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  1. I'm back to this board after 2 years of complete relief. Two years ago I got slammed with chronic CH after a 10 year remission. Previously I'd always been eposodic with one a day max at the same time in the evening so when they came back chronic I was totally unprepared and this forum was a total life saver. I was suggested to start the D3 starting with 50K daily dosing along with the other vitamins. At about the same time my PC doc referred me to an excellent neurosurgeon who immediately started me on Verapamil 120 mg and made sure I had all the oxygen I needed along with a good stock of Imitrex. He also wrote me a script for a 12 lpm regulator but I got a 25 lpm from Amazon. I'm not sure if it was the D3 and vitamins or the Verapamil or the combo but within a day my attacks went from one every 1 - 2 hours 24 hours a day down to 3 a day and then to 1 a day and within about 5 days to none. Over the next few months my neurosurgeon gradually increased my Verapamil dosage to 480 daily which took care of all my shadow headaches and I haven't had any type of a headache since. Then, last week almost to the day when my chronic sessions flared up 2 years ago, my cardiologist took me off of Verapamil as he was concerned it may interact with some new meds he wanted me to take. I've missed taking my verapamil up to a few days at a time with no consequences so perhaps this was just my cycle firing up again. Within a day my CH's started up again chronic and quickly spiraled from 2 or 3 a day to one every 30 - 45 minutes. I immediately got with my Neurosurgeon and Cardiologist and restarted Verapamil but this time it didn't help. My neurologist also explained about Emgality and wrote a prescription for the CH 300 mg dosing but was out of samples. Unfortunately my Emgality RX has been caught up in insurance delays but today my neurologist he finally got ahold of some samples of Emgality at the initial Migrane dosing of 2 x 120 mg which I started today. I' m now a few hours without any headaches and even my wife commented that I look like I'm back. She claims that she can tell by looking at me whenever my cycle starts and that my facial expressions and other things change whenever I'm in one of my cycles. I'm hopeful that this time I'm done for a while. This site and the forum have been a real life saver for myself and so many others. I can't thank everyone enough for their care, and genuine concern. I am sincerely grateful.
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