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  1. Thank you!! And back in 2016 that’s where I first got my oxygen from and thankfully I haven’t needed it since then. But like I said a cycle just recently started but my nuerologist actually found that’s where I got it from before and they made the delivery today. Im waiting on a call back to see if they can call me in sumatriptan injections since I read here that they work better. Thanks again for responding!
  2. Also no I’m not Jill? I’m a new user and came across clusterbusters yesterday and think it’s a great idea to get To get the word out there on cluster headaches, everyone claims they know what we’re going through but nobody knows until you have one
  3. They was actually able to find It today and I have it being delivered tommorow. I stopped my meds for awhile when I wasn’t getting any headaches for a couple months thinking I was finally in the clear, wasn’t a smart idea. For the most part the gabapentin does help but comes with a little bit of drowsiness. If I’m wake and I start to get a cluster and I feel it comming the sumatriptan along with a red bull takes it away pretty fast. Today I was prescribed Emgality 3 100mg injections + my oxygen is comming tommorow, I’m optimistic the emgality will work but we’ll see I’ve seen it takes 3-7 days
  4. I’m 28yrs old and diagnosed with episodic cluster headaches. I’ve been battling the beast since I was 16 years old. Just recently I was in remission for almost a year and a half then about a week I got 1 small cluster and I knew something was up. The next day 3am in the morning I was on my basement floor with tears comming down my face helpless with no relief until I eventually passed out. I’m prescribed 1800mg of gabapentin a day 180mg of verapamil a day and have 100mg sumatriptan tablets. In the past I was able to get oxygen which was a life saver but the place that supplied closed. My nuro
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