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  1. cant hurt to try oxygen. I used to always think going to sleep was the only way to deal with them as well. what i would actually end up doing is just taking enough over the counter whatever to incapacitate myself from trying to fight the pain and just cringe in bed for 90 min until i pass out..
  2. I tried taking verapamil but it made me feel very sick as well so i decided to stop taking it. I do my best to stay away from pharmaceuticals and try just to use more 'earthly' remedies. i dont like all the nasty side effects of prescription drugs and the thought of poisoning my body. however i know the struggle of battling with clusters and during a nasty cycle im pretty much willing to try anything. oxygen is always number one and energy drinks are usually close at hand. im no doctor but the 2 main things i would try... make sure you dont have an empty stomach gingerale or any form or ginger. maybe try a ginger tea with some natural honey and lemon
  3. maybe try a welding supply company. I have seen quite a few posts recommending this for people who have trouble getting it medically has your neurologist given you a prescription for oxygen yet? the 'cluster head' excuse from the neurologist sounds a bit disingenuous. an oxygen company usually doesnt care why you need oxygen if you have a prescription. Once i had my prescription i was able to find a medical oxygen supplier on my own.
  4. Hello Soldiers, Oxygen is without a doubt number one when it comes to CH treatments. I have seen a number of posts from people newly diagnosed who have trouble getting oxygen, so i thought i might share my experience and resources. At the moment i do not have medical insurance. Im not sure if that plays a part in filling oxygen prescriptions but i know it makes a difference when finding a doctor. After meeting with their neurologist, I received a prescription for oxygen from Red Crescent Clinic of Tampa Bay. In addition to oxygen I was also given a prescription for verapamil and one or two other medications which i didn't bother with. This visit only cost me a $10 donation. I found the staff sympathetic and very willing to help. Once i found Florida Oxygen and Transfilling i was able to get my oxygen prescription filled the following day with no trouble at all (I believe they have a number of CH patients already) and once again was treated incredibly well by the owner, Jason. They have just about every size tank you could need. Their business card says they do deliveries and have 24 hour service. I have 4 size E tanks that i keep in my truck pretty much all the time. Hope someone finds this helpful. pf wishes to all
  5. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! hope everyone has a pain free and wonderful thanksgiving keep those remedies close if need be gobble till you wobble!
  6. update ~ Friday 11-22. ~ morning was rough woke up with mounting pain and had a hard time mentally keeping it together. luckily I was able to avoid a serious attack by downing some coffee, a red bull and using oxygen on my way to work. it actually turned out to be a good day, I did feel one starting later that night but was able to abort it again with a big cup of coffee. Saturday 11-23 ~ woke up this morning with another oncoming cluster. already had my coffee and I'm currently using oxygen. going to try forced inhale to capacity and exhale to limit. saw this mentioned by an experienced member and figured id give it a try. also most likely going to try a bust today.. crisis averted. happy Saturday hope everyone is well
  7. they are back.. they took a break for about 2 weeks. I thought they were gone, but last night I got my ass handed to me and the oxygen had almost no effect! NOOO!!! >;( they've been ramping up the past 4 or 5 days. usually one in the late morning one around midnight. last night was horrible! the oxygen usually always helps but I went through 2 1/2 tanks last night. was up all night until maybe about 3am finally fell asleep on the edge of my bed with the mask on. I feel like I haven't had a good nights rest in over a week. I got a break for about 2 weeks or so after my third MM dose. I wasn't able to take them exactly as recommended.. I did them 6 and 7 days apart I believe. I am actually pleasantly surprised. after I tried using MM to bust my last cycle with no sustained benefits I got somewhat discouraged. Maybe its time to try busting again?
  8. this is interesting. I had always thought I had some sort of sinus problem when I was getting headaches regularly in the past. before I realized clusters were even a real thing. i have tried just about every kind of medication you can think of to no avail. even bought one of those little machine dingys that flush your sinus' feels great. doesn't help. i will definitely look into this
  9. Im just trying to find out if other people are beginning a cycle at this time. i have gotten a slight headache for about 3 days in a row and thats usually how my cycle starts and gets worse from there. I dont always get 2 cycles a year and this time the pain has switched to my right eye. using oxygen did help but i just want to know if others are beginning a fall cycle as well or if these are some other headache or migraines...
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