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  1. I do the monster with painkillers because the caffeine and taurine helps, can drink it far quicker than a cup of coffee and the caffeine does helps speed along/increases effectiveness of most painkillers, there is a reason it is an active ingredient in tylenol for example. As to how many, I tend to 3 a day, but only the 0 sugar, no need to chug hundreds of calories a day.
  2. Johnny is a good one. This one hits all kind of feels as does the original for different reasons. Speakinf of lost singers. Bop by Dan is one of my moms faves. This goes into the 'hometown' list. More familiar might be "She ain't pretty" One more for the lost
  3. See now you are bringing back some old memories from my parents. My dad absolutely loves Stompin Tom.
  4. Well, to be fair, he did learn a thing or two from Charlie don't you know. And his dad did run whiskey in a big black dodge.
  5. I am the same, Phantom of the opera and Ministry on the same playlist. Edit: Phantom, the London cast, to be precise.
  6. @JussSeems our tastes align, tend to put on 80's or early 90's and crank it, singing along, rocking letting my leg bounce in time, all as a distraction, my headphones are a got to for a bad one. Is on right now.
  7. For what it is worth, when I did the DHE protocol in hospital, it scrambled my usually predictable times. Kept them scrambled for several weeks.
  8. I do notice that they tend to hit me right after exertion or stress. In the period I am relaxing or coming off an adrenaline hit. The more exertion or stress, usually the harder the hit. IIRC there is a phenomenon that the brain 'pain gates' a newer or sufficient pain will temporarily block one pain so you register the second. Likely far more complicated than that.
  9. This will be the fourth time I have tried to respond to this, you did warn it was a trigger. In part of the same boat, was working as a remote site medic, with chronic but at that time it was 2-3 a week, never enough of a pain free break to be considered episodic, now even that was getting tiring, so went and tried topirimate, it helped, down to about one a week, then the kidney stone, then being taken off the topirimate, then it went insane, 6-10 a day and just like that I was done that line of work, fast forward several years, took a long time to realize this is the new normal and am exploring home business, things I can do when it is not a kip 10, or in between hits, can work my own time in my house. Even something small like painting miniatures can bring in money, crafts, editing. I had to kind of go from a 'job' mindset to a 'anything to bring in money'
  10. Pretty sure it can be forgiven, chronic means we have little hit free time to post. I feel you, chronic, half a dozen hits a day, sleep wake cycle is garbage, family is helping me, feel like a burden, depression. I feel you, know you are not alone, even if I feel sad when I find another. For them. We are a bunch of tough people, crying, feeling lost, none of that makes you less tough, just human.
  11. Not exactly close but it may be worth it if possible. She works out of polyclinique center-ville in montreal, likely one of the top headache neuros in Canada, has a few papers etc. She was my neuro in Calgary, before she decided to return home to be closer to family. Elizabeth Leroux MD, FRCPC
  12. devonrex

    june 24

    That is the reason the link CH with the hypothalamus and diurnal cycles, as it is in charge or a component of your sleep wake cycle and seasonal cycles. It is what informs and regulates the "alarm clock" nature of CH
  13. I feel that, my pharmacist called it "The California drug" because it can make you skinny and stupid. I was only asking, as anecdotally, I and I know several others here have had our cycles go into overdrive after stopping it. I had to stop it because I got a kidney stone and within a few weeks had gone from 3-4 a week to up to 6 or more a day with an increased intensity. Though, I am chronic and not episodic. All that aside, the advice here is solid. You can also try meditation, or guided. I used to think it was hooey, but it does help to relieve that anxiety and other feelings that come after a bad hit etc. The other thing not mentioned here is energy drinks, many swear by the 5 hr energy, chugged at the start, the same with like rockstar or monster. I stick to the sugar free options and might want to talk to a doc before spiking caffeine and other intake with them.
  14. Out of curiosity, have you or had you stopped the topiramate recently?
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