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  1. Thx CHF just don’t want to fumble with knobs when in crisis mode. And saving 02 means less trips to the depot. Also I have 3 tanks and having built in valves makes it easier and less chance of forgetting valves and literally no set up times etc. Here in Canada I just pay for the tanks 45$. I’ll keep looking and god bless you for all your hard work and knowledge
  2. I’m looking to conserve 02. My welding tank is an ALBEE TANK which are like bbq tanks at my supplier when empty I just take the old one in and swap out for a full one. They have a built in regulator with an on off switch and a flow rate dial which goes up to 45lpm so when I’m doing my breathing technique which is hyperventilate to expel all existing air in my lungs then one big breath in and hold for 30 seconds I gotta turn off the dials which is a pain cause it usually take 3to 4 times like this to abort. So ya it’s to save 02 and get rid of all the fumbling around. So does anyone have info on where to buy and how the work?
  3. Try glass of water before and after food. Makes for easier digestion. Smaller portions with more meals per day. Spread out the food intake. And as per above something to assist with digestion. are her headaches more active right now than usual?
  4. Anyone point me to website to buy a demand valve? I have the 02 kit mask now but saw video with Bill talking about demand valve saves 02. im using welding 02 tank presently. How does it work and anything else info I can get! graciously thankful
  5. What do y’all think about getting vaccinated while in cycle? Any thoughts?
  6. Just diagnosed with mild asthma and was wondering if anyone had experienced cluster headaches being brought on by using the inhaler medication? Or if it could be a trigger? thx
  7. Anyone out there experiencing increased pressure or something worse since December 21st. just wondering?
  8. Hi, can one of you good folks point me to the latest most current updated and possibly simple format/regime for the VD3 forever in your debt CB PEOPLE!
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