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About Me

In 2013 I was diagnosed, confirmed ICD, with Cluster headaches and Migraines. Through the years I let it get out of hand. In 2019 I took over, fired the doctors, and haven't looked back. 

I have other pain syndromes, Fibromyalgia, Stiff Person Syndrome, and Chronic Pain Syndrome. Then, you can throw in DDD and all the spine troubles (if you want).

I stopped letting doctors write scripts when I realized how much of my life that I lost. 

My background is theoretical, allowing me to discern the science behind all of this; however, my background is Financial Economics, Accounting, Economic Development, and Urban Planning (PC for Real Estate Development). My passion is the humanities, but what I am to do with that? Preach on top of a hill? 

Before this madness, and two massive spinal fusions, my background was in controls, refrigeration (AC/R), and I did the plumbing (water heaters, leaks, etc), some electric (ballasts, panels), during the slow periods. I also specialized in Oil Heat, hated Hydronics, and the basics, heat pumps/ground source heat pumps, furnaces, and when it used to get cold around here, a shitload of oil heat. 



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