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  1. Rod H

    They’re back after 5 years

    Good luck
  2. Rod H

    Oxygen ROCKS

    No nitrous is a trigger.
  3. Rod H

    Another sleepless night

    Never surrender to the beast.
  4. Rod H

    Another sleepless night

    Hang in there kat I've been in cycle since April 22nd. If this was easy we wouldn't be here. You got this
  5. Rod H

    Ramp up. Need help

    Melatonin makes it worse for me and a few others here.
  6. Rod H

    Please help with verapamil quetions

    I wouldn't stop the verapamil until 2 weeks after the prednisone. Usually I get hit 1 day after the prednisone taper is over. I would also associate your disconnect with the prednisone and not the verapamil.
  7. Rod H

    Quercetin! Very effective treatment for me!

    Yea it didn't help me after a week I went back to verapamil. Which really hasn't been that great this time around either.
  8. No not on the 1st day but I've had pred stop cycles before.
  9. Great news on the pf nights and new dr. I wouldn't rule out taking the indo if it works it maybe you have a smart Dr. trying to rule out hc. Figure out your o2 it is a life changer. Because when the prednisone stops you may need it if this course doesn't stop your cycle.
  10. Rod H


    Drs. Are like carsalesmen and lawyers. Keep looking till you find one you trust and like. Remind em they work for you. They're people to and if you find one that will listen you got it made. I think alot of patients automatically bow down to a dr just because their a dr. Don't most want to help just be firm remind em you have this shitty disease and you need o2. It's not addictive and has no side effects. It just doesn't make big pharma rich. If that dr won't listen find one that will.
  11. Rod H


    Sorry dehabel I called you sir in another thread. You should get relief today from the prednisone. I prolly would wait until your done with that before starting the emgality. Melatonin is sold with the vitamins and the gummy ones are good. I would wait on the depakote as well. If you get o2 you can take alot less meds. And there is no side effects to o2 and it stops most of my clusters in 5 min or so.
  12. Rod H

    When you know better but do it anyway!

    Triptans such as imitrex, zomig ,sumatriptan, relpax etc...Will stop the headache your having for now and give you 2 later with over use dehabel. Don't drink the robo either sir.
  13. Rod H

    Started D3 Regimen three days ago

    You need o2 it is a game changer and life saver. Used properly it will change your outlook on clusters.
  14. Rod H

    Started D3 Regimen three days ago

    Dehabel have you tried the prednisone yet? I find it is a good crutch to get some pain free time. It's not gonna stop your cycle but it will buy you some time for the d3 and verapamil kick in. As far as patience goes I'm sorry but your gonna need it the only thing that I've found that is fast acting with this is oxygen and caffeine. And that doesn't stop the cycle either.
  15. Rod H


    Benadryl is proven to help. Just be advised there are some that will come here and say cure. There isn't one ,but you can find ways to make clusters tolerable and life worth living. You will also find someone who can relate with your experiences here. Welcome
  16. Rod H


    Dehabel I've been here a few years now and this is the 1st I've heard of chugging robotussin for clusters. So take some of what you read with a grain of salt and feel free to ask before you try something that isn't proven.
  17. Rod H

    Me again... prednisone

    Short term steriods work to stop the attacks.
  18. Rod H

    Oxygen from Primary Care?

    There is also welding tanks. You wouldn't need a script for that. Buy one tank and you can exchange it for a full one like propane. My local napa offers that service. $42
  19. Rod H


    Call out the bully. Your input is valuable.
  20. Rod H

    Quercetin! Very effective treatment for me!

    Thanks for your concern. I've been around here awhile so I'm familiar with all options available. The quercetin I bought is in 1000mg capsule and is recommended for 2 a day which I have been taking 1 every 12hrs. I'll be honest as of last night the train went off the tracks and not putting much faith in it working for me. But I will give it 2 weeks for a fair shot. Unfortunately I have to wear a covid mask at work and I think it has triggered this episode and is making it worse. So with my lacking of o2 intake is anything gonna work?
  21. Rod H

    Has anyone tried emgality?

    Good advice.
  22. Rod H

    Quercetin! Very effective treatment for me!

    I haven't used verapamil or pred since Thursday of last week. Paid for that fri night. So started the quercetin sat am got hit 1x sat eve late. Was mild then again sun eve late 1x again mild. Is it quercetin? I don't know just trying to get to 5 days of no pred. Will continue to report. Last fri was hell thou every 70 min kip 8-10 drank 7 Rockstars and went through 2 tanks of o2.
  23. Rod H

    Quercetin! Very effective treatment for me!

    Well I'm giving quercetin a shot. I've been in cycle since April 22 and have just been using pred and verapamil for meds. O2 and Rockstar to abort. Will keep ya posted today is day 1.
  24. Rod H


    Why sad Bof? I've been busy with work and have only been here marginally late at night during my o2 sessions hopefully your practicing your dance moves.
  25. Rod H


    Brain how the heck are you doing?