either.
  3. Rod H

    Newbie here from Iowa

    Have you tried energy drinks yet?
  4. Rod H

    Newbie here from Iowa

    Hickory park is a landmark restaurant in ames best bbq around. Jeff if you run into o2 problems and your willing to drive I can help.
  5. Rod H

    Newbie here from Iowa

    It's all good. If your ever back this way the offer stands for hickory park. Call it payback for the mint tea recipe.
  6. Rod H

    Newbie here from Iowa

    Tell ya what meet me at hickory park and Ill buy.
  7. Rod H

    Newbie here from Iowa

    2nd paragraph uni is not in ames.
  8. Rod H

    Newbie here from Iowa

    Welcome. I usually check in every 3 days when I'm out of cycle. Daily when in, which I'm not. Hopefully with what you gather for an arsenal here you can extend your time between attacks. That being said if you need someone to vent to I get it and I'm close. I've never met anyone else with clusters personally.
  9. Rod H

    Newbie here from Iowa

    Jeff fellow Iowan here. I'm in Winterset. Moxie uni is in Cedar Falls isu is in ames. But everyone knows iowa city is where the best college is at. Jeff I've been battling the beast for 18 years. This place has definitely given me some pain free time. Read the whole sight and ask away we are here to help.
  10. Rod H

    Simple Technique to Abort Headaches Right at Onset!

    Wow if this is the cure? How come you have to keep doing it? I would thinl a cure would be once and done. Never to be afflicted again.
  11. Rod H

    Australians beware

    History is just repeating itself.
  12. Rod H

    How does the Beast return?

    Sounds normal to me. Don't be scared kick him back square. When the bad ones come I just remember the good things in life and know it's only temporary.
  13. Rod H

    How does the Beast return?

    For me the 1st sign is I can feel the weather changing. The 1st ch attack is usually a 6 and usually shows up after some adult beverages. The 8 and ups show there lovely face a couple of nights later usually 45 min after I fall asleep.
  14. Rod H

    From 75 kilograms to 88

    Don't let the beast win. Exercise is proven to help beat the depression to. Make a routine and set goals.