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  1. And how does oxygen help ?
  2. When I click blue banner all it talks about is busting. I’m hoping to get advice on whether what I am describing sounds like a CH?
  3. But how do I really know that it is CH? About 6 weeks ago I started getting this headache every single day around the same time (2pm). It would start in behind my right eye mainly at first and my jaw and sinuses would hurt. Light sensitivity and it would then encompass my entire head and back of neck. Even trying to move my head intensifies the pain. This has continued on for 6 weeks now and the only thing that helped was going to sleep (I was taking Benadryl thinking it was allergies, Tylenol that didn’t remotely touch the pain, I tried stopping caffeine and adding back in. I can’t use ibuprofen. I tried more water intake and even not skipping meals. Nothing alters the headache and once they start i have to sleep it off, and with that sometimes I wake with the headache even worse. I finally saw my PCP the other day and they said it sounded just like CH and prescribed Imitrex and said I may possibly need O2 or IV treatment if I can’t get under control with Imitrex. So far Imitrex does lessen the intensity of the headache but I can tell it’s still there. Almost the way it feels as it normally starts, but doesn’t get beyond that. So I don’t know that I’d say that’s successful. Does this sound like CH to you guys?
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