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  1. I don’t remember who it was that told me about drinking energy drinks during my last cycle back in October but I want to say “THANK YOU”! I was skeptical of drinking a monster energy drink or red bull during an attack but after trying it and then getting on the O2 it was a game changer for me. 5-10 minutes and headache aborted. For anyone that hasn’t tried this I’d suggest giving it a try to see if it works for you. you may just be as surprised as I was
  2. I did think it could be the weather since in Ontario Canada we’ve gone from +20 to -5 Celsius a few times over the last couple weeks. I’m hoping that is the case but who knows. They’ve been back for about the same time period so fingers crossed with more stable weather and barometric pressure systems they go as quick as they came
  3. Well they’re back… after going through my longest cluster period Oct 25-Dec4 last year I thought I’d be good for a few years. To my surprise I’m dealing with them again…but on the right side of my head where as the last period was my left side. I can’t remember from years past which side was normal. Does anyone else have the pain switch sides? Either during a cycle or at the start of a new cycle?
  4. This getting wicked…went 4 days without any attacks…not even a shadow and then today had 4 attacks. No rhyme or reason. So frustrating
  5. Ahh good call. I’ll have to check to make sure. Thx as always!
  6. Thx Jon for the input. I’m not a huge fan of energy drinks myself but we all know when we’re at our wits end we’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll try and find the 5hr shots. The “monster” energy drinks I’m buying right now are sugar free with i belive 145mg caffeine and 2000mg taurine.
  7. Just wondering how many drinks in a day is too many lol have had 2 473ml drinks today and at the moment battling another attack contemplating having another drink
  8. I have been chugging half a monster energy drink before hitting oxygen and the aborts are going fairly well. Pain scale starts at 8-9/10 and decreases to 3-4 within 10-15 minutes and then subsides all together.
  9. Damnit….thought I was getting over my cycle with few shadows here and there and for the past 2 hours been dealing with a bad attack….non rebreather hasn’t helped…tried the car….now back on non rebreather after chugging an energy drink….next is imitrex damnit…..so frustrating
  10. Wow cheap! In Canada (Ontario) at least I found out my provider does in fact have M tanks but they won’t let me pick them up myself. They charge a delivery fee and want to come in home to secure them so they don’t fall since they’re heavy I guess?? I just chose to keep 5 E tanks at the house right now. Insurance pays for 90% of the cost so no big deal
  11. I use frozen clothes and while it’s freezing cold it alleviates the sharpe pains while on o2
  12. *Update* I received my non rebreather mask in the mail and used it today at 10lpm and aborted an attack in about 12-15 minutes. Went through 1/4 of an E tank but small price to pay to abort one!!!
  13. I should have mentioned I was on verapmail basically since 2001 and I was taking 240mg twice daily until about a year ago when my doctor thought it might be ok to start tapering off. I’m down to 40mg twice daily. could this be why the cycle came back? Should I ask to bump up the dosage again. The reason we started the taper was because I was constantly exhausted and had low blood pressure
  14. I got a hold of my dr today and he said years back we tried to break the cycle with a prednisone taper for 10 days. I can’t remember if it worked or not. has anyone tried it? With it without success?
  15. My wife asked for a larger tank this morning when she called and E tanks are their biggest. They obviously don’t treat CH that often. They are more sleep apnea and copd focused.
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