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  1. Rod H


    My best advice would be to get your own o2 set up through a welding supplier. That and read this whole site. All kinds of help here but we have to be our own advocate. And don't take no for an answer from your dr. Get a new one that will listen and help they are out there.
  2. I've done alot of push ups myself. Still do so I'm ready when they come back....
  3. Yes I sweat profusely pre ch and during. The night sweats are the worst. Wake up soaking wet in bed like u just got a 5 gal bucket of slime dumped on ya. It's great.
  4. Rod H

    Avoid attacks for a short time

    Prednisone will usually do the trick. I hate the stuff but it will stop the attacks while it's in my system.
  5. Rod H

    Doctor vs Patient

    Monster,red bull,rock star all energy drinks with alot of caffeine and taurine. 5hr energy works to but doesn't taste as good.
  6. Hey I am super in educated in all this Cluster Headache stuff as I just found out from going to the ER that this what I am experiencing.

    So what's the deal with the energy drinks theory??

    Sorry I really don't know much of any thing , the DE, the oxygen and the other pills I've read on here so far.

    1. ACEs9


      In should be *uneducated

    2. Rod H

      Rod H

      Any high caffeine intake will help some. Right before an attack is best. The more the better it helps open up the constriction that causes the pain best explanation I can offer.

  7. Rod H


    Yes in cycle I have constant ringing. It does go away for me out of cycle.
  8. Rod H

    Has melatonin made CH worse for anyone?

    I've had similar experiences as well with melatonin.
  9. Rod H

    What is the divorce rate?

    Just curious seems like every time I get these damn things I get a Lil closer to the big d.
  10. Rod H

    Cleaning O2 Mask and hose

    Wipe it off with rubbing alcohol. Should be good to go.
  11. Rod H

    hi guys. questions

    Was out of o2 all I had was energy drinks. Did alot of push ups that night. Usually my slapbacks seem worse then an actual cluster different type of pain n longer lasting.
  12. Rod H

    hi guys. questions

  13. Rod H


    Read all of the cluster buster files the info you seek is in there
  14. Rod H


    Thanks to this place. I've been coming here for awile now. Started another cycle about 1.5 months ago. This is my 2nd cycle since I've found mecca for me. The advice, ideas, and support I've found has been a blessing. The knowledge I've found here has made this cycle the most bearable I've had to date. Just wanna say thanks for all the help,knowledge, and advise I've found. If your new here and reading this there is no cure yet but there is hope.
  15. Rod H

    Trying to stay positive

    This should be pinned we have all been there!