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  1. Sure it's not mine a fellow cluster buddy made it.
  2. I have the same experience as you xboss.
  3. Happy holidays to all my fellow cluster buddies. Wish you all pain free time.
  4. Get the o2 and read every thread on this site. Ch changes and morphs for about everybody. But the tools are here as is the support.
  5. It is lonely at the top. That is why we have this place.
  6. Have your Dr write me the same script.
  7. I got time to decide. Part of me wants to believe that I would have less cycles in the az or nm arid climates. But I have no real data for that. I did live in AZ all through high school and never had an attack. But I never had an attack until I was 26.
  8. I've got at minimum 8 yrs to retire. My clusters are always affected by the weather. So I'm planning now. I'm in the Midwest. And I'm outdoorsy.
  9. Keep writing your words resonate with me. You have beat this before you will beat it again.
  10. If ur gonna leave a poop stamp may I suggest nutella?
  11. I've been in high cycle for bout a week. I danced with pickles yesterday afternoon and when the dancing stopped the beast tossed me around for a bit. Got close to a full night's sleep. I've found the only person in my household who understands is my dog. Wife and kids go there own way. No sense in sharing this pain with others. Gives me time to plan my great road trip in retirement.
  12. My mom can't learn anything cuz she already knows it all.
  13. I'm gonna fwd that to my mom. Now that she is 72 maybe she will stop offering aspirin.
  14. Thanks. The exchange is $35 here. Ive bought my tanks at farm sales I paid $105 for 1 with an old welder and $40 for the other.
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