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  1. Rod H


    So what's up with freud?
  2. Rod H

    New sufferer with questions about O2

    My best advise would be make friends with a local welder. They will know where what who and why for your area. I have medical o2 that is my 1st line of defense the welding tanks are my 2nd.
  3. Rod H

    New sufferer with questions about O2

    A new tank is around $150 empty depending on size. Ive found a few old ones for way less. Last time I swapped one it was $40 at napa. Try Craigslist and garage sales. For used ones.
  4. Rod H

    New sufferer with questions about O2

    My local Napa will swap out an empty tank for a full one. Just like a propane tank.
  5. Rod H

    New sufferer with questions about O2

    Look up cga 540 o2 regulator on amazon those will fit a welding tank.
  6. Rod H

    New sufferer with questions about O2

    There are medical regulators that fit welding tanks. Amazon has them. They screw on. I want to say cg540 attachment I could be wrong. There are 2 types you don't want the kind with 2 pins and a compression screw. You want the one with a big nut on the end.
  7. Rod H

    Another score

    City wide garbage sale today. One of my treasures was a new to me welding O2 tank. $35 with a 2 wheel cart.
  8. Rod H

    Do you know they're coming?

    For me I can feel when the weather is about to change and the ears ring more then normal. I forgot to add night sweats. I will soak the bed with sweat pre clusters.
  9. Rod H

    My arsenal thus far

    Instead of redbull try Rockstar punched tastes way better and has 230mg of caffeine. It is usually cheaper to. Saranac ginger beer is a fav of mine as well.
  10. Rod H

    New, English and Confused .

    Sorry about your situation. When your cycle ends keep getting your monthly refills. Stock pile so you are ready for the next episode. Keep reading and ask away. This place has helped me more then my good Dr.s have.
  11. Rod H

    Exercise / Running while in Cycle

    I've had luck with push ups holding them at bay. At 47 yrs of age it's not my 1st line of defense but it does help.
  12. Rod H

    Exercise / Running while in Cycle

    Sounds like you have a good handle on it. I have the same triggers plus the weather gets me to. Just to have an activity that clears the mind is a savior.
  13. Rod H

    Exercise / Running while in Cycle

    I'm not a runner. I walk alot thou and I wouldn't stop training. Just for the fact that exercise helps with depression. When I'm in cycle I usually walk more and never get hit on my walks usually after thou I can count on one.
  14. Rod H

    Tyramine 'cheese syndrome' interesting

    No vino for my liquid diet either.
  15. Rod H

    Emergency room experiences anyone?

    I'm in a small town and know all the staff. So the one time I ran out of o2 on a sun night they hooked me up in less then 2 min of going thru the door. They asked me if I wanted fentynal and we're shocked when I said hell no. Just 02 15 min later I was back to normal. Just as my dr walked in to see me.
  16. Rod H

    Simple Technique to Abort Headaches Right at Onset!

    Wow if this is the cure? How come you have to keep doing it? I would thinl a cure would be once and done. Never to be afflicted again.
  17. Rod H

    Australians beware

    History is just repeating itself.
  18. Rod H

    How does the Beast return?

    Sounds normal to me. Don't be scared kick him back square. When the bad ones come I just remember the good things in life and know it's only temporary.
  19. Rod H

    How does the Beast return?

    For me the 1st sign is I can feel the weather changing. The 1st ch attack is usually a 6 and usually shows up after some adult beverages. The 8 and ups show there lovely face a couple of nights later usually 45 min after I fall asleep.
  20. Rod H

    From 75 kilograms to 88

    Don't let the beast win. Exercise is proven to help beat the depression to. Make a routine and set goals.
  21. Rod H

    Australians beware

    Well we do live in a nanny state world. Put your seat belt on or you owe us $300. That way we can buy someone who doesn't want to work a 12pk of soda and twinkies. ....
  22. Rod H


    Picked up 2 welding o2 tanks from a buddy for $40 today. Nice edition to the arsenal.
  23. Rod H


    That being said there is no cure. Yet. But we can all help each other get through our affliction if we keep it positive. We have a enough negative going on already.
  24. Rod H


    I'm a butcher but I'm not a militant. Militants imply their belief is the only truth. I believe everyone should walk their own path. Peace...and I truly am a butcher.
  25. Rod H


    No way not gonna happen